CLAL’s Rabbis Without Borders Network (RWB) is the leading edge of today’s rabbinate. Rabbis Without Borders challenge themselves to see, experience, and create the next era in Jewish life. RWBs span different denominations and viewpoints, yet are united in an effort to communicate a Judaism that can compete in a globalized, interconnected world, in which identities and communal boundaries are increasingly permeable. To achieve this goal, RWBs are committed to the values of pluralism, service to everyone, and innovation in all aspects of Judaism.

To enter this exciting network of rabbis, directed by Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu, we invite you to apply to be an RWB Fellow, with teachers and mentors from the CLAL Faculty. Each year we accept a diverse group of twenty rabbis to form a cohort group.

Apply for the 2018-2019 Fellowship