Making it easier to be proudly Jewish @ Work

Feel more Jewish in the Workplace

An initiative supporting Jews where they spend most of their waking hours


Humans are hard-wired to thrive when we are in mutually supportive communities. Over the last several decades in North America, though, the ties that bind neighbor to neighbor have weakened, if not snapped completely. We have lost a sense of place, a sense of home, a sense of belonging. We are lonelier than ever before, to the detriment of our physical, mental, and civic health. 

Faith communities are uniquely positioned to address this loneliness epidemic. These communities value deep connection, caring, and mutual support. However, we don’t always design our events, programs, staffing, services, and structures to maximize belonging.


Do Jewish employees feel like they fully belong at work? Employee resource groups (ERGs) are employer-recognized groups to create and promote a sense of community and inclusion.

CLAL is launching an initiative to help corporations start and sustain Jewish ERG for Jewish staff and allies. Our services include:

Consulting on launching and structuring a successful Jewish ERG
Education and training on Jewish diversity and inclusion
Networking for ERG leaders to share best practices across companies and firms
Programming support - events, speakers, mentoring



  • Engage more Jewish folks who may not be engaged otherwise
  • Identify more Jews and allies to stand up for Antisemitism
  • Opportunity to educate on antisemitism in a professional context

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Want to bring Jewish ERG support to your workplace or donate to the cause? To learn more about Jewish ERGs or to work with Clal, please fill out this form. We look forward to being in touch!