From Hundreds To Millions: Engaging Emerging Christian Leadership And Reaching Protestant America

What It Is

A yearly tour of Israel with Christian Protestant Ministers in training, led by a rabbi from Clal.

Why A Trip For Christians Led By Clal?

We stand at a critical crossroads in the historic relationship between American Christians and Israel. Attitudes are shifting, and the shift must be addressed. It must be addressed, however, not primarily through political education or inter-communal negotiation, but through spiritual exploration and theological discovery. It is in that spirit that we organize and co-lead such journeys to the Holy Land through which participants fall in love with the Holy Land, appreciate Israel, and engage the future of the Palestinian people.

In a time of increasing polarization, we seek to engage emerging leaders, and help them to embrace nuance, appreciate genuine difference, and celebrate a faith which empowers them to do just that.

Because we raise more questions than we answer, nobody is better positioned to experience this kind of journey, and make use of that experience, than emerging leaders in the midst of their own religious leadership formation. That is why we work with seminarians.

Imagine nurturing a critical mass of Protestant religious leaders who will champion the fact that there are no easy answers, and that punishing Israel or ignoring the threats which it faces is no healthier a response for Protestants than would be ignoring the real challenges faced by Palestinians and their national aspirations. Imagine a national cadre of hundreds of religious leaders ministering across the country, all of whom had the courage to teach six simple words when it comes to the Middle East, or most any difficult conflict actually: it’s more complicated than we know.

What People Had To Say

I am a different person and a better Christian for having this experience, and I know that it will make me a better and more successful pastor as I take up the next stage of my calling.”

“I wanted to be overwhelmed by standing where Jesus stood and seeing the places that he saw.  I was, and also discovered new insight and awareness about myself and my faith.  I also fell in love with an amazing land, and a modern country, which is both holy and fun – if not always easy to fully understand.”

God reached through a Jewish Rabbi from New York, sitting in the spare room of a tourist hotel in Jerusalem and put warm, loving and forgiving arms around me.  I received the forgiveness of Christ and assurance of salvation in the arms of the other.”

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