What It Is

The Wisdom Daily is Clal’s flagship media site.  A place for political, cultural and spiritual commentary and analysis.  It is the outlet by which our philosophy of “Making Jewish a public good” truly lives itself out.  Although all of our writing comes from a Jewish perspective, it is meant to serve all the world.

Our Vision

Our approach is that our organization, publication, and writing come from an “inside-out” perspective. One in which we are informed by our beliefs but are motivated to turn them into improving the entire world. That means that every person on earth has something to contribute, and that wisdom is a shared reality.

Our Audience

In a world where more and more people are becoming “nones”, the type of people who are spiritual but not religious, or religious but not allowing themselves to be defined by the usual constructs, there is little if any wisdom shared among or with such people. We love this movement, and believe deeply that our role is to start sharing thoughts, wisdom, and reflections for those who love living in the grey instead of the black-and-white.