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Watch: Brad Hirschfield Discusses The Tensions On The Gaza Border

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, president of Clal, joins i24NEWS English to discuss the tensions on the Gaza border with two other guests. Among the topics discussed: why hasn’t it received more attention, how has Israel responded, and more.

by Shelli Aderman • November 22, 2018
Stand And See Fellowship

A Note From The Stand And See Fellowship

A note from Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, our co-President: Having just returned from a trip to Israel and Jordan with the most recent cohort in our Stand and See Fellowship, I had planned to share stories from the amazing journey shared with seminarians and recent ordainees in the Episcopal community around southern Ohio. And then, I […]

by Brad Hirschfield and Irwin Kula • November 16, 2018

Mission To Morocco

Recently, I served as a scholar in residence on a week- long mission to Morocco with the senior leadership of the Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. The mission met with leadership of the Moroccan Jewish community (including Jackie Kadosh the president of Marrakech’s 2,000 member, pictured above), visited Jewish schools and learned about the rich […]

by Irwin Kula • November 13, 2018

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield On How To Bring Peace After Tragedy

Brad has, thank God, been able to spread his message of peace and plurality in a moment where it is is perhaps easier to rise to anger and frustration. He has been on FOX Business, and a few other outlets, but I found this recent episode of Bold TV to be incredibly powerful. From beginning […]

by Shelli Aderman • November 8, 2018