Rabbi Michael Ragozin began his tenure at Congregation Shirat Hayam (CSH) in July 2015.  He offers multiple pathways to Jewish life, learning, and prayer, striving to deliver the most fulfilling spiritual experience and the best supplemental childhood and teen education on the North Shore.

Rabbi Ragozin embraces the responsibility to invest in strengthening the Jewish community for generations to come.

He draws from the best of Jewish tradition to create open, accessible, and meaningful experiences.  Since launching T’rumot HaLev, CSH’s voluntary commitment membership model in 2019, membership has grown 31 percent.

Previously, he led Congregation Sha’are Shalom in Leesburg, Virginia where membership increased by 32 percent and religious school enrollment by 80 percent during his seven-year tenure.

Rabbi Ragozin learned the aleph-bet (Hebrew alphabet) at age 25 and fell in love with Jewish life while living in Jerusalem and studying at Pardes.  Prior to becoming a rabbi, Michael was a baker (from age 9 – 14), taught Algebra through Teach for America, and worked in technology.  He is married to Sarah; their children, Liora, Noam, and Aleza, were born in 2007, 2009, and 2018.  He enjoys basketball and the outdoors.