Rabbi Owen Gottlieb, PhD's work published in invaluable resource for researchers in new media, religion and digital culture May 21, 2015

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb, PhD has written a chapter in a just published book called Digital Judaism: Jewish Negotiations with Digital Media and Culture edited by Heidi A Campbell. The chapters present a broad analysis of how and why various Jewish groups negotiate with digital culture in particular ways, situating such observations within a wider discourse of how Jewish groups throughout history have utilized communication technologies to maintain their Jewish identities across time and space.

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The Wisdom Daily: Getting Real About the Black Experience May 21, 2015

"...Curing the disease of racism is not about changing hardcore racists. It's about the vast majority - the silent majority (most of us in this country) - understanding the lived experiences of our fellow human beings and citizens. Our minds are not changed because of intellectual arguments; as important as such arguments are, they come later. We change once we identify and empathize with the pain and the humanity of the other..."

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Sleepless for Shavuot May 21, 2015

"...Rabbi Irwin Kula, an author, popular speaker, and a regular teacher at the JCC Tikkun believes the JCC’s Tikkun works for hundreds of people for two reasons: one, people want communal events that transcend denominations. “That’s part of everyone standing at Sinai,” he says. “It’s not an individual experience. Everybody’s there.”
The other magnet, he thinks, is the profound symbol of Sinai -- the idea that an enslaved people suddenly becomes free, with the law to embrace or not.

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Is Shavuot dead? May 21, 2015

"...“We have no Jewish identity problems. Zero,” Rabbi Irwin Kula said when I asked him for his take on the new Pew. “People are now forming their identities in radically new ways.”... That means people, even millennials, are not abandoning Judaism. Just that where they find it wanting — whether in institutions, liturgy or ideology — they are mixing, blending, bending and switching to create a Judaism that works for them.

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The Wisdom Daily: Coexisting Beyond Bumper Stickers May 19, 2015

"...It's not that commitment to coexistence means "no boundaries ever." We all need boundaries, as much as we also need to transcend them. And political passion (like passion in general), is a good thing. However, shouldn't we be able to agree that invoking God to curse others, no matter how wrong you think they are, is pretty much always out of bounds? Especially when it's the kind of baseless group hate expressed by the blue "Jesus" sticker..."

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Brad Hirschfield on The Daily Wrap May 19, 2015

Brad Hirschfield discusses the issues of the day. First, Hillary Clinton finally meets with the press. What she said and didn't say. Second, ISIS is still gaining ground in Iraq. Can anything slow them down? Third, a supreme court justice officiates a gay wedding, incites the constitution in the process. And finally, ABC's George Stephanopoulos continues to come under fire for his association with the Clinton's. Hosted by Joe Concha along with panelists Rick Unger and Heather Hansen.

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CELEBRATING BRIT SHALOM is Released May 18, 2015

...Rabbi Irwin Kula has endorsed the book and says, "Celebrating Brit Shalom will help thousands of people and no doubt open up new conversations of heart, mind and spirit"...

From Broadwayworld.com

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Brad Hirschfield: Where Was God? May 15, 2015

After this week‘s deadly Amtrak accident where 8 people were killed and more than 200 were injured, many people have asked Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, "Where was God?" "We’re asking for an explanation of the otherwise inexplicably bad", says Rabbi Hirschfield and that "God is in our own goodness, in our own compassion, and in our own caring." For more, watch the Faith on the Record video below.

From Odyssey Networks’ FAITH ON THE RECORD

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How do we forgive the ‘Peeping Tom’ rabbi? Can we? May 14, 2015

"...unlike in some spiritual communities, Judaism holds that sins against God can be atoned by God, but sins against other humans cannot be forgiven until the offender takes action to fix it. Judaism specifies that an offender must admit his or her sin, in words, out loud before God; confess the sin publicly; apologize to the wronged party; offer restitution (where possible); and abandon the sinful behavior.

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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Renewing Disruptive Innovation May 14, 2015

"...We inherit a 2,000-year legacy of disruptive innovation – not change for its own sake, haphazard or unfaithful, but careful and principled when (in Reb Zalman’s computer-ese) Jewish “system files” need upgrades to keep the spiritual motherboard running strong. The path of innovation is built into Jewish life. Reb Zalman and Christensen both taught that disruptive innovators can’t rest on their laurels: shift happens. Only God is eternal.

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