Inside-Out Consulting

Welcome to the opposite of every consulting experience your organization has ever had.

What It Isn’t

Most consulting starts from the outside-in.  It focuses on the goals of the organization and apply a template of success to achieve those goals.  Our goal is to do the exact opposite.

What It Is

Inside-Out Consulting starts with a completely blank slate.  Instead of focusing on the organization’s goals, our one goal is to make the people within the organization to flourish.

Our Process

People First
The Blank Slate

The only way to truly disrupt an organization is to start completely from scratch. Our process demands the people in the organization don’t let the organization’s history invade their thinking. Why? Because they come first.


Our philosophy starts with one very clear idea: institutions exist to serve their people, not the other way around. And so the only way to make an institution flourish is to listen to its people. What are their dreams and hopes?

Pushing Conversation

It’s one thing to listen. It’s another thing to get everyone else to listen to each other. And since the biggest weak link in consulting is a lack of implementation, we make sure the conversation about change never stops.

The Push

If your organization is comfortable, we’re doing something wrong. Our goal at this stage is to push you in directions that will truly serve you. That means trying new things, from using services you used to consider inappropriate or bringing in outsiders you never thought of working with before.

Dreams Realized

What does it mean to succeed? When you start with an organization’s goals, your metrics become standard, boiler-plate, and ultimately kill the dreams of the people within it. Our metric of success is one simple thing: how many of your people’s dreams have been realized?  We won’t stop until those dreams come to life. And, in the end, that’s how we’ll know your organization will have been turned inside-out.

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