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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: The Challenge of Yom HaShoah April 15, 2015

"...When we recognize the symbolic nature of most of our Holy Days (and this holds true for American national holidays too, such as Thanksgiving or July 4th), it turns out that we might better sustain the power of memory of the Holocaust if we become more effective at communicating the emotional significance of such human wickedness and suffering.

Tsvi Blanchard Discusses Challenges of Catholic-Jewish Dialogue at Fordham Law event April 13, 2015

...Respondent Tsvi Blanchard, scholar in residence at the event’s sponsor, Fordham Law’s Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer’s Work, joked that A Dialogue of Life was written to counteract people like him.

“I think I’ve made every mistake that’s listed in the book,” he quipped.

A lot of Catholic-Jewish dialogue in the past was about hurt feelings, long standing wounds, and maneuvering for position, and was more of a “dialogue of documents,” he said.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: A Jewish Obsession With Counting April 9, 2015

"...Still I’m not ready to let go of the counting. The simple ritual of numbering the nights and then the weeks from Passover to Shavuot, is a reminder that liberation is not just an end in and of itself but also a beginning. At Passover we celebrate the ability to break free of that, which enslaves us.
We all have our burdens. And Passover celebrates the idea of being able to miraculously free ourselves from those burdens. But it is never that simple. Liberation takes work. "

How we can talk about RFRA at Passover without killing each other April 3, 2015

"...There must be a way to combine passionate advocacy with spiritual and intellectual humility. If not, then the two sides are painfully alike, and most of us will suffer from an increasing polarization that will make it harder to do what most Americans want – which is to have their own rights respected and to not curtail the rights of others..."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Moving “From Shame to Praise” – Trevor Noah, Monica Lewinsky and Us April 2, 2015

"Like most New York Jews, I love “The Daily Show,” and so I was very sad to hear that Jon Stewart would be moving on. This past Monday morning, Comedy Central announced 31-year-old Trevor Noah as The Daily Show’s next host, and I thought, “OK, I don’t know him or his comedy all that well, but good for him. I hope he does well.” But by Tuesday afternoon, I had very different feelings..."

The Wisdom Daily: Is Focusing on Martyrdom Really the Way To Go? March 30, 2015

"...As much respect as I have for the Holy Father...I can't quiet the discomfort with choosing to celebrate martyrdom in a world with so many people celebrating death in the name of God...."

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Judaism as a Path of Human Flourishing: Rabbi Kula in Washington, March 27 and 28 March 26, 2015

Rabbi Irwin Kula serves as scholar in Residence at Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation in Mercer Island, WA on March 27 and 28th. The congregation’s theme for the weekend is “Re-Imagining American Jewish Life,” and topics include “What is Shabbat’s Job?” and “Beyond the Tribe: Judaism as a Path of Human Flourishing.”

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From Clal 03/26/15

Reimagining Rabbinic Leadership Amid Crisis March 24, 2015

"My teacher, Rabbi Irwin Kula, president of CLAL, asked a group of Rabbis Without Borders fellows recently: Do people see us as necessary – conduits, guides, connectors for them in their Jewish life? Do people come to rabbis and ask deep questions they are struggling with? Do they seek us in times of need and celebration?

Irwin Kula Speaking at Power of Collaboration Global Summit at the UN March 23, 2015

Irwin Kula will be appearing as a panelist in the “Women and Social Innovation: Disrupting Global Entrepreneurship” discussion at the Power of Collaboration Global Summit at the United Nations on Wednesday, March 25, 2015.

Six RWB Rabbis Selected as The Forward's Most Inspiring of 2015 March 23, 2015

Mazal Tov to Rabbis Without Borders Fellows Elyssa Auster, Shefa Gold, Amy Wallk Katz, Michael Knopf, Carnie Rose, and Kaya Stern Kaufman who have been selected to appear in The Forward's Most Inspiring Rabbis of 2015!

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From an article by Anne Cohen and Maia Efrem from The Forward

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