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The Wisdom Daily: The Blessing of Being a Child of Holocaust Survivors April 16, 2015

"...Children of survivors live in dual and occasionally dueling realities. On one hand, we did not ourselves witness the horrors of that time. There are some things we cannot know and we cannot feel. On the other hand, our knowledge of what happened to our families is so intimate that our senses - of suffering, pain, and fear - are exceptionally heightened.

Janet R. Kirchheimer's Essay, "Remembering the Shoah Through Words and Action" on The Jewish Writing Project Website April 15, 2015

"As the daughter of Holocaust survivors from Germany, I grew up with stories of the Shoah. I was recently asked if I recalled the exact moment I learned about what happened to my family. I answered no, there was no exact moment. It was always there. The knowledge seemed to have come through my mother’s milk..."
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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: The Challenge of Yom HaShoah April 15, 2015

"...When we recognize the symbolic nature of most of our Holy Days (and this holds true for American national holidays too, such as Thanksgiving or July 4th), it turns out that we might better sustain the power of memory of the Holocaust if we become more effective at communicating the emotional significance of such human wickedness and suffering.

Rebecca Sirbu's short story "The Rabbi with Purple Hair" published in StoryShelter's new book April 15, 2015

Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu, Director of Rabbis Without Borders at Clal, published a story "The Rabbi with Purple Hair" in a book titled, I am Here: The Untold Stories of Everday People which is a collection of true stories that will take you into the secret lives of the people living all around you. Their hopes, fears, victories and failures. Their sorrows, lessons learned, and inspiration to keep going, no matter what.
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The Wisdom Daily: Tax Time: Should We Try to Pay Less? April 13, 2015

"...To save for the future is to remind yourself that there is a future, one which you aspire to make better than today, no matter how good (or bad) your today happens to be. Meanwhile, donating financially to a worthy cause reminds us that we always have more than we imagine. It's one of the most powerful statements of our own capacity. And it's worth mentioning that sharing with others is a proven path to feeling better about or own lives..."

Geoff Mitelman on Why Do People Do Bad (and Good) Things? April 13, 2015

Why Do People Do Bad (and Good) Things? That’s the focus of the Sinai and Synapses Discussion Forum. Rabbi Geoff Mitelman has gathered some of the most interesting articles on the topic. This week he includes an article on What Happens in the Brain When People Kill, Columnist David Brooks' The Moral Bucket List and others.

The Wisdom Daily: The Option to Forgive Is Always There April 9, 2015

"...What The Book of Forgiving does - with genuine wisdom, courage and beauty - is remind readers that the option to forgive is always there, and that when we offer forgiveness to others, we may be giving ourselves a remarkable gift as well. The same is true, I think, when we seek forgiveness from others, whether it's ultimately granted to us or not..."

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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: A Jewish Obsession With Counting April 9, 2015

"...Still I’m not ready to let go of the counting. The simple ritual of numbering the nights and then the weeks from Passover to Shavuot, is a reminder that liberation is not just an end in and of itself but also a beginning. At Passover we celebrate the ability to break free of that, which enslaves us.
We all have our burdens. And Passover celebrates the idea of being able to miraculously free ourselves from those burdens. But it is never that simple. Liberation takes work. "

The Wisdom Daily: ‘Normal’ Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be April 7, 2015

"Here in the U.S., April is National Autism Awareness Month. I'm reminded of a day not very long ago when I found myself googling the word "faith" - as I do from time to time, to see what undiscovered things I might learn or find inspiring - and the following amazing video came up in the results.Faith Jegede Cole is a Washington, D.C., resident (by way of London), who advocates for causes including free speech, civil rights and women's equality.

The Wisdom Daily: Celebrate National Poetry Month April 6, 2015

"...When it comes to empowering unheard voices, a new generation of poets is emerging with passion, intelligence, honesty, creativity and power. Here's an original piece that will blow you away, written by two young poets who were raised to see each other with hate and disdain. (The pair performed it at the Brave New Voices finals for the International Poetry Slam Festival.) No censoring or holding back here.

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