October 4, 2009

Welcome to the Clal Store.

At the Clal Store you can purchase Clal products and Clal–endorsed products. All prices include tax. You can also contribute to Clal by shopping on–line with our retail partners.

How does this work? Just click on the advertising links below, browse through the retailer’s on–line catalog and make your on–line purchases in the usual way. So long as your visit to the retailer’s website originates from this page, Clal will get a commission every time you make an on–line purchase.

To shop at a Clal affiliated store
and make a contribution to Clal at the same time, click on the merchandiser link below:

Bear in mind that Clal will only receive a commission if your on-line shopping originates from an advertising link within the Clal website. If you go to the retailer—s
website directly, Clal will receive nothing. If you want Clal to receive a commission on your purchase, you must always start your on—line shopping from this page.

We hope you will make Clal your preferred shopping portal. We hope you will want to do all of your on—line shopping through our site. To help make this happen, we have included links to the widest variety of on-line retailers. We also promise to do our best in regularly updating our roster to insure you have access to all of your favorite on—line stores.