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Calling Me a LibTarded B—– Won’t Help January 27, 2017

"Recently someone called me a libtarded b—- in the course of a Facebook discussion regarding the president’s executive order reinstating the Global Gag Rule. Also known as the Mexico City Policy, this rule bars foreign aid or federal funding for international nongovernmental organizations that promote or provide abortions. I don’t think his comment is helping to heal the rift between people in the world these days.

The Sacred Calling: Four Decades of Women in the Rabbinate January 25, 2017

The Sacred Calling: Four Decades of Women in the Rabbinate is the winner of the 2016 National Jewish Book Award in the Women’s Studies category. This important book was edited by Rebecca Einstein Schorr, a Rabbis Without Borders Fellow and Alysa Mendelson Graf. Maharat Rori Picker Neiss, a Rabbis Without Borders Fellow also has a chapter in the book as well as our own Rebecca W. Sirbu.

The Wisdom Daily: The Nuns Of Silicon Valley January 25, 2017

"The Catholic church has long been a place for women who, by preference, family decision or circumstance, didn’t get married and have kids. In centuries past, women and men were “committed” to the church by families as a way of garnering religious and spiritual favor. But in this age of expanded rights for women, I doubt that happens today in America. That meant that the women who live cloistered lives today actually chose it. And that’s remarkable.


The Wisdom Daily: The Lesson On Prudence I Gave My Daughter. And The One She Gave Me Back January 24, 2017

"I’m teaching my 15-year-old daughter how to drive. It’s a nerve wracking process, one that is seriously testing my ability to remain calm under pressure. My kid is actually a pretty good driver. She still has much to learn, but I’m confident that she’ll catch on quickly. It’s the other folks on the road that scare me.

Jewish Women Divided Ahead of March on Washington January 21, 2017

"Members of some organizations aren’t marching because of Shabbat, but others fear the event might push an agenda hostile to Israel. “I’m usually Shabbat observant,” says Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu, director of Rabbis Without Borders for Clal..."

By Marisa Fox-Bevilacqua from Haaretz

The Wisdom Daily: A Prayer for the President January 19, 2017

"...Dear President Trump, My Tradition encourages me to pray for our appointed and elected government leaders. You are indeed the President of our United States. You were elected by the system, which has elected presidents since our inception as a Nation. The success of your work would be a good thing for my family, people and me. I will not participate in denying your legitimacy as our president because I have abhorred the actions of those who have done so to President Obama the past eight years.

The Wisdom Daily: Learning to Find the Rightness When You Are Wrong January 18, 2017

" wasn’t sufficient to prove to your opponent that you were smarter and/or more well-informed, and therefore should be taken seriously. You had to actually listen to what he or she had to say if you wanted to change hearts and do you stop yourself from always believing that you’re right? Maybe most people won’t admit it, but doesn’t everyone think that people who disagree with them are just wrong?

The Wisdom Daily: I See Your Humanity, Mr. Trump. We Need You To See Ours. January 17, 2017

"Dear Mr. Trump,

So it seems that you shall be the president of my country. We are split down the middle, it seems, and fear is crawling at the surface, and hatred creeping into our souls. We are not listening to each other, we are not meeting each other’s gaze. No, we are just running around and around the merry-go-round, the mulberry bush, the prickly pear that means so very little but wounds so very much.

The Wisdom Daily: Rep. Lewis is Wrong. Trump is Wrong. One of Them Needs to Fix This January 16, 2017

"...It’s about who is better positioned to fix what is broken between the parties. The exercise of that awareness is just one of the obligations which come with power, and what distinguishes the ethical use of power from simple demagoguery...."

Why I Must March January 16, 2017

"...I must march. I am a woman in a male-dominated profession. I have been sneered at, grabbed, and sexually harassed. I have been ignored, belittled, and undervalued. I will march to show that none of this will stop me. I hope to join thousands of women who feel the same way, thousands who will raise their voices to be heard. Who will not settle for being treated as second class citizens in this great country of ours...."

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