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Possibility Knocks: Designing a Tool for Engagement September 9, 2015

We are excited to bring you this news about Sh'ma in light of Clal's long association with Sh'ma. Rabbi Yitz Greenberg was among the original members of editorial board along with Rabbi Eugene Borowitz, and Clal owned and published Sh'ma in the 1990's.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: The Challenge of Modern Jewish Practice (or An Elul Apology) September 8, 2015

"...I take very seriously my commitment to leading an observant life within a modern, secularized world. I like dichotomy, nuance, and shades of grey. Part of why I relish identifying with the Conservative Movement is because I am constantly challenged to figure out how to apply tradition to the modern world in which we live. It is also why I am so drawn to Rabbis Without Borders.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Compassion is God's Revenge September 7, 2015

"...The Divine way of ‘getting back at’ someone is to offer compassion. If you want to be more spiritual, a better channel for divine qualities, you know what to do. Whenever you feel the impulse to take revenge, express the impulse through an act of compassion...."

The Wisdom Daily: The Gift of Recognizing What's In Your Way September 3, 2015

"...Whatever is getting in the way of writing poems, that's precisely what I need to be bringing into my poetry. Is something in my life keeping me too busy to write poems? Or is something in my life distracting me from the inner work required to write poems with heart? Whatever that is, it's the thing I should be writing about and writing through. Whatever is getting in the way of my creative life doesn't have to be an obstacle. Seen from a different vantage, it's a doorway in.

Clal's Groundbreaking Rabbis Without Borders Launches Rabbinic Service Corps September 2, 2015

Unique Initiative matches rabbis of all denominations with underserved Jewish Communities across the United States

Clal's Rabbis Without Borders (RWB) is a network of over 150 rabbis representing all the denominations in Judaism who are united in their values of pluralism, innovation and service to all. In line with their commitment to serve anyone anywhere, RWB is launching this High Holiday season the newly formed RWB Service Corps.

The Wisdom Daily: Imprisoned by Insecurity September 1, 2015

"...Not all concerns about securing borders — whether in personal relationships, between nations or most any other situation — are a function of insecure paranoia. In fact, meaningful borders are a part of any healthy relationship. But when the safety and well-being of that relationship is purely a function of who we keep out, the walls become less fortress and more prison, keeping us locked up just as much as securing us from whatever they were meant to keep out...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Writing the Next Episode of Your Life August 28, 2015

"...We are about to engage in the emotional, memory-laden, future-seeking time-honored ritual of the annual rerun of our lives. We call it Cheshbon haNefesh – soul searching. Life review. A clearly distinct time set aside for us to look into our past actions and priorities and find there, in living color – just how we did meeting the goals we resolved to last year. What an incredibly powerful act of self-evaluation – and method of determination! A grand exercise of free will to become who we are meant to be!..."

The Wisdom Daily: Oliver Sacks Gets Personal August 27, 2015

"When world-famous neurologist Oliver Sacks writes - as he did recently about family, faith and his own impending death - it pays to pay attention. I admit, I'm biased due to the fact that this amazing doctor and author was the friend and colleague of another doctor and author I respect: my late father-in-law, Dr. Harold Klawans...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: The Elul of Victory and Defeat August 26, 2015

"...we are open and vulnerable to our missteps and willing to admit when we did wrong, but we don’t take time to celebrate our successes and victories. While we ask ourselves where we missed the mark and what aspects of ourselves do we need to improve, we must also ask ourselves, What did we accomplish this past year? When were our successes? When did our spiritual work of self-improvement pay off?..."

The Wisdom Daily: Jimmy Carter's Next Chapter August 26, 2015

"...There is no more powerful moment than being in the presence of, and holding the hand of, someone dying. There is no lying at the end of life. No one knows better than the person dying whether he or she has lived with purpose and meaning. And how one passes from this world to the next, with bitterness and resentment or grace and love, has much to do with how one lived in this world.

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