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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Chicago Spiritual Communities Think Outside the Box December 15, 2014

Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann is quoted as saying: “I am part of the generation that demographers are looking at and saying, ‘Oh no, they’re not participating in organized religion. This is the beginning of the end of organized religion in America.' It’s not just happening in Jewish circles. It’s everywhere. But we are spiritually seeking, intellectually seeking.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field:Women Rabbis at Forefront of Pioneering Prayer Communities December 14, 2014

"A decade ago in Los Angeles, two organizations opened their doors with a call to prayer — or they would have if they had any doors to open.Ikar, led by Rabbi Sharon Brous, and Nashuva, led by Rabbi Naomi Levy, were conceived separately.

Brad Hirschfield on Torture or Enhanced Interrogation: Where Do You Stand? December 12, 2014

On December 9, 2014 the U.S. Senate released its report on the CIA's use of "enhanced interrogation techniques" against detainees suspected of being Al Qaeda fighters during the George W. Bush administration. Whether you call it torture or enhanced interrogation "is the best predictor we have of how you feel about this issue" says Rabbi Brad Hirschfield.

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The Wisdom Daily: How Open Are You to New Points of View? December 11, 2014

"...Old points of view create obstacles preventing us from healing the explicit and implicit racism that still exists in our country. I suggest that, for the foreseeable future, when you hear opinions about race, you take the following three steps:

Terror Attack Anywhere Is Threat to 'Forces of Decency' Everywhere December 10, 2014

"A knife-wielding terrorist stormed a synagogue, screaming that he "wanted to kill (the) Jews." No this was not in Jerusalem, where a similar attack two weeks ago took the lives of five innocent victims — four rabbis at prayer and a brave Druze police officer who tried to stop the murderers. This attack occurred Tuesday in the Brooklyn, New York, headquarters of Chabad, the world’s largest Hasidic community.

The Wisdom Daily: Navigating Questions of Faith After You Fall in Love December 9, 2014

"The other night I had dinner with a remarkable young couple. Each comes from very serious, beautiful families of different religious origins. He has an Ethical Culture and Quaker background, embodying what I call a secular spirituality. Meanwhile, it was her Jewish parents who arranged our get-together. Both are smart, good, responsible people with whom I've worked on creative projects in Jewish life for years..."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: The Breath of Dignity December 9, 2014

"Being Jewish is a way of being human. Our story does not begin with Abraham, but with the creation of Adam, described at first as male and female and bearing the stamp that would be found upon every one of Adam's descendants throughout all time: the image of G*d, tzelem elohim. And that image, according to the deep wisdom of the Jewish tradition is remarkable because unlike every other image that renders everything with which it is stamped identical, this image creates individuals who are all unique.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Synagogues: Begin with Why December 9, 2014

"Thank you for visiting our website. We are a vibrant congregation with daily and Shabbat services. We offer young adult programming, empty nesters and seniors groups, adult Jewish learning opportunities and many other exciting programs. Please contact our membership director to schedule a time to visit our congregation.” This is a fictional welcome message on a synagogue website. However, messages like this can be found all over the Internet.

Tzemeh Yoreh: Matzah Medley December 8, 2014

According to Clal Resident and Bible Criticism Scholar Tzemah Yoreh, Ph.D."this book is my attempt to add some personal spice to the Passover Seder as I seek to make the holiday more relevant to modern times. Here you’ll find my original poetic compositions in Hebrew, introduced and translated (creatively) into English with notes for people who want to delve more deeply into their meaning."
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The Wisdom Daily: Coming To America December 6, 2014

"Prince William and Duchess Kate have arrived, and all eyes are upon them. Okay, not “all” eyes, but certainly tens of millions of them. Why is that?What makes the “royals” so popular, especially given that they aren’t our royals? Is it simply an extension of our celebrity-obsessed culture, or could it be something more?..."

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