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Needed: Conversations On Choosing Life November 13, 2013

"Truly caring for a person at the end of life requires conversations — about love and legacy, about bestowing and receiving blessings, about choosing life versus fighting death...."

By Rabbi Irwin Kula, Opinion, Special to The Jewish Week

The Wisdom Daily: What’s In A Name? Perhaps A Great Deal! November 12, 2013

"We all know the expression 'what's in a name'. Essentially it means what something is called can never fully capture the full meaning of what that something is. This saying is particularly true for people, who are surely more complex than any one name or label that gets slapped on them. But there's still a lot in a name...."
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A Tribute to God: Parshat VAYEITZEI November 9, 2013

"In this week’s Torah portion, Vayeitzei, Jacob leaves his parents’ home and travels to see his uncle, Laban. On the way, he has a dream in which God appears to him and tells him that one day the land he is laying on will be his and that he will be prosperous, with numerous descendants. Shaken, Jacob awakes from the dream and declares, “How awesome is this place! This is none other than the abode of God.”..."

Op-Ed: Turning to poetry, 75 years after Kristallnacht November 8, 2013

"It was evening and it was morning, Nov. 9 and 10, 1938. Those days that became known as Kristallnacht, with its deceptively beautiful and poetic sounding name, “Night of Crystal,” — or, more commonly, “The Night of Broken Glass.” Kristallnacht was a two-day pogrom unleashed by Nazi party officials and carried out by storm troops and the Hitler Youth. About 100 Jews were killed, almost 270 synagogues destroyed, and 7,500 Jewish-owned establishments looted.

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield Keynotes "Let's Write the Last Chapter Together" in Riverdale November 7, 2013

On November 14th "Let's Write the Last Chapter Together" will take place at the Conservative Synagogue of Riverdale, which is pleased to present keynote speaker Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, President of Clal - The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, speaking on the importance of open discussion as we face end of life. Panelists include Judith Ruskay-Rabinor, Ph.D; Bernard Lee, M.D.; Marcy Bernstein, LMSW; Susan Cohen, M.D. will moderate.

Run For Your Life — And Towards It November 6, 2013

"Jacob is running for his life. He and his mother Rebecca colluded to deprive his older brother Esau of his father Isaac’s blessing. Jacob now sets out on life-changing journey to find himself and the direction his life should take...."

By Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard, Opinion, Special to The Jewish Week

The Wisdom Daily: Using Gladwell’s Insight to Inspire Those Who Need It Most November 1, 2013

"...In his newest book, Gladwell devotes a chapter to people with dyslexia showing that the skills they leverage to compensate for their condition can also lead to a life of extraordinary accomplishment...The proportion of high-profile entrepreneurs who are dyslexic is strikingly high.

Kirtan Rabbi in Maine Nov. 1-3, 2013 November 1, 2013

Join Clal’s well–known teacher and chant composer, Rabbi Andrew Hahn (the Kirtan Rabbi) for a series of of sacred call-and-response singing and devotional learning in Maine this weekend. Kirtan Rabbi @ Kabbalat Shabbat service at Colby College's Hillel - Waterville, ME...

Sinai & Synapses: Who Will My Daughter Be? October 31, 2013

"On October 1 (and about four and half weeks early), my wife and I welcomed our daughter into the world. It truly was every bit as incredible, miraculous, joyous and nerve-wracking as everyone told us it would be. We can’t quite believe we have brought a new person into this world, and every time I hold her, or feed her at 3:30 AM, or bless her on Shabbat, when I look at her, all I can think of is, “Who will she be?”..."

Honoring the Dead: CHAYEI SARAH October 26, 2013

"When people we love die, how do maintain our connection to them? In Jewish tradition one of the ways we sustain these ties is by marking the anniversary of the death through prayer and ritual..."

By Rabbi Helaine Ettinger, from Sacred Stories: A Living Commentary on American Jewish History and the Hebrew Bible,

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