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12 Things You Didn't Know About Judaism September 20, 2009

"Now that Rosh Hashanah, one of the best known Jewish holidays, has arrived we have a chance to start again, to discover new things about ourselves, each other and even about ancient traditions like Judaism...."

From Windows & Doors, Brad Hirschfield’s daily blog on Beliefnet

Have you ever felt left out? September 18, 2009

"Locked out by the circumstances of your life? At one time or another, most of us have. As Yom Kippur ends, the final words of the day remind us that we hold more keys than we often imagine to the locked places in our lives..."

By Brad Hirschfield from Clal

Rosh Hashanah Blessings, Wishes and Prayers - And A Few Laughs Too! September 18, 2009

"...These Rosh Hashanah blessings, and the images which accompany them combine some of my deepest hopes for all of us in the year ahead, with great humor...."

From Windows & Doors, Brad Hirschfield’s daily blog on Beliefnet

Forgiveness: A How-To Guide September 17, 2009

"Like all New Years celebrations, it’s a chance to start over. And starting over often involves forgiveness—both giving it and getting it. Neither of those is easy, but both are within our grasp...."

By Brad Hirschfield from Beliefnet

Rabbi Hirschfield is interviewed on this topic on Busted Halo, Sirius Radio, 9/24/09

Apologizing Is Hard, Just Ask Joe, Kanye and Serena, But We Can September 16, 2009

"... but the recent actions of Joe Wilson, Kanye West, and Serena Williams remind us that we all have things for which to apologize and many of us find it hard to do so.

From Windows & Doors, Brad Hirschfield’s daily blog on Beliefnet

Forgiveness: An Interview with Rabbi Kula September 15, 2009

"Are there deeds that are unforgivable? How do we forgive? Anger, disappointment and feeling that we have been wronged is the first step. Forgetting is not forgiving..."

From Dr. on Call with Dr. Jane Greer,

A Traveler’s Guide to Uncertain Times: Time-tested Wisdom for Navigating the Economic Crisis with Rabbis Telushkin, Blech, Kula and Jacobs September 15, 2009

"’s documentary is airing on Shalom-TV during the High Holidays. How can we deal with the financial crisis, how do we step back, anchor ourselves and put current events into a contextual perspective?..."

From JInsider

Learning How to Remember September 11, 2009

"We have discovered the limits of our collective national memory. It’s about eight years. There was almost nothing about 9/11 in the news until this morning, and even today's headlines in the nation’s leading papers reflect the sense that we have moved on, that if anything, we are remembering an event that not only occurred in the past, but is no longer a real part of our present ...

Madonna Visits Holy Land, Models Care of the Heart August 31, 2009

"Almost immediately upon her arrival in Israel, Madonna traveled to the Old City in Jerusalem and headed directly to the Kotel, the Western Wall...."

From Windows & Doors, Brad Hirschfield’s daily blog on Beliefnet

Analyzing The Clintons: What Bill And Hillary Teach Us About Relationships August 17, 2009

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s anger over a mistranslated question about her husband’s view has become another one of those Clinton stories that enthralls us voyeurs...."

By Irwin Kula from Living section

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