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How is Religion in America Changing? December 23, 2009

Rabbi Irwin Kula speaks with Michael Ray Dresser about religion in America.

From Dresser After Dark on BblogTalkRadio, 12/22/09

Pope Pius XII and Sainthood December 22, 2009

"Can sainthood be ‘diminished?’ ... Rabbi Irwin Kula raises the question now that Pope Benedict XVI has concluded ... that wartime Pope Pius XII showed a life of such heroic virtues that he is worthy of considering for sainthood...."

From USA Today’s "Faith & Reason: A conversation about religion, faith and spirituality" by Cathy Lynn Grossman

Circumcise Me: Talk-back with Irwin Kula at Off-Broadway Comedy December 21, 2009

Join Rabbi Irwin Kula at a post show talk–back/conversation with the star of this one man show, Circumcise Me, after the 8:00 PM show on Jan 14th. Written and performed by Yisroel Campbell, directed by Sam Gold, and playing at the Bleecker Street Theatre, New York City.

From Clal

Loneliness, Feeling Alone Together, and the War on Christmas December 19, 2009

Listen to Brad and Irwin as they discuss how can we work ourselves out of a place of loneliness to a place of more connection, and what does the politics of multiculturalism mean for our country?

Be sure to check the website each week for more riffing with the rabbis on topics of the day.

From, broadcast on KXL, Portland, OR

Yearnings, the Holidays and Woods December 16, 2009

Rabbi Irwin Kula speaks with Mario Solis Marich talking about Yearnings, the holidays and Tiger Woods...

From the Mario Solis Marich Show, Progressive talk AM 760 (Colorado), 12/16/09,  re-aired on Progressive Talk AM 1150 in Los Angeles 12/20/09

Should a Rabbi be Held to a Different Ethical Standard? December 16, 2009

"Rabbis are people, and all people are held to the same ethical standards in Jewish tradition,’ said Rabbi Brad Hirschfield ... ‘Of course all public figures, especially those in positions of religious authority, must be especially mindful of the impact of their actions.

Who Are Your Hanukkah Heroes? Judah Maccabee? Igor Olshansky? You? December 15, 2009

"...In a culture that too often substitutes celebrity for heroism, and cynicism for sophistication, we need to recall that part of the story, also. It's the part that reminds us that everyone is already a hero, or at least has the capacity to be one. It's the part of the story that reminds us that no matter who we are, we can live according to our most deeply held values and proudly share them with others. That's what Igor Olshansky does....."

Parliament of the World's Religions and Taking Personal Responsibility December 12, 2009

Listen to Brad and Irwin as they discuss what it means to be a person of profound faith and to be connected to those around us, and how we can improve on taking personal responsibility for our every day actions.

Be sure to check the website each week for more riffing with the rabbis on topics of the day.

From, broadcast on KXL, Portland, OR

Who Are Your Heroes? December 8, 2009

"Chanukah is a time of heroes, but do we really have heroes anymore? It seems as soon as a contender emerges, a story appears almost as quickly undermining his or her potential status. Even President Obama, viewed by so many, whether deservedly or not, as heroic, is watching his popularity drop in the face of not having already met every possible expectation vested in him. And do we really need heroes, anyway?..."

What do Judah Maccabee, Igor Olshansky, and You all have in common? December 8, 2009

"In a word — Heroism. One was a hero, one is, and all of us either could be or already are...."

From Clal by Rabbi Brad Hirschfield

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