Between Two Worlds June 21, 2011

Between Two Worlds is a personal essay film telling five riveting stories that go beyond political postures to reveal the passionate debates over identity and generational change inside today’s American Jewish community.

Why Can't Every Day Be Father's Day (And Mother's Day)? June 18, 2011

"...Father’s Day is a chance to break out of the routines we have with our dads, but it also raises a question as old as the Bible; shouldn’t every day be Father's Day (and Mother's Day, too)?..."


By Brad Hirschfield from’s Fox Forum, Opinion

The Roasting of Weiner and the Public Good June 17, 2011

"Okay, so Anthony Weiner has resigned. Now everyone can go home happy and make believe all is well in our Republic. We got the lying tweeter...."


From Irwin Kula’s blog on The Huffington Post

'Book of Mormon' musical: Humorous Hazing or Modern Minstrel Show? National faith leaders consider impact June 16, 2011

..."Faith needs to be able to laugh at itself, and so do the faithful," Rabbi Hirschfield continues. "That happens far too rarely, and when it does, the net effect is largely positive for both the faith and the faithful who can do so.

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, Clal What Unites Us June 16, 2011

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield gave the keynote speech at the 2011 Jewish Professionals Leadership Conference.

From Jewish in St. Louis (Jewish Federation of St. Louis)

Moving Beyond the Limited Reach of Current "Social Media" Approaches: Why Jewish Digital Communities June 15, 2011

"Though Jewish institutions have thus far ventured into the use of social media as a tool to extend current paradigms of communication, engagement, and outreach, today’s digital media ecologies call for potent new modes and models...."

By Owen Gottlieb, Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), Spring 2011

Jewish Left Must Speak Out Against Delegitimizing Israel June 14, 2011

"We believe this is a classic expression of the errors in judgment that have crept into the left over time. Such positions have influenced many to accept the distorted Palestinian anti-Israel narrative and a false moral equivalence between Israeli and Palestinian behaviors...."

By Rabbi Yitz Greenberg And Blu Greenberg, Special to the Jewish Week

Father’s Day — It’s A Mitzvah June 14, 2011

"Perhaps the best way to think of Father’s Day is as the Jan. 1/Rosh HaShanah of our relationships with our dads — a chance to reconnect and to remember how it could be for at least one day..."

By Brad Hirschfield, the Jewish Week
, 6/14/11

Is Green Energy the Answer to Job Growth? June 14, 2011

Will green energy provide the jobs we need? Rabbi Brad Hirschfield joins Lou Dobbs, Democratic Strategist Robert Zimmerman, and FNC contributor Deneen Borelli to discuss President Obama’s efforts to increase job growth.

From Fox Business, Lou Dobbs Tonight, 6/13/11

The Book of Mormon, The Musical, Is Good For All Faiths June 14, 2011

"...The Book of Mormon’s Tony Awards could be a triumph not only for a particular play, but for faith in general, if believers actually have enough faith in the faiths they follow to laugh at what they love even as they continue to love it..."

From Windows & Doors, Brad Hirschfield’s daily blog on Beliefnet

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