Brad Hirschfield on Bloomberg's Big Blunder August 29, 2011

"So why now, at a critical moment when faith is so central for so many New Yorkers is the city officially unable to find a way to honor that reality and recall the important role faith has played in the lives of so many people both in New York City and around the world -- both in the immediate aftermath of the attacks and in the days and years since?..."

Playing Games With Jewish Education August 25, 2011

"Among the important findings in the growing field of education game research is that digital or online games, far from being passive experiences, have the potential to prompt the most active kind of learning. Rabbi Owen Gottlieb, who brings together game designers and Jewish educators through his organization ConverJent, argues that more Jewish educational websites should become “media remix laboratories.”..."

Breaking ‘conflict gridlock’ to create peace August 24, 2011

"Featuring Rabbis Irwin Kula and Brad Hirschfield, “Searching for Answers and Wisdom in a Post-9/11 World” will be held Thursday, Sept. 8, 8:15-9:30 p.m. at the 92nd Street Y in New York City...The program will address such questions as: In a post-9/11 era, how can we use our traditions to create a more secure world? And How can we use our collective insights to stop the conflicts and create harmony?

The Business of Life August 18, 2011

"...Christensen has attracted a cult following who believe that his theories can be applied to all aspects of life. Two years ago, Craig Hatkoff, a real-estate investor and author, launched the Disruptive Innovation Awards at The Tribeca Film Festival…. Hatkoff says disruptive innovation is a philosophy that resonates far beyond business strategy. He and Irwin Kula, a rabbi and public intellectual, are working on a book that applies Christensen's theories to religion and spirituality..."

Berlin’s Old/New Reality August 18, 2011

"When I agreed to teach Jewish law at Humboldt University in Berlin — the only European law school to offer such a course — I assumed I could be reasonable and objective about Germany. I was naive. No American, certainly no Jew, comes to Germany clean. There are too many memories, too many inherited cultural images and prejudices...."

A ‘Satan Sandwich’ with ‘Satan Fries’ on the side August 3, 2011

"...In the midst of endless backbiting and both sides’ extremists accusing those across the aisle of destroying our economy and leading our nation to ruin, do we really need religious language which links those we oppose to the personification of evil?..."

Are we addicted to crisis?: Brad Hirschfield's ethical take on the news August 2, 2011

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield responds to questions via video on topics of the day. Today: Are we addicted to crisis?

From The Washington Post Conversations Live Q & A with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield
, 8/2/11

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield’s Live Q & A Conversations are on on Tuesdays at 12:30 Noon each week.

LEAD at Clal July 29, 2011

In July, Clal was visited by a group of college-age Russian speaking Jews who are part of LEAD, a leadership program through FEGS, which brings students together to study leadership and introduce them to the Jewish community. Arranged by Clal Teaching Fellow Janet R. Kirchheimer, who teaches in the FEGS program, the site visit offered the students a chance to learn more about what it means to be a Jewish leader and meet CLAL faculty and staff.

Why It Matters Where You Pray July 29, 2011

"Where, if as 90 percent of Americans do, do you pray? Is prayer restricted to specific sacred locations, or can one pray anywhere? Could it be that anywhere one prays becomes a sacred space by virtue of having offered a prayer in that space?..."


From Brad Hirschfield’s blog on The Huffington Post

When politics goes apocalyptic July 28, 2011

"National politics is taking a turn toward the apocalyptic. You know the apocalypse, from the Greek for ‘lifting the veil,’ it is the terminology for the radically altered realty generally associated with the end of the world as described in various religious traditions...."

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