At the Water's Edge November 28, 2011

"As a poet, I am often asked to explain poetry. Webster’s defines it as ‘1. the art or works of a poet, and 2. writing in metrical verse.’ Although this may be true, it is like trying to define Torah as a book of sacred writing. Such definitions do not do justice to either poetry or Torah...." Read more...

Brad Hirschfield and Erik Ludwig on Jewish Giving in the Global Village November 28, 2011

"...These two examples of what might be termed “global Judaism” demonstrate how the next generation of Jews can learn from communities and experiences often left out of the Jewish story commonly told in America. By going global, members of the next generation have expanded their geographical, intellectual, ethical and yes, philanthropic imagination, and have begun to redefine notions of community and responsibility along the way...."

Want to Have a Happy Thanksgiving -- Read This November 21, 2011

"The third key to having a happy Thanksgiving can be learned from the Pilgrims, who celebrated even though much of what they hoped to achieve had not been realized. Don’t allow your hopes that things were better get in the way of appreciating where they are already good...."


By Brad Hirschfield from’s Fox Forum, Opinion, 11/21/11

This Thanksgiving, What Are You Grateful For? Brad Hirschfield on WPR November 21, 2011

Brad Hirschfield joins At Issue host Ben Merens to talk about Thanksgiving and what it means to feel grateful.


Wisconsin Public Radio’s At Issue With Ben Merens
, 11/17/11

Does Religion Make Your Brain Happy? Interview with Science Writer David DiSalvo November 21, 2011

"...That face-off between doubt and certainty is absolutely one of the biggest challenges we face when we are engaging in conversation about beliefs and values. The challenge is how we embrace stability without it lapsing into absolutism…One of my teachers, Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, talks about the need to be able to be committed without being certain. The analogy that I like is to a marriage..."

Who Owns Our Words? November 18, 2011

"For artists and writers, their creativity is their livelihood. The ideas that sprout from their heads are what put bread on the table and rent checks and mortgage payments in the mail.

Welcome to the Rabbis Without Borders Blog November 17, 2011

"Welcome to the Rabbis Without Borders Blog on! Humm, Rabbis Without Borders, that sounds like Doctors Without Borders, so this must be blog about rabbis traveling around the world tending to peoples spiritual needs, right? Well, not exactly. Rabbis Without Borders are rabbis who offer Jewish wisdom, wisdom from the Jewish tradition, in ways that can be helpful to you in your life.

Will raising revenue really cost Republicans their souls? November 17, 2011

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield responds to questions via video on topics of the day. Today: Will raising revenue really cost Republicans their souls? What are the ethics of evicting Occupy Wall Street protesters? Are local governments handling the protests the right way? Scientists believe there's a chance Europa, an ice-covered moon of Jupiter, could host life. Why do we care? Do you believe that there is life "out there?"

From The Washington Post Conversations Live Q & A with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield’s Live Q & A Conversations are on on Tuesdays at 12:30 Noon each week. Check out the site. Topics are posted that morning. Submit questions early!

Brad Hirschfield on Lou Dobb's A Team: Healthcare, Penn State and more November 17, 2011

Brad Hirschfield joined Lou Dobbs, Susan Ferrechio and Christopher Hahn to discuss Bloomberg's response to Occupy Wall Street, calls for Justice Elena Kagan to recuse herself from the healthcare opinion, the Penn State Scandal and Herman Cain's Perry moment.

Fox News, 11/15/11
From The A Team Fox Business, Lou Dobbs Tonight

Famous rabbi speaks about fanaticism at Capitol Theatre November 16, 2011

A rabbi known for promoting inclusiveness and diversity spoke at the Capitol Theatre today in Yakima.

KNDU/KNDO, NBC affiliates, 11/9/11

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