Should "Blackface Boy" have been sent home from school? May 21, 2012

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield responds to questions on topics of the day. Today: Colorado second-grader Sean King was sent home from school for wearing blackface as part of his tribute to Dr. MLK Jr. Was the school being appropriately sensitive or foolishly over-reactive?

From The Washington Post Conversations Live Q & A with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield
, 5/18/12

Haiku by Janet R. Kirchheimer May 21, 2012

"The ones who have died
Daughter of Shoah survivors
She carries them all"
This Haiku by Janet R. Kirchheimer was awarded honorable mention.


From World Monuments Fund

My Neighbor's Faith: The Rabbi And The Christian Cab Driver May 20, 2012

"...When I gave the cabbie my take on Jesus that night in Syracuse, I was speaking to him through the prism of my Hebron experience and how it had changed me. I was trying to help him see that my way was not the only way, and that although each of us was deeply committed to a particular tradition, we could remain open to the wisdom found in other traditions?..."

Obama Endorses Same-Sex Marriage; Rabbis Debate Homosexuality May 17, 2012

"...‘It seems to me, that whatever one might say to the followers of their particular faith, unless one believes that each faith should aspire to making the United States into a theocracy in its own image — imposing it’s views on everybody — we need to distinguish between that which we teach to those who choose our respective faiths, and that for which we advocate as a shared norm. The latter must almost always be wider than the former.

BEHOLD: A Performance Film - Poems of the Holocaust, Then and Now May 16, 2012

Our Vision: A New Way to Remember

BEHOLD, a performance film, will feature Holocaust poetry read and performed by well-known actors, musicians, and poets. Though Holocaust films abound, whether documentary, fiction, or non-fiction, the intersection of poetry and film is an un-mined, powerful vehicle to present a new way to remember, and keep us vigilant. There has never been a Holocaust film like BEHOLD.

A Reflection on Shavuot May 16, 2012

"...We are heirs to a heritage that intentionally and consciously cloaks, clouds and shrouds in an attempt to press us into a mode of searching and seeking. And once we enter this modality of intense examination, we come to realize that the absolute and definitive truths that we so often crave are neither available nor desirable..."

Errata May 15, 2012

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Tupelo Press ran the Winter 2012 edition of the Poetry Project. Janet R. Kirchheimer’s was awarded honorable mention for her poem "Errata."


From The Tupelo Press

Seder Theater May 15, 2012

"I wanted to thank Rabbi Brad Hirschfield for writing such a lovely article explaining the spirit of the seder (“Guess Who’s Coming To Seder?” March 30)..."

By Randi Michaels Block Special to the Jewish Week
, 5/8/12

Religious leaders divided on Obama's gay marriage stance May 15, 2012

"...Kula himself supports gay marriage and supports the president in publicly stating his position. "The president went through the personal journey that is a religious and spiritual journey that millions of Americans are on," he said. "That is, to come to understand that people who are different, people who are other, are actually deserving of equal rights."


Mormonism on the rise in US May 15, 2012

Rabbi Irwin Kula joins Fox News LIVE’s Lauren Green along with Warren Smith from and Merry Miller to discuss why one faith is seeing growth.

Fox Live, 5/11/12

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