Brad Hirschfield on Values and Ethics Issues of the Presidential Debate October 4, 2012

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield responds to questions on topics of the day. On topic: President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney debated for the first time last night. As pundits, politicos and the general public parse their statements, what were your thoughts on how the candidates address values, or sidestep those most important to you and the nation?

Brad Hirschfield on the presidential debate and more October 4, 2012

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield discusses the recent presidential debate and the ongoing world wide violence protesting in response to the hateful youtube video about Islam.

From Columbia Morning with David Lile on KFRU (AM), Columbia, MO, 10/4/12

High Holidays 2012 with Rabbis Julie Pelc Adler and Irwin Kula October 3, 2012

During Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur, Rabbis Julie Pelc Adler and Irwin Kula, Cantor David Landau, with musicians Howard and Miles Levy drew on our Jewish tradition, culture, and community for 25 life changing hours...."

From Aitz Hayim, Center for Jewish Living, IL, 9/25/12

Op-ed by Rabbi Rachael Bregman: Eradicating Modern-Day Slavery October 3, 2012

"An 11-year-old girl in five-point shackles is escorted into a courtroom. Her crime? She was caught in the back of a van with a 43-year-old man who had paid for 30 minutes of her time to do whatever he wanted to with her. There was the man when the girl was in court? He’d already been released, fined $50 for misdemeanor solicitation and set free...This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, but slavery still exists today, and this is what it looks like..."

Rabbis Without Borders, with Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu October 3, 2012

Caer Hallundbaek interviews Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu, Director of Rabbis Without Borders, known for thinking “outside the box.” Topics in this engaging hour include: What Rabbi Sirbu means by thinking “outside the box”; Rabbis without Borders - how it came about, what the program does; working across denominations to create vibrant Jewish and civic life; making meaning; life events and celebrations; what drew her to becoming a rabbi, and how the role manifests today; the core of faith; a poem by Rabbi Rami Shapiro; the value and wisdom of religious traditions; tension between religions; religious pluralism; her writings about suffering, grieving and healing; and other great resources featuring Jewish response to many questions about life; religious tolerance; and more.

From The Godspeed Institute, broadcast on Progressive Radio Network,

What Islamists and nontheists have in common October 1, 2012

"Apparently, it’s not only politics that make strange bedfellows, but religion (and the struggle against it) which does as well. That’s a lesson brought home by the unlikely triumvirate of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi, Yemen’s President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi and the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation....""

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: Paradox, Partial Truths and Pluralism September 28, 2012

"I love this quote, not just because it is from the great English novelist Charles Dickens, at the opening of a Tale of Two Cities and not just because it could so easily be describing our world, our country today, but also because of the acknowledgement of the paradox of it all; hope and despair dancing together obliviously. It reminds me in a bizarre way of this scene from Fiddler on the Roof:

Brad Hirschfield on Middle East Protesting and the Jewish Vote September 27, 2012

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield talks about the ongoing violence world wide in response to the hateful youtube video about Islam, the protesting and how presidential candidates are faring with Jewish voters.

From Live Noon on America’s Radio News Network,

Subway ads: A right to hate speech, a duty to condemn September 27, 2012

"My daily trek to work is the last place I would expect to encounter a hateful message. But anti-Islam blogger Pamela Geller is determined to make that happen to me and my fellow commuters. This week, at 10 subway stations around New York, commuters will encounter ads from the virulently anti-Islam group headed by Geller, the American Freedom Defense Initiative...."

Rebirth and forgiveness on Yom Kippur September 25, 2012

"I am a born again Jew – at least I hope to be by the conclusion of Yom Kippur this Wednesday night. Of course, when most people hear the words ‘born again,’ they assume the next word they will hear is, ‘Christian.’ While that is an entirely reasonable assumption, it misses the fact that one can be a born again Jew as well, and the promise of that possibility is central to understanding the holiest day in the Jewish calendar — Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement...."

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