Should the Army punish a soldier for speaking at a Ron Paul rally? January 5, 2012

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield responds to questions on topics of the day. Today: Did a 28-year-old Army reservist breach military protocol when he spoke at a Ron Paul rally in Iowa?

From The Washington Post Conversations Live Q & A with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield
, 1/5/12

What GOP Candidates Could Learn From Tim Tebow January 5, 2012

"...But being a nation of believing voters who prefer elected officials, who are themselves self-professed believers, does not mean that most voters either expect or desire a candidate who claims to know the will of God. In fact, it is precisely at such moments of theological hubris that candidates over-step their role, and where they should take a cue from Tim Tebow...."

Thoughts on Technology January 4, 2012

"...Perhaps we can find a way to at least weigh the options when a new technology is introduced rather than just use it because we can. Apparently the Amish would have a community process and weigh the pros and cons of each new technology...They made technology a conscious choice, not some force that was foisted on them without a peep of resistance.

Time to Rebalance Life Portfolio January 4, 2012

"...This year, perhaps we could all benefit by not only rebalancing our financial portfolios, but also our life portfolios..." More...

Opinion by Steven M. Sheldon and Rabbi Brian Strauss, published in, Houston Chronicle, 12/30/11

Educational Happenings January 4, 2012

"Rabbi (Drew)Kaplan, who travels around Long Beach, Riverside and Orange County on behalf of SoCal Jewish Student Services, was also selected to participate in Rabbis Without Borders. Rabbis Without Borders (RWB), a landmark initiative from Clal..."

by Ilene Schneider, from Orange County Jewish Life
, January 2012

A Gift Chant from the Kirtan Rabbi: Havayah January 4, 2012

Clal resident, Rabbi Andrew Hahn, offers the Clal community the gift of his new chant Havayah. The love–endowed offspring of a long–Summer’s labor, Havayah represents a new sound for Kirtan Rabbi: part ballad, part psychedelic ‘70s basement rock (please listen with ear-buds, so you hear everything!), it is a driving, Ecstatic Kabbalah romp. We hope you enjoy it. We would love to hear what you think.

"Gateways to Jewish Spiritual Practice" with Reb Zalman January 4, 2012

An incredible opportunity: an online, non-credit course offered by Naropa University of Boulder, Colorado is is available now—January 17th-March 18th on the core teachings of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. Titled "Gateways to Jewish Spiritual Practice", this 8 week course provides access to a broad range of Reb Zalman's teachings on spiritual life. Through Reb Zalman's writings, lectures, songs, dvds, videos, etc., participants are able to experience many gateways to Jewish spiritual practices.

A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way January 3, 2012

Brad Hirschfield talks to WCBS-TV News (NYC) about the power of gratitude in creating your own happiness.

WCBS-TV News, 1/1/12

Using the Holocaust, again January 3, 2012

"Protests have broken out across Israel by members of the ultra-Orthodox community in response to government efforts to uphold civil law..."


From Brad Hirschfield’s blog in the Washington Post’s "On Faith" Column — For God’s Sake

Brad Hirschfield on Fox Business News Lou Dobb's A Team December 30, 2011

Brad Hirschfield joins Monica Crowley and Jehmu Greene to discuss Michelle Bachmann, the payroll tax holiday deal and Kim Jong Ill.

Fox News, 12/22/11
From Fox Business, Lou Dobbs Tonight

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