The Wisdom Daily: Reconciliation Is a Two-Way Street April 7, 2014

"Think about a time when someone hurt you, and then came seeking forgiveness. How often did you feel that they weren't doing it "right", or in the way you had anticipated, and because of that, you found it impossible to accept their overture? And what about a time when you were the one apologizing, and then finding that your sincere efforts were not accepted? How hurt and angry were you?..."

Passover, Pew and You April 4, 2014

Who are Jewish Americans and what do we believe?

The Pew Portrait Survey offered an answer, and the “experts” have been squabbling ever since. Rather than fighting about what it all means, here’s a way to learn from the survey, enrich your Passover holiday, and quite possibly your life as a whole.

Download the Passover Card as a .pdf file

Brad Hirschfield on The Supreme Court, Money and Democracy April 4, 2014

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court made a significant ruling removing limits on the amount of money individuals can contribute to federal political campaigns. Money in politics is nothing new, according to Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, President of CLAL and co-Founder and Executive Editor of, but "healthy societies are about balancing equal access and laws that are equally applied."

Passover And Jewish Personhood April 3, 2014

"Who are Jewish Americans and what do we really believe? The approach of Pesach offers an especially good opportunity to raise that question. The seder, after all, is the single most widely observed ritual among Jewish Americans. Why might that be?..."

By Brad Hirschfield Special to The Jewish Week,

Set Your DVR! Ep. 4 of The Bible Rules – new series with Brad Hirschfield on H2 History Channel April 3, 2014

Brad Hirschfield appears in the new series, The Bible Rules on H2 History Channel. Everyone knows the Bible has Ten Commandments, but there are, in fact, more than 2,000 additional rules and laws in its pages. This new series discusses weird rules, revealing rules, curiosity-inspiring rules – and these rules, which will help us understand history, are presented in informative, surprising and reaffirming ways. Episode 4, on April 6, 2014 at 10pm ET / 11pm PT.

The Wisdom Daily: What Religions Can Learn from Microsoft April 3, 2014

"Big news from Microsoft - it has finally decided to make its Office software, specifically its suite of applications including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, work on all computing devices including those made by its competitors, Apple's Ipads and Google's Android operating system. I think there's something that religions can take from this, especially if they want to compete in the marketplace of wisdom and practices that help people flourish..."

Kirtan Rabbi in Northampton, MA at Yoga Sanctuary, Friday April 11, 2014 8pm April 2, 2014

Bring your Voices, dancing socks and open hearts to a first of a kind experience in Northampton: Join the Kirtan Rabbi and band for a Shabbat service based in chant (kirtan and niggun), movement, meditation and learning. No need to know Hebrew (or be Jewish, for that matter) to fully luxuriate in this happening.

The Wisdom Daily: Filled with Gratitude… and Cancer April 2, 2014

"Yesterday, I buried a friend and teacher of many years. She was older, but hardly "old", at least not from my perspective, and she had a rather limited time in which to deal with her impending death. In fact, the time from diagnosis to demise was exactly 5 weeks. In those 5 weeks however, she continued her role as brave teacher about living life well and wisely..."

What lies beneath the drama over "The Admission" April 1, 2014

"Given the controversy surrounding Theater J’s production of Motti Lerner’s play “The Admission” at the D.C. Jewish Community Center, I expected to see a full-scale indictment of Israel’s conduct during its 1948 war of independence. Instead I encountered a play that probed the complexity of war, politics, memory, ethnic identity, love and survival with astounding sensitivity and nuance...."

The Wisdom Daily: Opening Day and My Father April 1, 2014

"Baseball season opens this week. Yes, hope springs eternal. We made it through winter even if winter wants to hang on a few more days. It is the start of new careers for players and the opportunity for new beginnings for players who had a bad season last year. What makes baseball so much fun is you never know how the arduous 162 game regular-season and three-tier playoff series system (that can extend the season by up to 19 more games for teams that reach the World Series) will play out. Underdogs will arise, favorites will disappoint, expectations will be unfulfilled and the unexpected will surprise..."

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