A Blessing for Eid: Brad Hirschfield on Bridges TV November 8, 2011

Brad Hirschfield offers a blessing for the Muslim holiday of Eid.

Bridges TV, 11/7/11

Learning a New Language November 7, 2011

"My father is teaching me German.
He still speaks fluently, even though he
escaped from Nazi Germany almost
seventy years ago when he was seventeen...."

By Janet R. Kirchheimer from The Jewish Writing Project

Michigan anti-bullying law protects religious bullies November 6, 2011

"...The law, Matt’s Safe School Law, named in memory of Matt Epling, who committed suicide in the wake of relentless anti-gay bullying, offers a loophole to those who want to bully gay students or anyone else they don’t like. All they need to do, according to the newly passed legislation, is claim that their bullying was based on “a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction...""

Brad Hirschfield and the A Team: Cain's Claim and Occupy Oakland November 4, 2011

Brad Hirschfield joined Lou Dobbs, Liz Trott and Christopher Hahn to discuss Cain harassment claims as well as Occupy Oakland protests and the call for a general strike.

Fox News, 11/2/11
From The A Team Fox Business, Lou Dobbs Tonight

Brad Hirschfield on Payne Nation November 4, 2011

Brad Hirschfield continues his conversation with Charles about Occupy Wall Street, why the movement is small in D.C., and the Mayor's fiasco in San Francisco. (Broadcast not available)

"Payne Nation," (Sun Broadcast), 11/03/11

House Takes Up 'In God We Trust' November 2, 2011

Brad Hirschfield joins Foxnews.com Live to debate Rev. Barry Lynn on should the phrase be the national motto? View...

FoxNews.com LIVE, 11/02/11

Kristallnacht without my father November 2, 2011

"My father died this past July and, in mourning his loss, I’ve thought about how the Holocaust will be remembered, or if it will be remembered at all. Survivors of the Shoah are dying each day, and how can the next generations remember something they haven’t experienced?"

By Janet R. Kirchheimer, Special to the Arizona Jewish Post
, 11/2/11

Also appeared in The Los Angeles Jewish Journal, 11/02/11, and the New Jersey Jewish News, 11/7/11

Video Games, Game Design, and 21st-Century Jewish Education November 2, 2011

"...The process of game design can allow for modeling of values in action. I recently led a workshop in which a student ‘modded’ (modified) a Settlers of Catan game board, based on two mishnaic texts. In this young man’s game, the winner not only had to reach ten points through resource management and expansion, but also had to demonstrate care for his competitors. As the rules of Exodus 23:5 teach, you might think you can refrain from helping your enemy raise his donkey.

Is 'In God We Trust' a good motto? (video) November 1, 2011

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield responds to questions via video on topics of the day. Today: The U.S. House of Representatives debate the use of the motto,"In God We Trust," the Obama administration's decision to end funding to a Catholic group, and the low number of Occupy Wall Streeters. Brad Hirschfield’s ethical take on the news.

From The Washington Post Conversations Live Q & A with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield
, 11/1/11

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield’s Live Q & A Conversations are on Washingtonpost.com on Tuesdays at 12:30 Noon each week. Check out the site. Topics are posted that morning. Submit questions early!

The Motto America Needs Right Now November 1, 2011

"We have trust issues in this country, but not the ones which will be debated Tuesday in Congress. Today, House Republicans are hoping to pass a resolution which would reaffirm the words “In God We Trust”, as our national motto. Talk about bad timing..."


By Brad Hirschfield from FoxNews.com’s Fox Forum, Opinion, 11/1/11

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