The Trial of Mo Hassan February 11, 2011

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield speaks with Lars Larson about the conviction of Mo Hasssan in the murder of his wife Aasiya Zubair, a friend of Rabbi Hirschfield’s.


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Gay Orthodox Shabbaton Was Like ‘Heaven’ February 10, 2011

"The Shabbaton was organized by Eshel, a collaborative program established by individuals and organizations involved in the Orthodox gay Jewish world…Rabbi Steven Greenberg, director of Orthodox programming for Neherim and a member of the seven-person steering commission of Eshel, describes the Shabbaton as an ‘unmitigated success of the Orthodox gay community.’..."

Rabbi Irwin Kula on the Reality of Interfaith Harmony February 10, 2011

Let’s not pretend our differences aren’t challenging, says Rabbi Irwin Kula. Interfaith harmony really means learning how to handle the ambivalence, the anger, the messiness, the complexity, the anxiety and the turbulence that is part of what it means to be human beings together on the planet. View video here...

Americans want their president to be 'one of us' February 9, 2011

"...People want many things from president, and agreement on the issues is not all they want...Among those things is the sense that the president is simultaneously ‘one of us’ and also a representation of what we want to be...."

In Search of A Jewish Valentine’s Day February 9, 2011

Rabbi Irwin Kula asserts that "contrary to popular culture we don’t find a soul mate; we co–create our own soul mate. Soul mate is a verb hiding out as a noun. Over the course of our relationship with someone we love, we engage in soul mating. Only at the end of our relationship, after we have helped each other seek the truth about ourselves and become the best people we can be, do we actually know we have found our soul mate.

Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Love on Valentine's Day February 9, 2011

Michael Horn and Jack Roberts interview Rabbi Irwin Kula about how Valentine’s Day is a double–edge sword. We celebrate how committed and passionately we are in love. But, the very fact we need the holiday shows a deeper more uncomfortable truth: our love for each other is always far more unstable and fragile than we are ready to admit...

Truths and Lies About Honor Killings In America February 8, 2011

"The only thing that really counts here, beyond bringing the guilty parties to justice, is preventing further deaths. That is something to which we will all can contribute as soon as we decide that it’s more important to save lives than affirm beliefs or confirm previously held assumptions...."


By Brad Hirschfield from’s Fox Forum, Opinion

Experts, caregivers weigh in on Mark Kelly's tough decision February 8, 2011

"The person is feeling ‘I have it good while my wife or my husband is really ill. How can I go on with life?’" (Kula) says. "What we have to do train people to begin to trust again — to trust other people; trust themselves; and they have to trust life."


By Sharon Jayson from USA Today
, 2/4/11

JProStl plans two-day conference in March February 8, 2011

On Sunday, March 6 through Monday, March 7, 2011, at the Jewish Community Center’s Staenberg Family Complex in St. Louis, Professionals working for Jewish organizations around the country will come together for high-level training at the first JProStl conference. Rabbi Brad Hirschfield will be the keynote speaker.

From the St Louis Jewish Light

Free Speech in Israel -- How Much and At What Cost? February 7, 2011

"Israeli Police intend to arrest settler leader, Rabbi Dov Lior, if he continues to ignore requests to interview him about his support of the controversial book, Torat HaMelekh (The King's Torah)..."

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