Did Religion Cause 9/11? September 9, 2011

"...My short answer: be honest -- religion drove those planes into the building. It's painful to say, especially for a person of faith, but it is we who need to say it most..."


From Brad Hirschfield’s blog on The Huffington Post

Brad Hirschfield on banning clergy from official 9/11 events and more... September 7, 2011

Brad Hirschfield talks with Lars Larson about Mayor Bloomberg banning clergy from official 9/11 events, and Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa’s colorful remarks about the Tea Party.


From the Lars Larson Show syndicated by Compass Media Networks,

Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero September 7, 2011

On September 7, in honor of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, PBS will rebroadcast Frontline producer Helen Whitney’s moving documentary, “Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero.” The film explores whether, and in what ways, Americans’ spiritual lives may have changed, and features Rabbis Irwin Kula and Brad Hirschfield. Check local listings.


Join Rabbi Brad Hirschfield for a Live Q & A about the documentary on Sept. 8, from 1-2 pm ET. He'll discuss the impact of 9/11 and his experience of the film ten years later. Click here or go to the film's website.

Irwin Kula on Dispute Over Muslim Headgear at Amusement Park September 6, 2011

Irwin Kula joined Fox News.com's "Spirited Debate," to look at America's culture clash over headgear at an amusement park. View...

FoxNews.com LIVE, 9/02/11

Brad Hirschfield on How Do We Want to Remember 9/11? September 6, 2011

Brad Hirschfield joined Lauren Green on Foxnews.com Live to discuss memory, faith and 9/11. View...

FoxNews.com LIVE, 9/02/11

'Real Housewives,’ broken lives September 6, 2011

"Articles arguing that reality TV producers need to create, and commit, to a code of ethics, keep popping up..."

From Brad Hirschfield’s blog in the Washington Post’s "On Faith" Column

Hard Core Atheist Secularists and Their Religious Counterparts Become Increasingly Alike September 2, 2011

"Secularists, atheists really, are following other ethnic and religious identity groups in using academia to create and/or shore up a particular cultural identity. For example, noted atheist secularist, and editor of the Humanistic Bible, A. C. Grayling is opening a “secular university” this year..."

Playing Games With Jewish Education September 1, 2011

"Rabbi Owen Gottlieb, who brings together game designers and Jewish educators through his organization ConverJent, argues that more Jewish educational websites should become “media remix laboratories.” In a widely-read essay on ejewishphilanthropy.com, “A Call for Jewish Education through Gaming and Game Design,” he imagines a Jewish digital ecosystem in which learners “develop and hone their affinities, teach themselves, and mentor their virtual peers."

Is Recession the New Normal? Brad Hirschfield's Ethical Take August 30, 2011

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield responds to questions via video on topics of the day. Today: Is the recession just the norm of the day, and Michele Bachmann and God. Brad Hirschfield’s ethical take on the news.

From The Washington Post Conversations Live Q & A with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield
, 8/30/11

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield’s Live Q & A Conversations are on Washingtonpost.com on Tuesdays at 12:30 Noon each week. Check out the site. Topics are posted that morning. Submit questions early!

Bachmann’s religious politics August 29, 2011

"...While not making that claim overtly, Ms. Bachmann consistently approaches both politics and religion from a position of absolutes - the kind of absolutes which, if not absolutely 100 percent correct, can be pretty dangerous. From defaulting on our national debt to abortion to this weekend’s hurricane, there is, according to Michelle Bachmann, only one right answer - hers...."

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