Up now at BIF9: Eighth generation rabbi is 'disruptive religious innovator' September 23, 2013

Irwin Kula spoke at the BIF9, The Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Conference. BIF is a platform for transforming our most intractable systems, like healthcare, education, entrepreneurship, and energy, where players — both private and public — can design and test new solutions in a real-world environment."...The eighth-generation rabbi said we need to innovate religion, and use technology...."

The Wisdom Daily is Here! September 18, 2013

We are thrilled to announce the launch of The Wisdom Daily website located at thewisdomdaily.com! We are looking forward to the wide audience we know we'll reach and all the meaningful conversations we'll have together.
Here’s what’s happening right now, please click on The Wisdom Daily link below…

Brad Hirschfield Reflects on the Washington Navy Yard Shooting September 17, 2013

Yesterday, America experienced yet another mass shooting which left 13 people, including the gunman Aaron Alexis, dead. Much is still unknown about the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard and what motivated Alexis to act as he did, "but in the space where we don't know in the face of these kinds of tragedies is where we can actually learn a great deal about ourselves," says Rabbi Brad Hirschfield.

Study: Jewish Giving Is Strong, But Worries Down The Road September 17, 2013

"Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu, director of Rabbis Without Borders at CLAL-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, insists that “the act of giving itself is a Jewish act.” Writing on the website eJewishphilanthropy.com, she called for “celebrating Jewish giving and not make distinctions between those giving to Jewish causes and non-Jewish causes.”

Desert Trials September 17, 2013

Like beautifully layered rock formations lining the walls of a desert canyon, so is the Biblical text as Clal Resident Tzemah Yoreh, Ph.D. makes it accessible to modern readers. Story is piled upon story until the foundations are invisible. Those foundations tell a different story—one that only a trained geologist can tease from the rock, one that only a Biblical philologist, trained in the dissection of literature, can find in the text.

Colorado floods of ‘biblical proportions’ September 16, 2013

"What is it about weather stories that engage us even when the story has no real effect on us? I think it is because weather is one of the few things left, before which actually feel small. Weather stories, or more accurately their enduring popularity, speak to the sense of awe and majesty that have departed from so many areas of our lives...."

Why Abraham Killed Isaac September 16, 2013

Clal Resident Tzemah Yoreh, Ph.D. makes scripture relevant to modern readers. In this book, he shares his view that in this early version of the Abraham story Abraham the patriarch gave his wife, Sarah, to a local monarch who may have impregnated her with Isaac. The purity of the Israelite bloodline is not in doubt, however, since Abraham killed Isaac to atone for his sins before Isaac had a chance to procreate.

Leaving It Half Finished: Yom Kippur September 14, 2013

"Ordinary items can often capture great meaning. In 1913, Eva Baen joined more than 2 million primarily Eastern European Jews who came to America between 1880-1924. Unlike some, Eva did not leave a difficult life. On the contrary, her family was financially comfortable, her parents loving, yet she longed for something more..."

Brad Hirschfield on Yom Kippur, Syria and the anniversary of 9/11 September 13, 2013

This week marks a confluence of events – the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the ongoing crisis in Syria, and the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur. Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, President of CLAL, The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, talks about how the three events are related.

A Jewish memorial to WTC victims September 13, 2013

"It was the troubling current state of world affairs that prompted Rabbi Irwin Kula to post online this past Wednesday a recording he made back in 2002, on the first anniversary of 9/11...." Read more...

By Renee Ghert-Zand from The Times of Israel

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