The Wisdom Daily: Cleansing Yourself, Renewing Your Life June 24, 2014

"Do you have something in your life you just wish you could get over? Is there something you did, even long ago, which continues to hold you back? If you are like most people, then the answer is 'yes'. Whether it's through Lady Macbeth, characters in the Bible or moments in our own lives, we can all identify with the need to cleanse ourselves - to feel free of the stain of a past bad act or mistake that continues to haunt us or keeps us from becoming who we most want to be.

Brad Hirschfield on What to do about Iraq? June 20, 2014

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield delves into the issues surrounding the recent alarming rise of violence in Iraq by ISIS and other terrorist groups.

From Odyssey Networks’s FAITH ON THE RECORD

The Wisdom Daily: Glenn Beck: Liberals Were Right June 19, 2014

"I don't want to make more of this than it is especially given the serious polarization that does exist in this country (see recent Pew study which I will be writing about next week) and the very uncomfortable blowback I received from my last post on Glenn Beck. But speaking on his radio show on Tuesday, Glenn Beck said something that I imagine you would never expect him to say.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Reconnection June 18, 2014

"I've been given a gift this week -- the opportunity to open the door for someone who wanted to reconnect with Judaism. I know what it's like to be spiritually thirsty. I know what it's like to feel "on the outside," in galut -- exile -- from community and from God...."

By Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, a Rabbis Without Borders Fellow, from her blog, Velveteen Rabbi

The Wisdom Daily: Who’s In Charge Here? The Difference Between Being the Leader and Exercising Leadership June 18, 2014

"What's the difference between being in charge and having genuine authority? What's the difference between being "the leader" and exercising leadership? If you can answer these questions for yourself and live in light of your answer, you will discover that you have both more capacity and more influence than you probably ever imagined. You will find that you can accomplish more than you may realize, and feel pretty good about it as well! All of which brings Alexander Haig to mind..."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: A Prayer for the 3 Kidnapped Israeli Teens June 17, 2014

"Today, among the many other things you do in your busy life, pray for the safe return of three kidnapped Israeli teens: Naftali Fraenkel 16, Eyal Yifrach, 19, and Gil-Ad Sha’er, 16. Take a moment any time today to pray for Naftali, Eyal, and Gil-ad. You can add the 250 Nigerian school girls, and all children around the world that have been forcibly taken from their families..."

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb at the Games for Learning Conference June 17, 2014

Rabbi Gottlieb presented his work on the ARIS platform at the Games for Learning Conference. Click here for an article on the conference. Jewish Time Jump—New York is a project of Rabbi Owen Gottlieb's ConverJent which is incubated at Clal. For more on ConverJent, follow it on twitter: @converjent and @yobgorgle.

From Clal

The Wisdom Daily: A Flash Mob of Love June 17, 2014

"When you think about a normal day in your life, from the moment you get up in the morning until you go to sleep, you experience far more expressions of kindness and love than meanness and hate. But as I wrote a few weeks ago, we are hardwired to be far more alert to negative, fear-inducing events that generate fight or flight responses than to positive events that generate security and empathy..."

Glenn Beck to Irwin Kula: We all just want to live a good life June 12, 2014

We are no different, we really are alike, are we not? We all just want to have and live a good life.

Is it possible to have a good death? June 12, 2014

The taboo topic of death is explored by Journalist Perri Peltz in a compelling interview with Rabbi Irwin Kula and Dr. Dennis M. Popeo of NYU School of Medicine and Bellevue Hospital. We need to focus on the quality of life at the end. End of life conversations need to take place before they come up. The art of dying grows out of the art of living. Fear plays a huge and debilitating role at the end of life. We are fortunate in that our wisdom traditions give us important ways that help in this process.

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