Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: My Children Won’t be Jews Like Me January 17, 2014

"I’ve done everything “right”: given my children Jewish education, sent them to Jewish camps, spent time with them in Israel and modeled engaged Jewish living. But with the celebration of my second child becoming a bat mitzvah and officially beginning her journey as a Jewish adult, I can now say with certainty that my children will not be Jews like me…."

Tzemah Yoreh: Isaac's Death and Resurrection January 17, 2014

According to Clal Resident Tzemah Yoreh, Ph.D., in the earliest version of Isaac’s story, Isaac has a very short life. He is killed for his father’s sins in Genesis 22 and is only resurrected by later authors. The newly animated Isaac leads a long and interesting life remarkably like his father’s. Isaac’s Death and Resurrection traces the development of the Isaac story from its divergent beginnings into the canonical text of Genesis. This book is one in the most recent series of Modern Scripture publications.

Sinai and Synapses: More Light, Less Heat — Rabbi Josh Ratner and Rabbi Fred Hyman January 16, 2014

Too often, the discussion around religion and science produces a lot of heat, but very little light. Sinai and Synapses will be working to change that. This is another in a series of conversations with some of the most interesting and dynamic thought leaders — from both the religious and scientific worlds.

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb's Paper One of Top 21 BJPA in 2013 January 16, 2014

Clal Resident Rabbi Owen Gottlieb’s publication, "You Can't Wrap Herring in an iPad: Digitization of Sacred Jewish Books, the Stripping of Embodied Ritual, and Implications for Jewish Education" is one of the Berman Jewish Policy Archives 21 most often viewed articles in 2013. For more on the article...

The Wisdom Daily: Chris Christie: A Failure of Leadership January 14, 2014

In the wake of the scandal of traffic disruptions over the busiest bridge in the US, "...[Governor of New Jersey, Chris] Christie sorely misunderstands the responsibility powerful leaders have – to always be asking about the culture they create in which people operate.

The Wisdom Daily: The Politics of Pregnancy January 9, 2014

"Political struggles over pregnancy, the right to terminate it, when life begins, and who gets to make those decisions, are nothing new. A case unfolding in Texas however, brings those struggles to a new level, one which invites us to ask important questions about the politics of pregnancy, and the value of planning for as good a death as possible...."
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Rabbi Owen Gottlieb awarded Covenant Foundation's Signature Grant for the Second Time January 9, 2014

The Covenant Foundation awarded a second prestigious Signature grant to ConverJent for its cutting-edge work in Jewish education. The $33,000 grant, part of approximately 1.8 million to be distributed this year, was made for one year to train educators to use Jewish Time Jump: New York, a geolocative interactive educational game, and to develop a curriculum that can be integrated into its play.

Jews and Tattoos: Navigating a new landscape January 8, 2014

"Once a month at our family Shabbat service we ask families to submit questions in advance in what, in lieu of a sermon, is our ‘So now you know’ slot... I was asked to address the questions of tattoos in Jewish tradition. This included, of course, the question as to the truth of the myth that a tattoo denies one burial in a Jewish ceremony...."

The Wisdom Daily: A Gun Activist on the Firing Line January 8, 2014

"You might not have read this news item unless you are a gun enthusiast but this may bode well for our gun control debate. Dick Metcalf, a pre-eminent gun journalist, was recently removed from Guns & Ammo magazine and taken off the roster of star speakers reviewing new firearms for gun companies. Why?

When Is Chinese New Year In 2014? January 6, 2014

"Goodbye, year of the water snake, and hello, year of the wooden horse. The Chinese New Year, or Nónglì Xinnián, is coming up on Jan. 31, the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar..."


From Rabbi Brad Hirschfield’s blog on The Huffington Post Canada,

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