Irwin Kula at the Big Picture (video) February 21, 2012

Rabbi Irwin Kula was invited back to speak at the annual Big Picture Learning Principal’s Conference in San Diego in February 2012. Big Picture offers a unique approach to transforming education. Its mission is to lead vital changes in the educational system, generating and sustaining innovative, personalized schools that work in tandem with the real world of the greater community.

Irwin Kula on Catholic Hospital Fight Leads To Jewish Conversation February 17, 2012

"...We have to find a way to respect religion — it’s just about the only place in this country where we’re even talking about what’s appropriate sexually or not. And we need a religion that can say, we know almost no one even listens to us anymore about sexuality..."

By Jonathan Mark, The Jewish Week
, 2/14/12

Baptizing the dead, testing Mormon-Jewish relations February 16, 2012

"Posthumous baptism of Holocaust survivors is back in the news, and that always raises a range of questions, not only about Mormon-Jewish relations, but about interreligious relations in general and how we know when they are really real...""

Rabbi Shefa Gold, a, member of the second cohort of RWB February 15, 2012

Rabbi Shefa Gold, a, member of the second cohort of RWB, is the director of CDEEP: Center for Devotional, Energy and Ecstatic Practice. CDEEP sponsors an 18th month Leadership development training course for Rabbis, Cantor and Lay Leaders, called Kol Zimra. At the end of January, 21 spiritual leaders graduated from the Program. This was the 4th Cohort. Now there are over 100 graduates of Kol Zimra, working to bring more heart, beauty, soul and spirit to their communities.

Clal Teaching Fellow/Poet Janet R. Kirchheimer Featured in Villanelles February 15, 2012

The villanelle, a highly structured, 19th century European poetic form, presents a fascinating combination of recurrence and surprise for poets and fans alike. In a captivating new little book, Villanelles, the form is explored through a variety of themes that celebrate its rich and unique style.

Jason Miller, a “Rabbi Without Borders,” Receives Jewish Influencer Award February 15, 2012

Congratulations to Rabbi Jason Miller, one of Clal’s “Rabbis Without Borders,” for being named one of 10 winners of the Jewish Influencer Award in Social Media. Sponsored by the National Jewish Outreach Program, the award recognizes recipients’ “creative and strategic use of social media to positively impact the Jewish community.” For more on the award:

By Judy Epstein from Clal

Brad Hirschfield Joins Sean Hannity for: Faith in America February 13, 2012

Brad Hirschfield joins Sean Hannity and religious leaders to discuss where America stands on faith. Watch...
Hannity on Fox News, 2/10/12

Irwin Kula on Creating Your Soulmate, KUSA-TV, Denver February 10, 2012

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Irwin Kula joins KUSA's morning show to talk about how to create the relationship you want. Watch...
KUSA-TV, 2/10/12

Are Clergy Public Servants? Gov't Says NO!

"Are clergy and teachers of religious faith/thought public servants? Is their work on par with that of others who work for 501c3 non-for-profit groups and for government agencies? It used to be, but as of Jan. 31 the federal government has changed its mind about that..."

By Brad Hirschfield from The Huffington Post

Same-sex marriage: Who decides what's right? February 8, 2012

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield responds to questions on topics of the day. Today: Repealing Proposition 8: Should judges be the ones to decide?

From The Washington Post Conversations Live Q & A with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield
, 2/8/12

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