Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: 3 Cognitive Science Books That Teach Jewish Ideas June 12, 2014

"Why is it often so hard to do the right thing? Why doesn’t everyone share our same beliefs? And why is it so hard to be happy? These are questions that are integral to the field of cognitive science—the study of how and why we think, feel and act the way we do. But what’s interesting is that so many of these questions have links to Jewish thought and practice.

The Wisdom Daily: When You Look in the Mirror, What Do You See? June 11, 2014

"What we see in the mirror may be one of the most powerful forces in how we live our lives. That view shapes our aspirations and expectations - sometimes for good and sometimes not - but the power of self-image is pretty hard to over-estimate. That's what makes it especially important to address the fact that a negative view is terribly common...."

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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Requiem for a Suburban Shul June 10, 2014

"How do you close a synagogue? This is the question I have been confronting for the past few months as the shul I have served these past two years edged closer and closer to our final Shabbat this past weekend. I offer the following reflections of what I fear will be an increasingly frequent phenomenon in American Jewish life...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Morning zhikr on retreat June 10, 2014

"My cellphone sings me a gentle song at 4:30 in the morning and I roll out of bed. Ever since our son was born I have maintained that the 4am hour is the hardest time for me to be awake. When we used to have feedings at all hours, the 4am one was the one I dreaded. Earlier than that, and I could pretend that a night of sleep lay ahead; later than that, and I could tell myself that it was morning. But oh, I used to dread the hour between 4 and 5. Not today...."

The Wisdom Daily: Imagining the Back Story – How Great Art Teaches this Skill June 10, 2014

"...When you see a scene - someone cutting you off on the road, someone who is argumentative, your child acting rudely, your colleague interrupting or ignoring you - before you react, try becoming a story teller who gives the benefit of the doubt. Imagine for a moment what might have caused the scene that can evoke some laughter and even some compassion.

Brad Hirschfield on Bowe Bergdahl and the 70th Anniversary of D-Day June 6, 2014

his week the news was dominated by the decision of the Obama administration to orchestrate a prisoner swap with the Taliban, bringing home Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl who had been in captivity for five years in exchange for five detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay. This week also marks the 70 anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Normandy that began to turn the tide of WWII.

The Wisdom Daily: Eddie Izzard’s Acts of Gods June 3, 2014

"Oscar Wilde once said, "If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh or they will kill you." Eddie Izzard, the surreal, free-associative, British comic embodies this wisdom. I saw this self-described "action transvestite" at a wildly crazy, funny show at the Beacon Theatre in NYC the other night on his Force Majeure Tour - a title that derives from the French "Acts of God". Force Majeure deals with grand philosophical ideas but if it has a theme it's simple: There is no God!..."

‘There’s a boogeyman named Glenn Beck’: Rabbi explains how he and Glenn overcame their differences and became friends May 30, 2014

Rabbi Irwin Kula sat down with Glenn Beck to discuss the evolution of their relationship and the lessons it has for change, dialogue and connecting with others on a larger scale.

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Rabbi Owen Gottlieb at 2014 GAMES LEARNING SOCIETY 10 PLAYFUL LEARNING SUMMIT May 30, 2014

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb will participate and teach at The Games+Learning+Society 10 Conference begins Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at the University of Madison-Wisconsin’s Memorial Union with the second annual GLS Playful Learning Summit (PLS). The GLS PL Summit promotes professional development opportunities to celebrate and deepen educators’ use of games in various educational settings, and fosters collaboration among teachers, designers, researchers and others throughout the elementary to higher education continuum.

The Wisdom Daily:Innovating For Empathy – Can a New App Connect Strangers? May 30, 2014

"We are hardwired to feel unease and even fear of strangers. In fact, every religion on the planet (at least at their most evolved levels) teaches us to "love the stranger". Well, it's pretty clear religion with its technologies (wisdom and practices) has not gotten the job done. But what if there were new innovative technologies that could help us nurture empathy for the stranger?

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