The Wisdom Daily: Can the Death of a Parent Bring Families Together? October 24, 2013

"Few moments in life are as difficult as losing one’s parent. In the swirl of sadness and mourning, a parent’s death can unify or further divide the surviving family. In some cases, the highly charged emotions may amplify issues between siblings. But this can also be a remarkable opportunity to heal some of those long-standing hurts and wounds that are part of every family I know, including my own. There can be a positive potential for healing in this otherwise difficult moment...."

Rabbis Without Borders Selected for Slingshot Once Again for 2013-2014! October 24, 2013

We are thrilled to share with you that for the second year in a row Rabbis Without Borders has been included in the Slingshot Guide’s list of the 50 most innovative Jewish programs in North America. We are honored to be included and love that this gives us the opportunity to talk about all of the innovative work Rabbis Without Borders Fellows do!

Mazal Tov to:

• Mishkan Chicago founded by our own Lizzie Heydemann (cohort 3) and

The Wisdom Daily: Sleep is the Best Meditation October 23, 2013

"Unfortunately, for many of us, sleep has become a precious commodity that we don’t get enough of. And, as so many wisdom traditions teach, sleeping with its power to cleanse our brains is indeed a form of rebirth! So here is a meditative practice before going to sleep...."
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D.C. synagogue sets Torah study into a modern setting October 23, 2013

"“The Jewish community is shifting radically, and the [idea] is to see all of it — Torah, prayer, mitzvot [commandments] — all as technologies that are there for us to connect profoundly with our truest selves, with our community, with God,” said Gil Steinlauf, rabbi since 2008 at the 1,400-family Adas...."


A Whole Lot of Love October 23, 2013

"What if God took note of every mistake you made and considered it a glorious seed for a profoundly better future? God, it seems, is often counter-cultural. Whereas our society, often despite knowing better, constantly rewards achievement and success, God has an interesting track record of recognizing positive effort even when we are surrounded by failures of our own doing...."

Irwin Kula at BIF9 and the Conversation Continues October 22, 2013

Irwin Kula took part in one of the nation's most renowned storytelling gatherings, the Business Innovation Factory Summit in Providence, RI in Sep., 2013. "The BIF Summit exists as a means to enable a purposeful community of innovation junkies who want to design, prototype and test new business models and social systems in the real world. On this page you may view Irwin Kula's storytelling and experience continued conversation emerging from this event.

Rabbis gone viral October 22, 2013

"What is driving so many people not only to view, but to wax poetic, over these two Ultra-Orthodox men, Aryeh and Gil Gat, singing Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence? The answer is about much more than you may imagine...

By Brad Hirschfield from The Washington Post, 10/18/13.

Brad Hirschfield on Dodging the Debt Ceiling Bullet October 22, 2013

After a 16-day partial government shutdown, the U.S. Congress came to an agreement on a budget deal, averting a possible default. But "dodging a bullet is not the same as finding peace" says Rabbi Brad Hirschfield.

VA’YERA: Recognizing Need October 21, 2013

"Our Boys FREED Them Won’t You FEED Them,” asks this 1917 Jewish War Sufferers poster. For Jews of the World War I era, the question may have seemed redundant. They would help… as Jews have done since the days of Abraham, more than 4000 years ago...."

By Rabbi James Q. Kahn, from Sacred Stories: A Living Commentary on American Jewish History and the Hebrew Bible,

The Wisdom Daily: Dodging Default Bullet Doesn’t Equal Peace October 17, 2013

"Peace. It’s not just the absence of war. And security, whether it is military, economic, or emotional, is about much more than the absence of an active battle. “The U.S. economy dodged a bullet today. But the reprieve will be short,” Paul Edelstein, director of financial economics at IHS Global Insight, said Wednesday in an analysis. Scary stuff, because dodging bullets is not the same as making peace — just ask any soldier who has gone to war. We need more than bullet dodging.

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