Shoah in Iran March 8, 2011

"Shoah, Claude Lanzmann's epic documentary about the Holocaust, dubbed into Farsi, is to be broadcast on a satellite channel in Iran as part of a campaign to promote understanding between Jews and Muslims and to fight Holocaust denial..."

From Windows & Doors, Brad Hirschfield’s daily blog on Beliefnet

Why the Supreme Court Decision on Westboro Baptist Church Challenges Us All March 7, 2011

"Today’s 8-1 Supreme Court ruling defends free speech, not Westboro Baptist Church, its ideology or even its right to continue protesting at the funerals of fallen military personnel...."

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By Brad Hirschfield from’s Fox Forum, Opinion, 3/3/11

Pekudei March 7, 2011


"130,681 survivors will receive 401 million dollars from a restitution fund for slave laborers. Six decades [after the war], most are no longer around to collect.
—Clyde Haberman, New York Times, August 3, 2004.

This is about money.
But not exactly..."

By Janet R. Kirchheimer From Explora Torah’s Parsha Blog

Clal’s Rabbis Without Borders Alumni Retreat March 7, 2011

Clal’s Rabbis Without Border’s (RWB) recently held its first annual alumni retreat at the Pearlstone Retreat Center in Baltimore, MD. The event brought together almost the full cohort of rabbis from last year’s inaugural RWB fellowship program, for a few days of learning, networking, discussion, text study, and exchange of ideas in a supportive and creative environment.

"Time for a New God' makes Aspen debut: Film examines unconventional rabbi March 7, 2011

"For Holbrooke…‘Time For a New God’ was as much about presenting a subject as it was about engaging in his own quest. ‘I come at religion with a lot of skepticism,’ Holbrooke, who was raised with ‘no religion at all,’ said from Telluride. ‘And here was a guy who could talk about religion in a way that made sense to me. It allowed me to bring my skepticism to the subject..."

Jewish-Catholic Relations in Light of the Pope's New Book March 4, 2011

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield joins The Takeaway to look at Pope Benedict’s new book which reiterates that the Jews are not collectively guilty for the death of Jesus Christ. But why was a reiteration needed? What does this say about Jewish-Catholic relations?


From NPR’s The Takeaway

San Francisco Rabbi is Chosen to Join Rabbis Without Borders Cohort March 4, 2011

"The JCC of San Francisco's Rabbi Eva Ben-Ora is among 22 participants nationwide in Rabbis Without Borders..."

By Suzan Berns from
, 2/14/11

Finding Faith, Doing Service in Haiti March 4, 2011

"...Haitians resonated to [my] Biblical teachings about the infinite value of human life, God’s commandment to lift up the downtrodden and the belief that in working on behalf of the poor, people of faith become agents for God’s love in the world. The Jews [who were doing service in Haiti] came to see the value of sacred Jewish texts not for how it would deepen their Jewish identity but for the way it could serve as a bridge to deepen their relationship with those they wanted to help...."

Pope Benedict XVI, Julian Assange, and John Galliano's Jewish news March 4, 2011

"...the three stories all speak to a variety of fears and insecurities among Jews which are paralleled by a variety of unresolved resentments which are still apparently held by many influential non–Jews...."

From Brad Hirschfield’s blog "For God’s sake" in the Washington Post’s "On Faith" Column
, 3/2/11

Brad Hirschfield in Syracuse March 2, 2011

Brad Hirschfield was recently invited back to Syracuse University to give a series of lectures in several venues. The first, initiated by Prof. Gustav Niebuhr for his students and other participants, addressed the religious perspectives on stem cell research. Mr. Niebuhr is the Director of the Religion and Media Program, and former columnist for the New York Times. As part of his course requirement, students are asked to find the connection between faith and critical issues in world.

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