Brad Hirschfield on Passover/Easter & What's Up with the Egg? On WDUN, Atlanta April 5, 2012

Brad Hirschfield joins Bill and Joel to talk about Passover and Easter rituals, and why the egg is significant.


From the Bill and Joel Morning Show, WDUN,Atlanta,GA. 4/2/12

Clal Recognized on The Daily Beast/Newsweek’s List of “Top 50 Rabbis” April 4, 2012

Recognized for their accomplishments, Clal faculty was listed again this year in the Daily Beast/Newsweek as some of America’s “most influential rabbis.” Appearing at no. 19, Clal President Rabbi Irwin Kula, a repeat honoree, was distinguished for “constantly looking for new ways to communicate Jewish wisdom.” and at no. 44, Clal Senior Teaching Fellow Rabbi Steve Greenberg was noted for “expanding the welcome of GLBT Jews in Orthodox communities.”

Tim Tebow is coming to NY April 3, 2012

Aaron Imholte speaks with Brad Hirschfield about Tim Tebow coming to NY. Interestingly, Tebow is someone who proclaims his faith without speaking badly about people who don’t share his faith.

Rabbi Pamela Gottfried identifies as a Rabbi Without Borders April 3, 2012

Rabbi Pamela Gottfried was one of ten religious leaders in Atlanta who participated in Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting’s AIB Presents: The Ten Commandments. She recorded a sermon on the 3rd commandment, as well as an interview with the series producer, Angela Harrington Rice. Gottfried described her decision to get involved in AIB as a direct result of her attendance at the Rabbis Without Borders meeting this November.

Irwin Kula on the Two Sides to Adam Smith: Beyond 'Wealth of Nations' April 3, 2012

Watch a preview of Irwin Kula talk about Adam Smith at the Ideas Economy: Innovation 2012 conference, hosted by The Economist Magazine.

New Ipad or iPhone? New Apps! April 3, 2012

"...The Haggadah App one was funded on and is “the world’s first multimedia Haggadah built for the iPad.” Featuring songs, recipes, an alternative approach to the seder from Amichai Lau-Lavie, founder of Storahtelling, audio commentary from Rabbi Irwin Kula of CLAL, and even activities for kids...."

By Cheryl Fellows, Boulder Jewish News, 3/29/12

Clal Helps Develop the First Multi-Media Haggadah App for the iPad April 3, 2012

The world's first multimedia Passover Haggadah App for the iPad is now available. Produced, with contributions from Clal President Rabbi Irwin Kula and Clal Senior Associate Dr. David Kraemer, and released by Melcher Media, this innovative Haggadah, is a rich multi-sensory experience, full of songs, interactive commentary, beautiful art, games for kids, and more. It’s a Haggadah for the 21st century, making it accessible and usable to countless people, and combing old traditions with new.

Guess Who’s Coming to Seder? April 2, 2012

"...This year, invite each person at the seder to continue the tradition of welcoming guests to the table. Give everybody the opportunity to share the name of someone who they wished was sitting alongside them. What question might you ask them? What would you love to hear them say? What memory or story would you share with them? What could they teach you about Passover, about the meaning of freedom, or about life?..."

End of Life Medical Ethics April 2, 2012

How does a family decide when it is time to withhold treatment from a loved one? Should an 87 year-old man with multiple system failures be made DNR or seek aggressive treatment?

Guess Who's coming to Seder? March 29, 2012

Guess Who’s coming to Seder?

It’s all up to you, and the guests you invite could create a truly inspiring evening.

Download the Passover Card as a .pdf file

The Seder invites us to go back in time and see ourselves as those leaving Egypt. Why not also bring the past to life and invite those who have left us, or who we have left behind. They can still be with us, so why not have them join the Seder? It’s so traditional!

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