Circumcision wars in California May 24, 2011

"The attempt to make circumcision illegal, including those performed for religious reasons, is spreading beyond San Francisco, which aimed last week to become the first American municipality to ban the practice...[ and it] represent[s] an increasing trend away from the practice, or at least away from the presumption of its necessity..."

Harold Camping and the Day of Judgment May 23, 2011

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield joins Michel Martin and Prof. Harvey Cox to look at the history of these apocalyptical predictions.


From NPR’s Tell Me More, 5/20/11

Is the end of the world coming? May 23, 2011

Rabbi Irwin Kula joins Fox News LIVE to discuss apocalyptic thinking — when and why does it resonate with society?

Fox Live "God Talk", 5/20/11

Banning circumcision in San Francisco May 20, 2011

"San Francisco is poised to become the first American municipality to ban the circumcision of infant boys, and like most things associated with circumcision, it’s a very sensitive issue..."

From Brad Hirschfield’s blog in the Washington Post’s "On Faith" Column

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Proverbs: “Pride goes before the fall” May 19, 2011

"...It turns out, that like so many things in life, the traits which empower our ability to rise, are the same ones which bring us down. The real story lies in what we learn from the rising and falling. That’s what defines the hero. ..."

Is Heaven a Fairytale? May 18, 2011

Is heaven a fairytale? Brad Hirschfield talks about Stephen Hawking’s proclamation of heaven as non-existent.

From BBC World Service—World Have Your Say,

Does Heaven Exist? May 18, 2011

Does heaven exist? Not according to the award-winning scientist Stephen Hawking. Brad Hirschfield joins host Ryan Doyle to discuss.

From Friendly Fire, Newstalk 1010 Radio, Toronto, Canada,

Is the world ending? May 18, 2011

Aaron Imholte calls Brad Hirschfield the spiritual advisor to his show, and the two discuss the Rapture on May 21st, and the beauty of messianic yearnings amongst other religions.

Listen 1...

Listen 2...

Listen 3...
From Aaron in the Afternoon KLFD, St. Cloud, MN, aired 5/17/11

New Bible Anyone? This One, Without God! May 18, 2011

"...A new testament has been published. No not a new edition of the New Testament, but a new testament — a scripture for secular humanists..."

From Windows & Doors, Brad Hirschfield’s daily blog on Beliefnet

Interfaith Relations: Traditionalists vs Modernists May 17, 2011

How do traditionalists and modernists coexist in a multi-faith society? Rabbi Irwin Kula offers a view on interfaith relations.View video...
From Odyssey Networks

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