Apple’s “Jew or Not Jew” App — Should It Be Legal? September 18, 2011

"An Apple application that let users guess which French politicians or celebrities are Jewish was pulled from France’s App Store. but its American equivalent is still available..."

From Windows & Doors, Brad Hirschfield’s daily blog on Beliefnet

Responses to the Tenth anniversary 9/11 September 16, 2011

Father Dave Dwyer and Rabbi Brad Hirschfield discuss reactions to post 9/11 on the tenth anniversary.


The Busted Halo, Sirius XM Radio, 9/9/11

Clergy Not welcome at 9/11 Tenth Anniversary September 16, 2011

Brad Hirschfield talks about the tenth anniversary of 9/11, and Mayor Bloomberg's decision to exclude clergy.

From BBC World Service,

Brad Hirschfield Joins Varney & Co. September 15, 2011

Brad Hirschfield joined Stuart Varney to discuss Rep. Waxman's recent comments on Rep. Turner's NY victory.

Varney & Co., 9/15/11
From Fox Business Network

How do we choose to remember? The tenth anniversary of 9/11. September 15, 2011

Aaron Imholte speaks with Brad Hirschfield, whom he calls the “Derek Jeter of rabbis,” about how we choose to remember.

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From Aaron in the Afternoon KLFD, St. Cloud, MN, aired 9/6/11

Moving on from 9/11: Brad Hirschfield talks to Lou Dobbs September 15, 2011

What have we learned from 9/11? Brad Hirschfield joins Lou Dobbs to discuss.


From The Lou Dobbs Show, on Lou Dobbs Radio,

Remembering 9/11 September 15, 2011

Rabbi Kula talks with Jon Grayson about the the state of the United States a decade after 9/11.

From "Overnight America with Jon Grayson," (KMOX, St. Louis), 9/9/11

Brad Hirschfield on Fox's The A Team September 14, 2011

Brad Hirschfield joined James Carville, Christopher Hahn and Sabrina Schaeffer, to discuss topics such as the Obama speech blunder, Condoleezza Rice vs. Dick Cheney, Clooney's Obama swoon.

Fox News, 9/1/11
From The A Team Fox Business, Lou Dobbs Tonight

Taxing the Rich: An ethical take with Brad Hirschfield (video) September 13, 2011

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield responds to questions via video on topics of the day. Today: President Obama's plan to raise taxes, and the possible freeing of the hikers stuck in Iran. Brad Hirschfield’s ethical take on the news.

From The Washington Post Conversations Live Q & A with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield
, 9/13/11

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield’s Live Q & A Conversations are on on Tuesdays at 12:30 Noon each week. Check out the site. Topics are posted that morning. Submit questions early!

9/11: Irwin Kula Talks about the anniversary on the Capitol Pressroom September 13, 2011

Irwin Kula joins Ralph Singh of the Wisdom Thinkers Network to discuss how we can reclaim the feeling of unity post-9/11, on The Capitol Pressroom.Scroll to 38:22, on 9/9/11.


From The Capitol Pressroom, on WCNY, Syracuse Public Radio.

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