The Wisdom Daily: How To Savor Each Moment Without Becoming A Hedonist March 16, 2016

"...What if we don’t need to live each day like it's our last, and could get the same benefits from merely imagining it to be so? Perhaps all we really need is a ‘carpe diem’ thought exercise. No major commitment or drastic life change. Those resolutions never take, anyway. Just a simple thought exercise...."

Brad Hirschfield On Newsmax's The Steve Malzberg Show March 16, 2016

Brad Hirschfield, author of “You Don't Have to Be Wrong for Me to Be Right” and President of CLAL and; and Adam Thompson — Senior Partner at the Law Offices of Adam M. Thompson, Criminal Defense Attorney, and Syndicated Talk Show Host joins Steve to discuss President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, for the Supreme Court and the Republican opinion to not give Merrick Garland a confirmation hearing.

The Wisdom Daily: Stung By The Splendor March 15, 2016

"...One night we discussed the existence of God;
Like a prophet he spoke with conviction.
He explained how we are abandoned
In a universe indifferent to light.
His logic was sound and my arguments weak;
I cried for the loss of my innocence...."

The Wisdom Daily: Why National Pi Day Matters March 14, 2016

"...what I love about Pi is that it is not a rational number at all. That means that in addition to not being able to express it as a fraction, it is actually a never-ending and never-repeating sequence. Pi, like life, just keeps moving along. I love that. And not only does it keep moving along, it keeps moving ever closer to greater precision and accuracy, but we all accept that it will never get there...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: 5 Tips for Talking to Your Child about the Election March 14, 2016

"...The election is being discussed everywhere these days. Your kids, no matter how old, are aware of it. Talk with them, share your views with them, and involve them in the process. It is one of the best ways to fulfill our civic duty."

Experimental NY Rabbi Engages By Keeping Judaism Honest March 13, 2016

"On a given Friday night, Rabbi Dan Ain can more likely be found celebrating Shabbat in a jazz club or in a Brooklyn warehouse than in a synagogue. Known to many as ‘Rabbi Dan,’ Ain seems just like any other one of his congregants — a motley group of musicians and concert goers, shakers and seekers, and young families looking to get spiritual...

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Turn the Prism One More Time March 11, 2016

"...I am concerned that so many in our nation are so focused on supporting the candidate(s) with whom we resonate that we may automatically demonize their political counterparts because of their otherness - that is: they are not like us. They don’t say the things we do, or seem to espouse the values we embrace. This reaction may be human. It may have its roots in our ancient tribal instincts — but I also sense that it is dangerous.

The Wisdom Daily: Sometimes It's Better To Be Insensitive March 10, 2016

"...How many times have I rejected a lesson I needed to learn because it was delivered in a way that really was painful? How many times have I justified not doing something because I thought doing so was not ‘who I am,’ even when I knew that doing it would be good for me? How many times have I rejected another person because of something about them that rubbed me the wrong way?..."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: The Project of Leadership March 10, 2016

"...On both sides of the aisle, people who feel disempowered and cheated, who feel a yearning for a future that seems to get ever farther away, security that is more and more difficult to achieve and a sense of loss for a unified nation, are trying to find a way to a leader who can return those things to us.

And on both sides of the aisle, people are choosing different ways to turn for this hope..."

The Wisdom Daily: Is Trump Going To Hell? March 9, 2016

"Why does our culture assume the incongruence of money and spirit? Why is money dirty, and holiness pure? Trust me - I know plenty of religious asses, and plenty of saints who moonlight as finance folk. So I'd like us to dispel the notion that money and spirit don't play nice, because I believe this mistaken assumption is playing a role in the current drama of the election cycle...."

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