The Wisdom Daily: The Power of Unconditional Love January 22, 2015

"What defines great parenting? Clearly, that requires more than a quick answer, but for me at least, that answer includes unconditional love. This video of two gay brothers coming out to their father got me thinking about the power of unconditional love..."

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The Wisdom Daily: Do You Have a ‘Designated Survivor’? January 21, 2015

"Sometimes, political tradition points the way toward wise personal practice. Okay, maybe not that often, but when it works, as it did this week, it really works! Did you know that there's a 'designated survivor' during the State of the Union address? No, it's not somebody assigned to stay awake when the whole thing gets so boring that everyone else in the room dozes off — although I smiled when my 13-year-old daughter thought so, after she heard me use the term.

The Wisdom Daily: The Funny Thing About Taking ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Seriously January 20, 2015

"It is a very serious time in France, especially for the Jewish community. And yet, at the center of the storm is a very unserious entity, the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Its editors may be best known for caricatures of Muhammed (venerated as a prophet by many throughout the world), but they made their living by ridiculing just about anything anyone took seriously, including themselves..."

The Wisdom Daily: Where Is Dr. King’s Dream? January 19, 2015

"Today we remember Martin Luther King Jr., last century's premier exemplar of morality in public life. There will be ceremonies, speeches, television specials, editorials - and there will be very serious protests and demonstrations: Millions of Americans are outraged by the shooting deaths of young Blacks, by racial economic inequality, by a return to segregation in our education system, by the disproportionate incarceration of Blacks...

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield on the Latest Charlie Hebdo Cover - What's the Message? January 16, 2015

This week, the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo published it's first edition since the killings at their offices last week. On the cover: a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed holding a sign saying "Je Suis Charlie". "I get the impulse to put that cover out," says Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, president of Clal and co-founder and executive editor of, "I also know that just because you can do something, doesn't necessarily mean you should."

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The Widsom Daily: A Girl Named Swastika January 15, 2015

"This week, I was asked a number of questions regarding the use of the swastika. And while it might surprise some of you, it's not as simple as telling the questioner that they're crazy to even ask.

The Wisdom Daily: Church in Non-Traditional Spaces… Even Bars January 14, 2015

"Have you heard of pub churches? Craft beer, God, and community. Welcome to one of many new venues and ways in which people are doing religion.

Je Suis Charlie…or Not? January 13, 2015

"The rallying cry Je Suis Charlie ("I am Charlie"), referring to the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, where 11 journalists were murdered in the name of Islam last week, has become popular on placards, posters, t-shirts and more - not only Europe, but here in the U.S., where pro athletes recently sported the slogan on their pregame workout clothes..."

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Be Proud to Say, 'Je Suis Charlie' January 13, 2015

"Je Suis Charlie — I am Charlie — referring to the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, where 11 employees were murdered in the name of Islam last week, has become the popular rallying cry seen on placards, posters, T-shirts, etc not only across France, but even here in America where professional athletes wore pre-game workout clothes with the slogan..."

Climate, Shmita and Consumption January 12, 2015

"There are times when even atheists have trouble denying that there is a “hand of God” at work in history. How else to explain the coincidence of the largest ever gathering of humanity to assemble around the world to highlight the urgency of global action on climate change the week before Rosh haShana 5775, a shmitah (Sabbatical) year..."

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