Sacred Super Bowl February 8, 2012

Brad Hirschfield joins Peter Finch to talk about the Super Bowl, America's biggest sacred secular event.Listen...
KGO, 2/6/12

FAU Plans “Roots, Rhythm and Soul” Concert In March

"Get ready for some rockin’, roots, rhythm and soul, at FAU on March 4th. The school is announcing a ‘transformational concert that connects and re-imagines melodies that cross cultural boundaries’...Noted author and TV personality Rabbi Irwin Kula and [others] are among the celebrity participants..." More...

From Boca News Now

Rabbi Darby Jared Leigh: Shema in ASL

Leigh explains how he translates the shema into American Sign Language and teaches his ASL version.


By Darby Jared Leigh from

Sacred Bowl Sunday February 6, 2012

Brad Hirschfield joins Rev. Welton Gaddy to talk about the parallels between Sunday worship and praying for your team -- both inspire hope, faith, and connecting to your team. Listen...
State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance, 2/4/12 (or check show archives)

Brad Hirschfield on Aaron in the Afternoons February 2, 2012

Aaron Imholte speaks with Brad Hirschfield about a variety of topics including: ranging from Facebook friends to Palestinian Children’s TV to the State of the Union to the presidential election to Iran.

Brad Hirschfield in Charlotte February 1, 2012

"...Groups - political supporters, fans of teams, members of the same faith - give us the power to achieve extraordinary things, both good and bad. We rebuild towns. We change worlds. We make each other better...Or we get swept up in a collective effort to vilify opposing thought...."

For more...
The Charlotte Observer, 1/28/12

Does Prayer Work? February 1, 2012

"..In my experience, prayer works not as a manipulation of God, but as an opportunity to connect more deeply with ourselves and to experience the reality that we are not alone, no matter how much we may feel that we are at any given moment...."


By Brad Hirschfield from’s Fox Forum, Opinion, 1/29/12

Jews, Hope, and the 99% January 30, 2012

"Many Jews have ambivalent feelings about the Occupy Wall Street Movement ... Americans are not upset that there is income inequality in this country, but rather they are upset that it seems that now those in the lower economic echelons do not get a fair chance at raising themselves out of their current state ... We have a lot to teach about sustaining hope and the power the simple act of hope has to propel people forward to achieve great things..."

Song of the Sea: Jewish Life in the Caribbean January 30, 2012

A mezuzah, no matter how small or how grand, is the essential marker of a Jewish home.

Brad Hirschfield on Payne Nation January 26, 2012

Brad Hirschfield talks to Charles about Obama’s State of the Union Address and what is fair in taxation policy. Listen...

"Payne Nation," (Sun Broadcast)

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