Kirtan Rabbi in Concert in Columbia, MD October 18, 2012

On Nov. 3, 2012, at 8:30 pm, join Clal’s well–known teacher and chant composer, Rabbi Andrew Hahn (the Kirtan Rabbi) for an evening of sacred call-and-response singing and devotional learning. Hebrew Kirtan is participatory chanting where short, sacred phrases from the Jewish tradition are treated as powerful, universal meditations. It is at once contemplative, ecstatic and — simply fun! No need to know Hebrew or be Jewish.

Does God Belong in the Voting Booth? October 18, 2012

If you're in the Westchester, New York on Nov. 4th, as we prepare for the election, join us to explore these questions (and many more) when Rabbi Geoffrey Mitelman, Associate Rabbi at Temple Beth El and Rabbis Without Borders Fellow, moderates a discussion between Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, President of Clal-The National Jewish Center for Learning and
Leadership, and Reverend Steven Baines, Assistant Field Director/Religious Outreach Director at Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

Brad Hirschfield on the role of religion in ME protesting October 18, 2012

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield discusses the role of religion in the Middle East violence and protesting.

From the Josh Tolley Show on WIMO (AM), WDKM (FM) Genesis Communication Network 10/10/12

Israel Missing from Presidential Debates October 17, 2012

Brad Hirschfield joined Stuart Varney to discuss Israel’s impact on the current election.

Varney & Co., 10/17/12
From Fox Business Network

Rabbis Without Borders: A Unique Initiative that Helps Rabbis Make Jewish Wisdom an Accessible Resource October 15, 2012

Rabbis Without Borders (RWB), Clal’s landmark initiative that helps rabbis make Jewish thought and practice more available for improving people’s lives, selected its third class for its competitive rabbinic fellowship program. More than 90 applicants competed for the 18 spots.

Ryan Andresen: Gay scout, good scout? October 15, 2012

"...Ryan Andresen is openly gay and thus disqualified not only from receiving the award he earned, but actually disqualified from membership in the Scouts because, according that same spokesman, he “does not meet Scouting’s membership standard on sexual orientation.”...""

Brad Hirschfield on Values and Voting October 5, 2012

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield talks with Sean Herriott about the conduct of the most recent presidential debate, the centrality of Israel to all Americans and the direction of the Jewish vote and the issues that animate it such as justice, social inclusion and desire to help the needy.

From Morning Air on Relevant Radio, 10/5/12

Brad Hirschfield on Values and Ethics Issues of the Presidential Debate October 4, 2012

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield responds to questions on topics of the day. On topic: President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney debated for the first time last night. As pundits, politicos and the general public parse their statements, what were your thoughts on how the candidates address values, or sidestep those most important to you and the nation?

Brad Hirschfield on the presidential debate and more October 4, 2012

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield discusses the recent presidential debate and the ongoing world wide violence protesting in response to the hateful youtube video about Islam.

From Columbia Morning with David Lile on KFRU (AM), Columbia, MO, 10/4/12

High Holidays 2012 with Rabbis Julie Pelc Adler and Irwin Kula October 3, 2012

During Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur, Rabbis Julie Pelc Adler and Irwin Kula, Cantor David Landau, with musicians Howard and Miles Levy drew on our Jewish tradition, culture, and community for 25 life changing hours...."

From Aitz Hayim, Center for Jewish Living, IL, 9/25/12

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