‘The Bible’ returns to television July 2, 2013

"...the making of [the TV program] “A.D.” may set an important standard for the making of so-called religious programming. It may prove that in making such products, nobody needs to check their most deeply held beliefs at the door to the set, but neither can they imagine that primary task is to get others to share any particular set of beliefs...."

Summer Kirtan with Reb Drew in New York City June 28, 2013

Saturday, June 29th, from 8-10pm at Integral Yoga Institute New York, join Clal’s well–known teacher and chant composer, Rabbi Andrew Hahn (the Kirtan Rabbi) for an evening of sacred call-and-response singing and devotional learning. KR and band will bring us together to chant and laugh, sit and move. For people of all faiths. With Shoshana Jedwab, Grant Zubritsky (bass) and more.

Memory and the Holocaust in Westborough, MA June 27, 2013

Clal teaching fellow Janet R. Kirchheimer was the keynote speaker at Clal Rabbis Without Borders Fellow Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz’s Congregation B’nai Shalom in Westborough, Massachusetts. A community-wide Holocaust Memorial Day program was held on April 7, 2013.

Networked Congregations: The Stanton Street Shul June 26, 2013

"In my various conversations with rabbis throughout the country, I know that there are ... congregations in the process of experimenting with new ways of being a kehillah ... The Stanton Street Shul is [one such synagogue,] an Orthodox synagogue located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Its community and building are over one hundred years old. The rabbi is Joshua Yuter. This is a synagogue that has both a bricks and mortar and online existence.

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield on the U.S. Supreme Court's Historic Week June 26, 2013

This week the U.S. Supreme court dealt a blow to both the Voting Rights Act, a historic piece of civil rights legislation, and the Defense of Marriage Act which restricted federal benefits to heterosexual married couples only. "Whether we agree or disagree with the decisions, it all comes down to one word – equality."

Finding Meaning at St. Paul's School June 25, 2013

"What does it mean to be a “religious school” in the 21st century? The answer can be hard to find, and can make individuals rejoice or retreat, depending on one’s comfort level with discussing such issues...We embrace all faiths – that’s who we are...Rabbi Irwin Kula, who has twice visited St. Paul’s from New York City, including as a member of the 2013 Chapel Review Team, says that religious institutions in the 21st century must meet the challenge of recognizing those who are not religious.

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield on the Death of "Tony Soprano" June 24, 2013

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield reflects on the sudden death of actor James Gandolfini, and the iconic character he created, Tony Soprano. “Mourning a mobster is pretty weird,” he says, but the fictional mobster “invited us to ask really important questions about good and evil.”

From Odyssey Networks’s FAITH ON THE RECORD,

By The Sweat Of Their Brow June 21, 2013

Desert Trials is the newest book in Clal Resident Tzemah Yoreh, Ph.D. published another book in his Humanist Prayer Series. About By The Sweat Of Their Brow Yoreh tells us that "Jewish liturgy is very stingy on blessings before eating (focusing much of its energy on blessings after eating), and I’ve always wanted to rectify this lacuna.

‘Those we work with are my teachers in life’ June 21, 2013

"...Rabbi Steven Bayar got the whole project started when he decided he wanted to get his congregants out of their comfort zones, away from their homes, to another part of the United States. “Every congregation raises money and is invested in tzedaka programs in their communities,” he said. “We all support organizations in Israel and some support other causes and organizations by sending money.

James Gandolfini and good and evil: Mourning a mobster June 20, 2013

Mourning a mobster – a man whose life was predicated on intimidation, extortion and murder – may seem odd. Odder still, when the mobster in question is a fictional character. But with the sudden death of James Gandolfini, that is exactly what millions of people, including me, are doing.

By Brad Hirschfield from The Washington Post

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