Benjamin Netanyahu’s busy winter March 4, 2015

"Politics aside, the brouhaha around The [March 3, 2015] Speech forced us to ask a number of vital questions — about what we are willing to sacrifice to prevent a nuclear Iran, about the United States’ responsibility to protect a historic ally, about our sense of security as Jews...My old friend, Rabbi Irwin Kula, thanks the prime minister for ‘shocking the American and American-Jewish political system and catalyzing an important, potentially life-or-death conversation.’..."

The Wisdom Daily: The Choice to End a Relationship March 4, 2015

"...While Brooks expounds on the challenges of dissolving (and/or dissolved) relationships, he suggests that the real problems occur when the person who's been left is unable to graciously accept the new reality. He essentially asks, albeit somewhat more gently, Why must dumped spouses and lovers annoy us with their presence in our lives?..."

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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field:All I Want is the Truth: Rip Off the Masks and Gimme Some Truth March 4, 2015

"...Tonight we are told to don masks and disguises to celebrate Purim. We add layers of truth and dare by virtue of our celebration. When the raucous Purim parties end we will arrive home sweaty with joy. The first thing we will want to do is rip off our costumes. We will want to stop pretending. We will want to be us again. We will look in the mirror and see the truth of who we are without façade..."

The Wisdom Daily: That Dress, and the Humbling Reality of Others’ Perceptions March 3, 2015

"...How we interpret the color of clothing is the least of the ways in which we see the world differently. It's actually quite amazing how we challenge one another's sense of reality so demonstrably. Perhaps we should use this controversy as a practice of humility in engaging others with whom we deeply disagree. Every morning, perhaps we should look at this dress and realize that some of us really do see white and gold, while some of us really see blue and black..."

Rabbi Irwin Kula to Speak at Carthage College Third Annual Diversity Summit on Wednesday March 18 March 3, 2015

Carthage College is hosting its third annual Diversity Summit focusing on the theme of religious tolerance. Rabbi Irwin Kula is discussing "Beyond Tolerance: The Indeterminacy of Truth and the Too Muchness of Our Identities" on Wednesday March 18th at 7pm. For more information, go to

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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Bat Mitzvah Girl Speaks Volumes, Without Saying a Word March 3, 2015

"...As a mother, I know what this rite of passage meant to Rebecca. We both want our children to feel they have a place in the synagogue and in the Jewish community. As a teacher, I share Rebecca’s belief that “kids with autism are so capable, it just takes time and patience to help them succeed in their own way.” Each of us strives to fulfill the biblical instruction, “Teach a child according to her path; she will not swerve from it even in old age.” (Proverbs 22:6­)..."

Professor Owen Gottlieb leads the new MAGIC Center Initiative at RIT March 2, 2015

Led by Professor Owen Gottlieb, the new MAGIC Center Initiative in Religion, Culture, and Policy, cultivates new research, focused on games, religious literacy, the acquisition of cultural practices, and the implications on policy and politics.
How can game systems and interactive media provide insight into religious studies, learning, and cultural production? And how can the study of religion and culture illumine game design and the learning sciences? How might discoveries gained in the pursuit of these questions help to promote religious literacy, improved dialogue, discourse, and policy?

Litigation v Conversation: Rabbi Brad Hirschfield on Discrimination in the Workplace February 27, 2015

This week the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in a case involving a young Muslim woman and Abercrombie and Fitch. Samantha Elauf’s attorneys claim she was discriminated against when she was not hired because she wore a hijab, which violates the retailer’s “Look” policy. Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, president of Clal and co-founder and executive editor of, says that maybe what we need is not so much litigation, but “to imagine bigger and talk more” in an increasingly diverse culture.

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The Wisdom Daily: How ‘Birdman’ Proves Money Isn’t Everything February 26, 2015

"...We could all take a lesson. Rather than giving prizes to films and artists who contribute most to the industry's bottom line, or voting for storylines that spoke to Hollywood insiders the most, the Academy seems to want to do more. Beyond just the cool factor or the profit margin, those who nominate and select the Oscar winners often do so to celebrate the message of a film..."


The Wisdom Daily: An Exchange with a Hero February 25, 2015

"There's much about social media that degrades conversation and exacerbates polarization. But, like every technology, it also empowers us and offers opportunities to speak across boundaries and borders. Tim Byrd, a veteran of the war in Iraq who fought in Mosul, is a juvenile corrections officer in Washington state, a husband and a father of five. I met him on Facebook, where we connected after he heard my guest spot on Glenn Beck's show.

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