The Wisdom Daily: Norway’s Beautiful Ring of Peace February 23, 2015

"...The Peace Ring was a symbolic act, to show that these Muslims and the many volunteers who participated with them are committed to protect their sisters and brothers who are Jews, and to do so in the name of Islam, the faith that inspires them and to which they devote themselves (organizers were reportedly inspired after a Copenhagen synagogue was attacked earlier this month)..."


Rabbis Without Borders: When rabbis won’t speak about Israel February 20, 2015

"...“Israel right now is the third rail — they’re scared to touch it. They don’t want to alienate or inflame some portion of their congregation.” Rabbi [Rebecca] Sirbu said that the narrative about Israel that people believe has changed over the years. The older generation, who lived through the founding of Israel or the Six Day War, have a far different belief system than those who grew up in the 1990s.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Denominational Ins and Outs: The New Mishkan February 20, 2015

"...Denominations bring scholarship, investment, organization and purpose. Klal Yisrael needs those benefits, and denominations continue to be vital vehicles for them. For those reasons, Jews outside denominationalism do wrong to glibly demonize denominations as inherently corrosive of Jewish spirituality. By the same token, denominations do wrong to diminish or disenfranchise Jews and Jewish leaders whose spiritual or community affiliations grow outside denominational structures. The Mishkan needs their diverse gifts no less.

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield in new PBS documentary: The Jewish Journey: America, premiering March 3 at 8pm February 19, 2015

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield is featured in a new documentary premiering nationally on PBS on March 3, 2015 at 8pm, check local listings. This hour long documentary, directed by Emmy award-winning Andrew Goldberg, traces Jewish immigration to the U.S. through the centuries. Top scholars, notable writers and immigrants themselves share stories of those who made a leap of faith to escape persecution or pursue opportunity. Here is a preview of the documentary.

BE HOLD: The Language of Poetry and Cinema Meets the Language of Grant Writing February 19, 2015

"Writer and child survivor Aharon Appelfeld stated, 'After the death of the last witnesses, the remembrance of the Holocaust must not be entrusted to historians alone. Now comes the hour of artistic creation.' [Janet R. Kirchheimer is] producing BE•HOLD, a cinematic performance film that explores poetry written about the Holocaust, with director Richard Kroehling.

The Wisdom Daily: The ‘Bystander Effect’ and Why We Look Away February 18, 2015

"...So, are most of us bad people, selfishly going about our business while ignoring the suffering of others? I don't think so. I believe we simply underestimate both how capable we are, and how connected we are to each other. We assume that as long as others are around, somebody will surely help - forgetting that each of us is a somebody..."

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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: What should rabbis talk about? February 18, 2015

"...We live in an age when experts of all kinds are being challenged and questioned. That is not a bad thing, although it does sometimes make it harder for a society to chart a clear path forward on certain issues. When rabbis speak on issues of pressing relevance to our lives – issues that are also being debated by scientists, by politicians, by doctors, and more, it is to add to the breadth of perspectives that are to be found in the public square on these issues..."

The Wisdom Daily: Netanyahu, Congress and the Importance of Fierce Debate February 17, 2015

"...But the breach in protocol and the specter of personal insults ought not keep Netanyahu from speaking. A Netanyahu speech is necessary to finally compel a much-needed, genuine and fierce debate in this country - and in the Jewish community - about a number of critical issues..."

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Flowers, A Rock Or A Cockroach - What Does Love Mean To You? February 13, 2015

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield explores three unique Valentine's Day gifts and how they reflect different important aspects of love.

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If Jenny McCarthy Were Jewish, She’d Have To Vaccinate February 13, 2015

"...The medical community has been trying, with limited success, to convince people that there is no scientific basis to avoid immunizations. Perhaps it is time to change the discourse. Jewish law holds that the imperative to vaccinate depends not on one’s personal feelings but on the moral and religious obligation to protect one’s child as well as the entire community. In other words, what you believe might not matter as much as you think.

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