Brad Hirschfield on The Daily Wrap May 5, 2015

Brad Hirschfield discusses the issues of the day. First, Governor Mike Huckabee is running for President. Will his pro-Christian message help or hurt his chances? Second, race relations have hit a 20 year low. Can this be reversed? Also, should illegal immigrants be allowed to serve in the military? Per the new retirement survey, why are people giving up on traditional plans to retire at age 65? Hosted by Joe Concha along with panelists Rick Unger and Heather Hansen.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Free Speech vs. Constructive Speech May 5, 2015

"...Sometimes, though, if you’re in the same tribe as someone behaving badly, ignoring it and remaining silent can seem like agreement. That’s why I’ve decided to address Pamela Geller and her organization’s anti-Islam rhetoric and actions. In the United States of America, she has the absolute right to express herself, even if she’s wrong, even if she’s offending large numbers of Muslims and non-Muslims..."

Steve Rotter Named Chairman of the Board of Clal – The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership May 1, 2015

Steven J. Rotter, of New York, is named new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Clal – The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership. He succeeds Debra Tuchman of Colorado who has served in this role for the past three years.

Silence is not OK when Torah is painful May 1, 2015

"I received a call this week. The baal koreh who chants the Torah portion at the shul that I attend wanted to know what he should do when he arrives at Leviticus 18:22 in the reading. He felt uncomfortable simply reading the verse this year since I, my partner and child are full members of his community. It was a very moving question for me.

The Wisdom Daily: The ‘Bare Vineyards’ of Baltimore May 1, 2015

"here was a powerful confluence for me while studying last week's assigned Torah portion alongside news coverage about the April 19 death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray. In Baltimore, Gray locked eyes with police and ran; when he was apprehended, officers radioed for a vehicle for transport. By the time the police van pulled into the precinct station, Gray had three broken vertebrae and a fractured voice box. He died of spinal injuries a few days later.

Brad Hirschfield: What About Helping Nepal? May 1, 2015

As stories of violence in Baltimore and SCOTUS on Same-Sex Marriage dominate the media, Rabbi Brad Hirschfield speculates about the quick disappearance of the earthquake in Nepal, where more than 5,000 people are dead, from the news and consciousness of Americans. Part of the problem, says Hirschfield, is that the Nepalese government does not know how to respond, so aid isn't arriving where it is needed. But some are taking an entrepreneurial approach, like the Israeli government has done, making a difference by showing up and doing the search, rescue and care work. For more, watch the Faith on the Record video below.

From Odyssey Networks’ FAITH ON THE RECORD

The Wisdom Daily: Words of Hope and Action, Inspired by Baltimore – and Amy Grant May 1, 2015

"...And since I try to practice what I preach, I want to offer my own prayer for Baltimore. In putting thought into this, I saw the Christian singer Amy Grant's recent op-ed, which shaped my thinking. Grant shares the transforming power of the following simple prayer:
"Lord, lead me to the ones I need. And to the ones who need me." ...

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The Wisdom Daily: From Standing By to Understanding: Black Lives Matter April 30, 2015

"...I have been in and out of sleep all night. I wake automatically reaching for the remote to see if it has gotten any worse. I hold my blanket up so that only my eyes can see, pretending somehow that if I cover enough of myself, only parts of the news will infiltrate my soul. It's too late, though. All of me is infected. All of us are infected. Baseball, the telltale sign of hope springing eternal, played in a silent Camden Yards - fans locked out for fear of violence..."

The Wisdom Daily: Celebrate Ideas that Break the Mold April 30, 2015

"...there I was last Friday morning on stage, about to smash a glass in front of hundreds of people. But this was no wedding. It was part of an opening ceremony at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards, which are sort of like MTV's VMAs, but with a red hammer instead of a moon man. ..."

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Janet R. Kirchheimer on BE•HOLD and Holocaust Poetry in Tweetspeak April 29, 2015

"I believe poetry picked me. It wasn’t my decision. I [subsequently] met filmmaker Richard Kroehling at a conference, and we discussed our mutual love of poetry. I gave him a copy of my book, “How to Spot One of Us.” Two weeks later, we talked about making a film exploring Holocaust poetry. We’re now making BE•HOLD...."

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