The Wisdom Daily: What Donald Trump Needs To Learn About Scapegoating December 5, 2016

"...Researcher on the psychology of threat, Daniel Sullivan, published about the best summary and explanation of why people scapegoat, and how his appreciation of that served Mr. Trump. You can read the whole piece – not terribly long and totally accessible for the non-experts which most of us are – at Quartz.

The Wisdom Daily: A Computer Meltdown Taught Me How To Listen To My Intuition December 1, 2016

"...Nothing. I tried again, held down the power key for longer, my pulse quickening, my breath coming short and fast. “No, no, no, no,” I whispered. “Not today. This can not be happening.”

I felt my face heating up, hands beginning to shake. I was thousands of miles away from the nearest Apple store, and a 24-hour plane ride away from the storage box where my backup hard drive was. At least two editors were expecting work from me later that day...."

The Wisdom Daily: How To Survive Your Dream Come True November 30, 2016

"...Some people will die trying, or die having never tried. Some people will spend their lives with yearning as their constant companion, shadowing their days and curling up around their feet at night like a familiar cat. Some people will imagine they could have been a contender; they might have been a has-been had they bothered. We’re not talking about those people. We’re talking about you – and me. If you’re on the other side of your own dream-come-true, you’re already in the world of the unknown.

The Wisdom Daily: Spiritual Lessons About Standing Rock On Thanksgiving November 29, 2016

"....The disease of the sin of possession must be what allows someone to justify evil upon evil. Who can call themselves an American, and sit to celebrate this holiday, knowing that America was achieved by genocide, and history has not granted perspective or wisdom – the massacre continues before our eyes? Racism becomes possible when greed and ownership become the highest value, when one does not stand before a knowing moral god or conscience...."

The Wisdom Daily: What's Real In A Post-Truth World November 23, 2016

"....This week Oxford Dictionaries named “post-truth” as its 2016 Word of the Year, defining it as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.” This word was chosen, ironically based on facts. The usage of the word increased in print by 2000% from 2015, attributed to the UK Brexit vote in June and the last five months of the 2016 Presidential Election...."

The Wisdom Daily: Dealing with Uncertainty in the Trump Era November 22, 2016

"...Oddly, though it feels disconcerting now, uncertainty is really more the norm than the anomaly. All of the most consequential aspects of our lives are uncertain. We don’t know what could happen tomorrow, we don’t know when we’ll die, and when we’re honest, we don’t really know the meaning or purpose of our lives. And yet, we are terribly good at pretending to live in a reality in which everything is certain.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Turkey Day – Trouble Or Treat? November 22, 2016

"...This year, there is great question as to whether or not Turkey Day will bring the regular treats of joy, reconnecting, enjoying and being thankful for all that we have, or if it will simply be the catalyst for painful and divisive political and life conversations. Thanksgiving always falls a few weeks after Election Day, and yet, this year is clearly like no other...."

The Wisdom Daily: The Rhythm Of Intention (A Requiem For A Friend) November 21, 2016

"...Ida, a single mother, an internationally renowned violinist, a brilliant and strong-willed woman, had been treated for leukemia, put (miraculously, given the severity of her illness) into remission, and then only a month ago struck with a powerful and ultimately fatal recurrence. Her ten-year-old son, a precocious and singularly intelligent boy, is now officially an orphan.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Do You Know A Creative, Talented Rabbi? November 21, 2016

"...If this sounds exciting to you, then pass this on to your rabbi or if you are a rabbi, please apply! The ideal candidate is a rabbi who believes that the teachings of Judaism can help navigate every aspect of modern American life. This rabbi seeks to have an impact both within and beyond their individual congregation, organization, or community. Creativity and an ability to think outside the box are valued qualities...."

The Wisdom Daily: Why You Share Fake News November 21, 2016

"...Do we really want Facebook and Google to determine what is and isn't a hoax, then edit and shape what we see, based on their determination? What criteria would be used to make such a determination? Would it require limiting or outing The Onion or The Daily Show from our newsfeeds? What about religion news based on the premise that Jesus actually rose from the grave 2,000 years ago, or that God descended upon Mount Sinai 1,200 years before that in order to give the Israelites 10 Commandments?

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