The Wisdom Daily: Stop Proving It. Just Be It. December 13, 2016

"We're human beings, not human doings, goes the saying that changed my life. A saying we can't attribute to anyone in particular because every wise person says it, hears it, knows its importance and passes it on to others. And in our age of guru worship, how common is it to always look for the person who said something, rather than focusing on how to integrate it into our lives?..."

The Wisdom Daily: My Online Political Bullies: Bruised But Hoping For Peace December 13, 2016

"I wrote an essay about Trump, saying, essentially, that I hated his personality and philosophy but wasn't terrified of his time in office, and didn't think he'd turn out to be nearly as bad as Hitler. Since I wrote it for Hevria, a Jewish publication, it had a Jewish slant, focusing on anti-Semitism and related issues.

Rabbis Without Borders In The Field: An American Hanukkah Story of Resistance December 12, 2016

"That year a group of white supremacists moved into town. It was part of a larger broader movement to make the region one that was ‘safe’ from gays, blacks, Jews, and all the other groups that did not fit into the narrow bigoted vision these racists were trying to make a reality. Not content to simply think these ideas, the white supremacists began covering Native American and African American gathering places and churches with vitriolic graffiti.

The Wisdom Daily: 29 Ways To Take A Spiritual Approach To Starting A Business December 12, 2016

"...If I can start a business, then anyone can. I literally was a girl waking up from a coma trying to find her place in a big world. I didn’t know where to start. So I just started somewhere – anywhere.

Because Jewish Presents Korban Shabbat & Saturday Morning Services December 8, 2016

Join Rabbi Dan of Because Jewish for an exciting evening on Friday, December 9. Korban Shabbat is a loose, free-form, Friday Night experience that is Jewish in content and feeling. Adapting, adopting and appropriating styles from multiple communities and perspectives, no two Korban events are the same.

Janet R. Kirchheimer's Collaborative Poems Appear in Young Ravens Literary Review December 8, 2016

Two poems, Demure Origins and Fury: In Praise of Stone, collaboratively written by Clal teaching fellow Janet R. Kirchheimer and Jaclyn Piudik, Ph.D., a writing instructor at the University of Toronto, appear in Young Ravens Literary Review. The poems are from their series on creation.

To read the poems....
From Young Ravens Literary Review

The Wisdom Daily: Evolving, Like Pokemon December 7, 2016

"...On the instruction of their trainers, Pokémon battle one another to see who will prevail. When they are in circumstances of extraordinary extremis, they glow with an inner light and then evolve into new forms with new names. When a Pokémon evolves, it retains the memories, relationships, and general personality of its previous form. But it also changes, growing into a new version of itself with new skills and abilities, denoted by its new name.

Designing for Impact: A User Centric Model for Hillel December 6, 2016

"This fall, nine Hillel outposts across North America started testing out whether Jewish organizations can become more relevant by developing a radically ‘user-centric’ mindset and then building all of their other institutional priorities, structures and communication in support of that mindset.

The Wisdom Daily: A Jew Clubbing In The City Hitler Once Ruled December 6, 2016

"...Before I can reach club security though, one of the bouncers calls me from behind, yelling a question I do not understand in German. When I confirm he’s talking to me, he switches to English and begins translating his scary counterpart’s questions. The frightening bouncer speaking in German is Sven Marquardt, who the NYTimes described when reviewing his photography: “His lower lip is pierced twice, and a pointed metal bar runs through his septum.

The Wisdom Daily: Introspecting To The Tune Of “Little Boxes” December 5, 2016

"...I’ve stumbled upon so many wandering and wondering people (including myself), trying so desperately to choose their own “little boxes” to live in. They want structure, they want rules, and above all, an outlook, a perspective; a box, a safe place to look up at the mountains from. At the same time, we constantly grapple with the simplicity of these once-concrete structures. We are all many things. We pick and choose, we follow rules, and we break rules.

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