Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Judaism in a Secular Age – Just What God Wanted! August 23, 2016

"...An obvious question arises: If life in the Land of Israel — which is of course the real world in which we all live — is so fraught with spiritual danger, why does God subject us to it, why does He not just leave us in the desert, providing for all our needs such that we would never be subject to the error of supposing that all of our accomplishments are to be credited only to our own ingenuity and toil!..."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: The Cost of Anger August 22, 2016

"...I had called Andrea to talk about the complicated role anger is playing in national conversations this summer. Passions are running high. Passion is not something that scares me, but anger does. It seemed to me that when we often use anger as an excuse not to consider another point of view. So I asked her about it...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Tu B’Av, Love Yourself Challenge August 19, 2016

"...While of course I think it's fine to post joyful moments on Facebook, it's important to recognize these can be hard for friends who are experiencing loss or sadness. Having many friends who have faced fertility struggles, I understand how hard it can be for them to see photos of ultrasounds and newborns on Facebook. Mother's Day and Father's Day posts can be especially challenging for people for all sorts of reasons.

The Wisdom Daily: What Old School Perspective Can Teach The Age Of The Smartphone August 19, 2016

"...I manage to text, inbox and even tweet. Still I wonder how these technological advances might hurt our relationships with each other and our world. The telephone is no longer used for talking but for Instagram and Snapchat. For my children's generation even email is now considered old-fashioned. Gone are the days of writing letters. Gone are the days of lengthy phone calls that were once our only way to transcend the thousands of miles that separated parent from child.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Arrived: First of Our Long Awaited Refugee Families! August 11, 2016

"Or Shalom, Vancouver's East-Side Shul, the synagogue I serve as spiritual leader, is a community of 200 households that has raised funds and the volunteer enthusiasm to sponsor four refugee families, including eight children. Three Kurdish Syrian families remain in harms way in Turkey and Northern Iraq, but one family, an LGBT couple from Iraq, has finally, finally arrived after a long journey from Beirut to Cairo to Toronto to Vancouver...."

The Wisdom Daily: Jury Trials Are Vanishing. Here's Why We Need Them Back. August 11, 2016

"...Believe it or not, this trend affects us all, whether we are dealing with the legal system or not. How? Well, for starters, any time people stop availing themselves of their constitutional rights, including trial by a jury of our peers, we should probably take notice as rights tend to be valued or devalued together. When some go, others typically follow. In this case though, it is especially significant, and it's all about empathy and trust — the bedrock of society...."

The Wisdom Daily: Why Are You Carrying Your Pain? August 11, 2016

"I've had a leather bag full of fear, hanging by a strap over my left shoulder for many years. I've been collecting fear in that bag since early childhood and it's only gotten heavier and more cumbersome. It's no wonder I've got a touch of tendinitis.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Do You Love Me, Or Not? August 10, 2016

"...We seem to be living in a moment that is particularly fraught. Within the Jewish community, leaders who have steered the Jewish community for decades are currently engaged in the game of declaring who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out.’ They have done so without speaking to the generations rising up behind them who have a different relationship with and greater access to information about Israel. They have done so, without speaking to them and understanding their relationships with non-Jews.

The Wisdom Daily: We Want To Search, But We Need To Browse August 10, 2016

"...The other day, I walked to Barnes and Noble at CitiCenter, and was sad to see that, like many brick-and-mortar bookstores, it had closed. And I walked away, wistful, I wondered why I feel so invested in bookstores, especially because I read most news articles on my phone and love Amazon Prime. What is it about aimlessly wandering through a bookstore that feels so good?..."

Rabbis Without Borders Fellow Sandra Lawson is One of JTA's "10 Jews You Should Follow on Snapchat" August 9, 2016

Rabbis Without Borders Fellow Sandra Lawson has been chosen as one of the JTA's "10 Jews You Should Follow on Snapchat". Sandra, a rabbinical student, spends much of her time explaining weekly Torah portions and demystifying Judaism, as well as encouraging followers to snap her with questions about religious practice.


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