Make Your Voice Heard January 11, 2017

"A strange thing happened in the wake of the election, and is intensifying now that the inauguration is next week. People want to be together in new and powerful ways. For all of the talk of division and schism in this country, there also is a galvanizing and unifying force that is bringing people together to work for social change in a way that feels somewhat unprecedented.

The Wisdom Daily: Was It Car Troubles...Or A Message From My Intuition? January 10, 2017

"...Yes, a false start. Not a bad start, as I met some cool people and we shared belly laughs and writing tips. But also not a true start. Perhaps I needed to learn, for the umpteenth time, to honor my instincts, no matter what. I just need to pay as close attention to them as I do to the car's console, even if they don't flash red and orange and, at times, are as hard to discern as a faint pulse under a thick sweater...."

The Wisdom Daily: My Squelched Dream Of Intellectual Freedom January 10, 2017

"It was shockingly warm for late October in Boston, and I decided to hold my college class outside, on the library's rooftop. There's something magical about that rooftop. On a clear day, sky, city, and sun are all visible, and students often settle into deep yet comfortable conversation as they savor the novelty of a different location.

The Wisdom Daily: The Light Behind The Darkness Of A Holocaust Survivor's Story January 9, 2017

"...I'm embarrassed that I hadn't seen Jacob until another volunteer focused me on him. When I did see him, Jacob reminded me of Winnie the Pooh's ‘Eeyore’ – withdrawn, shriveled, barely noticed, barely noticeable. He seemed veiled in a sadness so dark that, like a black hole, it seemed to cloak itself and him with it...."

The Wisdom Daily: Everything Breaks. It's What We Do With The Pieces That Matters. January 9, 2017

"On the cusp of the secular new year I sat at my dining room table with three friends, a notepad and a handful of pens, and a tealight in a little dish. As the old year waned, we planned to write down some of the things we wanted to let go of, the baggage we didn't want to carry with us into the new year...."

The Wisdom Daily: New Year. New Calendar. But Does It Matter? January 5, 2017

"...It seems an odd and arbitrary celebration. After far too many drinks, we count down to the turning of the clock from December 31st to January 1st. We hug and kiss and then often drink some more. We look to 2017 with promise and hope, if but momentarily...."

The Wisdom Daily: Bringing Faith Down To Earth January 5, 2017

"If you're an attentive listener it's likely you'll hear the word, faith everyday. Faith is a great word for poems and speeches, and for singing aloud in places of worship. But finding something in the word that's truly relevant, truly connected with our daily lives and our sense of the world around us, is difficult...."

The Wisdom Daily: Bibi's Right, Kerry's Right, And, Tragically, Neither One Knows It January 2, 2017

"Certs Breath Mints used to advertise under the motto: It's two, two, two mints in one. Well, this post is actually three, three, three posts in one. I have no other way to hold together the competing emotions and thoughts that taken me over in the last 10 days as the United States abstained when the UN Security Council voted on a resolution regarding the legality of Israeli settlements in any West Bank/Judea and Samaria territory, including Jerusalem...."

Everyone Has One Sermon December 30, 2016

"...Right now more than ever, I want to say something profound and earth shattering. I want to have the answer to all of the ills, all of the sad, all of the pain. I want to say something that changes people’s lives. Every sermon I write, especially when talking about the brokenness in the world, I come to the same conclusion: The world, society, our country and so on, would be better if each person would go out and encounter ‘the other’ whoever that is for you. It feels so touchy-feely, kumbaya-y.

Irwin Kula on Disrupting Religion at CB Insights Innovation Summit in Santa Barbara on Jan.11, 2017 December 29, 2016

Wednesday, January 11th, at 2:30 pm at the Bacara Resort, Santa Monica, CA, Rabbi Irwin Kula will discuss Disrupting Religion: If an industry can be disrupted after 3,000 years, what does that mean for your business?

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