Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: A Vision Of Judaism For My Newborn Daughter June 16, 2015

"... I yearn for you to develop a rich, spiritually penetrating prayer life. To find not only fluency within Jewish liturgy but contemporary resonance that connects with your neshama, your soul. I hope that you will come to a theology that doesn’t hide form reality but also isn’t so thin that it is devoid of support and comfort in times of struggle. I want you to learn not only how to perform rituals but what those rituals are intended to signify..."

The Daily Wrap with Brad Hirschfield June 16, 2015

Brad Hirschfield discusses the issues of the day. Hosted by Joe Concha along with panelists Rick Unger and Noah Rothman.
Donald Trump makes it official. Will voters buy what he is selling? Rachel Dolezal speaks out. And Prince plays at the White House. Who paid? Plus many more issues of the day.

The Wisdom Daily: Why an Antigay Church Supports a Clinton Health Philanthropy June 12, 2015

"...[Hillary,] Like all household names, people are quick to judge her every move. And not always fairly, as was the case recently, when it came to light that an HIV/AIDS health initiative affiliated with the Clinton Foundation accepted a donation (in the range of $1-10 million over the last five years) from the Cameroon Baptist Convention.

Faith, Women And Philanthropy: An Opportunity June 12, 2015

We mourn the passing of Donna M. Rosenthal, our former Executive Vice chair. Donna was a committed professional, a devoted volunteer to so many causes, a beloved friend and wise counselor to many, she will be truly missed by all those whose lives she touched. May her memory be a blessing.
The following talk was presented by Donna Rosenthal at the National Conversation on Faith, Women and Philanthropy, San Francisco, CA on December 6, 2005.)

Franklin Graham vs. Wells Fargo Bank: When Faith and Commerce Meet June 12, 2015

Rev. Franklin Graham attracted headlines and criticism this week when he withdrew the accounts of his non-profit, Samaritan's Purse, from Wells Fargo Bank over an ad that depicted a lesbian couple adopting a child. Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, president of Clal and co-founder and executive editor of TheWisdomDaily.com, disagrees with Graham's actions, but believes he has something to teach us in his response to his critics. For more, watch the Faith on the Record video below.

From Odyssey Networks’ FAITH ON THE RECORD

"Bus Ride, Early September Morning" by Janet R. Kirchheimer June 11, 2015

"The young girl, who looks
no older than seven or eight,
her black hair draped
on her arms, leans out
of the bus window
as if she were sleeping.

Only her turquoise and black shirt,
ripped open, and the blood
streak down the side of the bus
tell you she is dead."

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Can Peace Be Bought and Sold? June 11, 2015

"Just about everything wrong with American/Western diplomacy in the Middle East in general, and with Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy in particular, is embodied by the study in this New York Times report, "Profit as an Incentive for Israeli-Palestinian Peace." The Rand Corporation (a nonprofit that researches public policy, with clients including the World Bank and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) actually spent two years and $2 million compiling a 228-page study on the "opportunity costs" that woul

Rabbis sign on to Police Reform Bill Requiring Police to Get Permission to Search June 10, 2015

"More than 50 rabbis are urging the City Council to pass a police reform bill requiring cops to get permission to search residents....Rabbi Irwin Kula, president of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership and the lead signer, said the change would also benefit police by making citizens trust them more. It’s a justice issue, first and foremost,” he said...."

The Daily Wrap with Brad Hirschfield June 10, 2015

Brad Hirschfield discusses the issues of the day. Hosted by Joe Concha along with panelists Rick Unger and Noah Rothman.
The Supreme Court and Obamacare: If the Supreme Court strikes down subsidies, how will the costs be handled? Is the Baltimore Police letting bad guys win? How is Obama's ISIS strategy working? Don't we need an international coalition to aid the US? Plus many more issues of the day.

The Wisdom Daily: Whose Hands Mean the Most to You? June 10, 2015

"...I spent a lot of time tending to, and analyzing, my hands. Valuable for assisting us in nearly everything we do, hands are also meaningful for sentimental reasons.

Hands are evocative of memories, and they're telling of characteristics such as age, gender, marital status and career. I know exactly what the hands of each person I'm close to look like, even the hands of people I love but haven't seen in years...."

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