The Wisdom Daily: Make Fall Your New Beginning In Four Easy Steps September 1, 2016

"We're almost at that magical time of year – that time that makes me happy I live in New England and able to witness the most beautiful fall foliage. Taking nature walks this time of year fills me with a sudden, invigorating desire to make this my new start.

What is it about fall that brings so many new beginnings to mind?..."

The Wisdom Daily: What The Nazi Invasion Of Poland Can Teach Us About Trust September 1, 2016

"I was teaching, earlier today, about a 7-step process of seeking and finding comfort in the wake of deep trauma or rupture in relationships. This was week three in a series which examines one step week for 7 weeks, and I am sharing this one because it happens to have fallen out on a day in history which could seriously challenge the premise but ultimately did just the opposite, I think...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: How Tech Innovation Both Defines and Challenges Our Identity August 31, 2016

"...We took a moment to be in awe of some of the things that robots are being designed to do these days. But then, I have to admit, I needed to voice my discomfort at this particular example. It somehow felt less ‘holy’ to me to have a robot write a scroll. Why is that? If the robot can write more perfectly, why is that ‘less’? Is it something to do with the skill and effort of the traditional scribe? Or the sense that the scribe is the embodiment of over 2,000 years of tradition?

The Wisdom Daily: Practicing Mindfulness While Cooking August 31, 2016

"...Cooking has always been my greatest meditation, even when I strove to divorce myself from that identification as the lady in the kitchen, and as I chopped and diced and stirred and mixed, I wondered whether it was all worth it. I was hungry, I had work to do, and honestly, lentils are lentils. I can throw a bunch of salt, pepper and olive oil on top and it'll make me happy, won't it?..."

The Wisdom Daily: The Breathtaking Photography Project Inspired By A Jewish Town August 30, 2016

"...Personally, I believe in emotional residue – meaningful or otherwise – and I bring up it up because there is a town in Poland that has one of the strongest emotional imprints I have ever come across; one that is both full of anguish and beautifully sweet. That town is Kazimierz and the emotional residue I speak of has been captured in the photographic work of Richard Tuschman...."

The Wisdom Daily: A Rabbi's Experience By A Deathbed August 29, 2016

"...I asked him if he thought the day was surreal; here he was after all, living and talking and laughing while all of us knew that the end was so close. To a certain degree it felt strange he said, but mostly he thought it was just perfect. He told me he was the king of the Court, everyone there, his favorite people in the world, in fact, to spend time with him...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: The Modesty Wars August 29, 2016

"...Many texts in Judaism are devoted to women's dress. It is understood that a woman should dress modestly. Today in more traditional Jewish circles that often means wearing a skirt which covers the knee, sleeves which cover the elbow, and if married, a head covering. Exactly how long the skirt, shirt sleeves, and how big the head covering range greatly depending on how strict the community is. Liberal Jewish women more or less wear what they want.

The Wisdom Daily: The August Quiet August 25, 2016

"If you look carefully you can find it tucked neatly between the excitement of children returning from summer camp and the beginning of the new school year. It is a two-week period in late August when everything is ending and everything is beginning again. A slow hum underneath the quiet. A tiny ripple disrupting a still pond. The roads feel empty, but our feeds are full of smiling faces...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: The One Thing We Need to Stop Saying to Our Kids at their Bar or Bat Mitzvah August 24, 2016

"...While bar or bat mitzvah requirements will vary from congregation to congregation, community to community, the ceremony usually takes place in the context of a Shabbat service and will usually involve the Bar or Bat Mitzvah demonstrating a combination of Torah and/or haftarah reading, prayer leading, community service and delivering a d'var Torah (a teaching on the Torah portion.) And while these are learned skills, when we say ‘you did a great job’ we are reinforcing the idea that the bar or bat mitzvah ceremony

The Wisdom Daily: Ban The Burkini Ban August 24, 2016

"...Banning burkinis is nothing less than rage-driven form of vengeance against Islam, in the wake of Islam-inspired terror attacks in France, seriously betraying the French ideals of Liberté, égalité, fraternité, and ironically taking what might be called an Islamist approach to combating Islamism...."

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