Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Can I Hear You Now? January 15, 2016

"‘When the reception goes down, the volume goes up.’ These were the sage words of one of my honored teachers some years ago in a lesson about communicating with loved ones. I imagine it’s easy for most of us to resonate with the message that when we don’t feel heard, we might become frustrated, raise our voices and even act out. Then, even though the flow of words might continue – even with increasing force – pretty much all communication ceases.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: You Gotta Be In It to Win It January 13, 2016

"...as with the lottery, so too with Judaism and Jewish community. So much of Jewish life is what we make of it. Judaism and Jewish life is a rich repository of wisdom, spirituality and tradition. And it will only be meaningful for us if we engage with it, if we study, explore, and practice. And the richness and depth comes from this engagement, when we bring ourselves to it. In the story, God was willing to meet halfway and provide a reward, but only if Yankel bought that ticket.

The Wisdom Daily: Why We Should Raise Spiritual Children January 12, 2016

"What if I were to tell you that you could exponentially diminish the possibility of your children getting into that car in the first place? More, what if I were to tell you that you could drastically diminish the chance of your child getting drunk or high on a weekly basis?...There is a fairly new science, which proves that nurturing our children’s spiritual life will decrease their propensity to abuse alcohol and drugs...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: It’s Easy to Make a Resolution. But How Can We Keep It? January 7, 2016

"While a new secular year and a new Jewish year have some significant differences (you don’t drink champagne in synagogue, and there’s no sermon to listen to on December 31st), there’s one strong commonality between the two: resolutions. And while losing weight or exercising are the most common resolutions made on January 1st, trying to be a ‘good person’ is third — which is something many of us think about over both the secular and Jewish new year...."

The Wisdom Daily: It Takes a Village, and Other Things I Want to Believe January 6, 2016

"On September 13th, 2001 you checked out ‘It Takes a Village’ from the public library in town. Not this one. This one. You probably had your toddler with you - maybe in your arms - as you walked along the shelves. Because who in their right mind could have let their kids out of sight in those days after the attacks? You had thousands of children's books at your fingertips that day.

Brad Hirschfield On Newsmax's The Steve Malzberg Show January 6, 2016

Brad Hirschfield, author of ‘You Don't Have to Be Wrong for Me to Be Right” and President of CLAL; and Adam Thompson — senior partner at the Law Offices of Adam M. Thompson, criminal defense attorney, and syndicated talk show host joins Steve to discuss the Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore's order on gay marriage and Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes' comments toward the police.

Among those Disseminating "Great Ideas" throughout the Jewish world is Clal's LEAP Fellow, Rabbi Aaron Alexander of Adas Israel January 5, 2016

"Rabbi Aaron Alexander of Adas Israel Congregation is among the 10 religious leaders in the first cohort of a new program designed to disseminate “great ideas” throughout the Jewish world.

Clal's Janet R. Kirchheimer's poems appear in Best of Bearings Online January 5, 2016

Two of Janet R. Kirchheimer's poems, "Planting" and "You Think This May Be How It Happens" are among Best of Bearings Online, a journal of the Collegeville Institute For Ecumenical Studies. "Planting" was the top poem of the year and "You Think This May Be How It Happens" was the second most shared article or poem. To read the poems and other articles, click here.

Brad Hirschfield on Textual Totalitarianism January 5, 2016

As armed protesters led by Ammon Bundy continue to occupy a federal building in Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, president of Clal and co-founder and executive editor of TheWisdomDaily.com, likens the theory behind their actions to groups like ISIS, which rely "the idea that a small select group can fully own a sacred document", in this case, the U. S. Constitution. Watch the video for more insight and discussion.

From Odyssey Networks’ FAITH ON THE RECORD

The Wisdom Daily: What Big Issues Will Light Up 2016? December 31, 2015

As we say good-bye to this eventful year, it's a worthwhile exercise to think about the stories and debates that will dominate our public discourse in 2016. In my opinion, I believe we'll see more focus on two important issues that affect everyone: privacy and trust. Can we progress in how we all relate to one another? Think about it: What would it mean to make an effort, at least once a day, to regard the world with a little less suspicion?

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