Circumcise Me: Talk-back with Irwin Kula at Off-Broadway Comedy December 21, 2009

Join Rabbi Irwin Kula at a post show talk–back/conversation with the star of this one man show, Circumcise Me, after the 8:00 PM show on Jan 14th. Written and performed by Yisroel Campbell, directed by Sam Gold, and playing at the Bleecker Street Theatre, New York City.

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Bid to ban Christmas in Jerusalem is wrong December 20, 2009

"A group calling itself Lobby for Jewish Values is handing out fliers in Jerusalem condemning Christmas. They are pushing for a ban on all public displays of Christmas trees and other lsquo;foolish’ Christian symbols, and asking the public to boycott restaurants and other public institutions that show such displays. I guess it’s really true — the abused grow up to become the abusers...."

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