Unlock the Doors of Cynicism March 25, 2010

"Novelty is one of the seder's oldest traditions. And one way to keep your Seder fresh is by asking not only how this night is different from all others, but also asking how this year Pesach is different from all other Passovers of years past..."


Op-ed by Brad Hirschfield from The Jewish Week

T. Love & Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life March 25, 2010

Rabbi Irwin Kula speaks with Reiki Master T. Love about coping with the messiness of life in a one hour interview. Speaking on themes from Yearnings, Rabbi Kula emphasizes the importance of holding lightly that which you believe in most deeply, and working towards hearing the partial truths in others' beliefs, particularly those with whom you most disagree.


From Blogtalkradio’s
Energy Awareness hosted by T. Love

Passover & Easter: What's Cooking with Eric & Jack March 24, 2010

Erik Hines and Jack Roberts interview Rabbi Irwin Kula about the upcoming Passover and Easter holidays.

From The What's Cooking with Erik and Jack Show on CRN

Finding Heaven in this life or the next March 22, 2010

"Among many Jews, it's popular to say that Judaism doesn't believe in heaven or hell. For better or worse, Jewish literature is actually filled with images, reflections and meditations on heaven and hell. But it is true that far more Jewish ink has been spilled on how to create heaven on earth than how to find it in the next life...."

Celebrating "Under God" Whether There is a God or Not March 22, 2010

"Without creating what de Tocqueville called a ‘tyranny of the majority’, I think we can recognize the broadly religious views central to many of our nation’s founders and of the fact that an overwhelming percentage of Americans today continue to affirm their belief in some higher power. And that is what the words ‘under God’ affirm...."


From Brad Hirschfield’s blog in the Religion section of The Huffington Post
, 3/15/10

For more on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance:

Aaron in the Afternoons, KLFD (St. Cloud, MN), 3/16/10

Politics Daily, 3/20/10

The Al Gainey Show, WDUN (Northern Georgia), 3/22/10

God as Tea Partier: Judges Defend the Pledge of Allegiance March 20, 2010

"One can affirm God without worrying about whether there is a God? I asked Hirschfield whether that didn’t damage the very foundation of faith by denying the importance of a central tenet of some religions. His reply: ‘The court did not deny the importance of religiosity. They simply extended the range of authentic use of God language to include a values–based position independent of any particular religion. They made God ‘bigger’ and that is always a good thing.

More Than Our Beliefs March 19, 2010

"Next Fall, which recently opened on Broadway, is the most profound, hilarious, and culturally important play I have seen in years. If you are among the 10% of Americans on each of the ideological extremes of the right and left, absolutely certain you know what is true and right regarding God, religion, faith, sex, morality, love, and death and you are angry with anyone with whom you disagree, this play is not for you...."


From Irwin Kula’s blog on The Huffington Post

Also printed in Broadway World, 3/10/10

In My Flesh I See God: A Neurobiological Perspective on Being Human March 19, 2010

"Is the search for a caring society naive and merely utopian? The ideological structures of contemporary Western society make this a complicated question to answer. The present economic crisis may have moved us in part past a devotion to ‘looking out for number one.’ It has not, however, strengthened our trust in empathy and mutuality as part of ‘human nature.’..."

Seeking Converts to Judaism March 19, 2010

"Proselytizing, seeking converts, sharing the ‘good news’, or evangelizing. While different communities favor different terms, it‘s all pretty much the same...."


From Brad Hirschfield’s blog in the Religion section of The Huffington Post

Taking Jewish wisdom public -- Clal’s influence on a global level March 18, 2010

When Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard was teaching Jewish law in Germany at Humboldt Law School in Berlin (one of the most prestigious law schools in Germany), he had a student whose doctoral work he significantly influenced. The thesis has now been published as a book and received serious attention in such prominent press as the German equivalent of the Wall Street Journal....

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