Basterds “A Mirror to Our Soul” February 28, 2010

"...Rabbi Kula wrote ‘Inglorious Basterds is far more than a Holocaust film or a WWII spaghetti western – all names that simply domesticate and tame the destabilizing and terribly unnerving truth of the film: that we human beings, however good we think we are, have within us the diabolical capacity with intention and justification to...’"

Quote for the Day: The Dangerous Devaluation of the Threat of Anti-Semitism February 25, 2010

"The story here is the dangerous devaluation of a real and ugly phenomenon i.e. anti–Semitism. Equally distressing, is the fact that Foxman, one of the nation’s leaders in the fight against anti–Semitism, also leads the process of its devaluation...."


By Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish, The Atlantic

Brad Hirschfield in Australia on You Don't Have To Be Wrong For Me To Be Right February 22, 2010

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, characterized as a self–confessed "radical pluralist" is interviewed by Rachael Kohn at the Parliament of the World’s Religions.


From ABC Radio National–Australia, The Spirit of Things,
aired 12/21/2010

Are New York Jews More Jewish? February 17, 2010

"‘Most Jews feel that someone else is more Jewish than them,’ a reassuring Rabbi Irwin Kula said when I confessed my New York complex. ‘I can’t tell you how many people come up and tell me, ‘I’m not — something.’ Usually they worry they’re not religious enough...."


By Lenore Skenazy from The Forward

Biggest Civic/Religious Event: Sacred Super Bowl Sunday February 7, 2010

In anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest civic/religious event, Rabbi Brad Hirschfield speaks with Pat McMahon about the spiritual aspects of the sport of football and football players, and the difference between a fan and a fanatic.


From KTAR’s The God Show, Arizona

Sacred Super Bowl Sunday February 5, 2010

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield talks with Mike Siegel, sitting in for Lars Larson, about America‘s biggest civic religious event — Sacred Bowl Sunday.

Listen to Part 1...Part 2...

From the Lars Larson Show syndicated by Compass Media Networks

Rabbi Kula's Ten Tips for Finding Time for Relationships February 5, 2010

● Embrace the messiness of feeling distant from your partner.
In all our relationships, particularly with our partner, we constantly move between feeling close and distant. This is the dynamic and energy of love. Do not be scared of distance. It invites us to reflect on where we are in our relationship and on the parts of our life that compete for our attention.

● Finding time means scheduling time, no matter how unromantic it feels.
We often think that when in "love," our actions should feel spontaneous and not obligatory. This separation between what I "have to do" from what I "want to do" is one way we deflect taking responsibility for our choices. One of those obligations is to make time to develop our relationship.

VOA Indonesia: Rabbi Brad Hirschfield at "Building Collaborative Communities" Conference, Jakarta January 27, 2010

"…far more important than what I could or couldn’t eat, was who could’ve imagined…a rabbi from America to travel thousands of miles as a guest of his own government and government of Indonesia to sit…with a bunch of wonderful young people and answer all their questions about what was a Jew, what was kosher, and how we could talk more than we ever expected. For me that…is far more nourishing…than whether or not they made me lunch...."

Hear the edited interview which was voiced over in Indonesian...

From Voice Of America Indonesian Service

Indonesia-US Interfaith Cooperation Wake-up Call for All Religions January 26, 2010

"...religion is a very potent motivator, yet no religious group has truly succeeded to be the one, according to Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, one of the U.S. delegates speaking at the Indonesia-US Interfaith Cooperation, especially regarding good governance ..."

Pat Robertson's Remark about Haiti January 19, 2010

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield discusses Pat Robertson’s remark about Haiti with Russ Morley.


From The Morning Show on WFTL, Miami, FL

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