Ban church-state entanglement, not blasphemy January 4, 2010

"Whether a well–intentioned act designed to soften the blow of decreasing Church influence on Irish politics is a misguided effort at clarifying existing law or a foolish attempt to save money by avoiding a constitutional referendum, the new Irish blasphemy law is a very bad idea...."

Brit's advice to Tiger ridiculous but not offensive January 4, 2010

"Fox News commentator Brit Hume thinks that Tiger Woods needs Jesus in order to turn his life around..."


From Brad Hirschfield’s blog For God’s Sake in the Washington Post-Newsweek’s "On Faith" Column

The Happiness Survey and Keeping New Year's Resolutions January 2, 2010

Listen to Brad and Irwin as they discuss what makes us happy in terms of where we and how we live, & How do we make realistic and specific goals for this New Year?

Be sure to check the website each week for more riffing with the rabbis on topics of the day.

From, broadcast on KXL, Portland, OR

Rabbi Kula in the Lede on December 31, 2009

An interview with Rabbi Irwin Kula about happiness appears on the home page of this innovative site.


From JInsider

Hopes and Expectations for the New Year December 29, 2009

Rabbi Irwin Kula speaks with Ben Merens about our hopes and expectations for the new year.


From At Issue with Ben Merens WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio), 12/24/09

Irwin Kula: ‘These Are Not The Toughest Times’ December 29, 2009

"I am optimistic. With all the challenges we have, when in history has it been better for Jews?..."


By Steve Lipman from The Jewish Week

Gay YU Panel Broadens Discussion, Debate December 29, 2009

"‘The event ... modeled a kind of compassionate listening and human decency which neither trumped nor trivialized the deeply conflicting views about gayness ...’[said] Rabbi Brad Hirschfield ... [this] ‘was the first time an Orthodox institution has been willing to listen ... in a public forum,’ said ... Rabbi [Steve Greenberg] ... ‘It’s a game changer...’"

Hearing the Shema in Church December 27, 2009

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield was asked by Bill Holston, Minister of Care of the Fellowship Bible Church, Arapaho, to provide a Hebrew recording of the Shema along with his understanding of what it means to say it.


For the complete service...
From the Fellowship Bible Church Arapaho, Dallas, TX, 12/27/09

Hope for the New Year December 24, 2009

Rabbi Irwin Kula speaks with Paul Stern and Jack Roberts about hope for the New Year, Tiger Woods, and religious tolerance.


From the Erik & Jack Attack! Cable Radio Network, 12/23/09

The December War on Christmas December 23, 2009

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield speaks with Mario Solis Marich about the "war on Christmas."

From the Mario Solis Marich Show, Progressive talk AM 760 (Colorado), 12/21/09

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