The Wisdom Daily: The Future of Funerals March 16, 2015

"...So the burial custom may be dying. But that means, in a time of cultural change, planning a funeral is a moment of genuine opportunity. As the "how" of saying goodbye shifts, we can connect to a series of shared "whats" to help us navigate the moment of change with greater wisdom and compassion for all those saying good-bye..."

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Stripping down to your True Self in Preparation for Passover, March 29th, Gaithersburg, MD March 13, 2015

Maybe you'll be deep in the work of the external cleaning for Passover, but how about pausing to take a day, just for yourself, to focus on internal cleaning? If this is something you know you also need, come join us at a pre-Passover Spirituality Retreat with Clal Resident Reb Drew (Kirtan Rabbi), Rabbi Elyssa Joy Auster, and vegan nutritionist, Doron Petersan.

Brad Hirschfield on Racist Chants and Free Speech March 13, 2015

This week the University of Oklahoma expelled two students and shut down the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity after a video showed them chanting and making racist slurs. Rabbi Brad Hirschfield wonders if “we’re on a collision course between protecting free speech… and responding to the very real issues of race that still exist in this society.”

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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: A Hundred Thousand Miracles March 13, 2015

"...I do believe that love is the only force powerful enough to put an end to hatred and cruelty. And everywhere you look, people are desperate for love. Souls are waiting to be infused with hope. Ignorance is ripe to be overcome. So yes, we need to be vigilant and active about what is happening far away. But perhaps even more so, and every day, to be involved with what is happening here, in our own homes, neighborhoods and communities..."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Passover: a Tribute to Women’s Wisdom March 12, 2015

"...What women shared with each other in cookbooks was much more than a simple how to, it was a commitment to reliving the memory of the Exodus as we have been instructed to do. Food is important to all Jewish holidays, even Yom Kippur revolves around food or the lack there of. But without dedicated culinary vigilance Passover would fall short of the demand to make ourselves feel like we ourselves are going out of Egypt.

The Wisdom Daily: Why Not Call ISIS What It Is? March 11, 2015

"...Islam still needs to go through such a reformation. By not saying this (in his attempt to provide context), the President came off as aloof about the real threats of this present-day, cancerous form of Islam.When we focus on the brutality of ISIS and call it evil, crazy or power-mad, we miss the point.

The Wisdom Daily: The Limits of Forgiveness? March 11, 2015

"We seem to be endlessly fascinated with the topic of forgiveness, more often about granting it or receiving it than about seeking it. But the following news video about a mother in Texas - who invited a local station's cameras to accompany her as she confronted a remorseful drunk driver, imprisoned and awaiting trial for gravely injuring her young child - actually raises all three issues..."


The Wisdom Daily: Empathy as a Business Model March 9, 2015

"...Empathy is a serious practice, a serious capacity. For new technology to realize its humanizing capacity and for businesses to prioritize empathy will paradoxically require recognizing that not every product and service we can develop (however in demand it may be) is actually worthy of being sold. And not every everything we need to flourish as human beings can be commodified even with empathy at the center of design..."

Justice Not Vengeance: Curt Schilling and Cyberbullies March 6, 2015

This week retired baseball player Curt Schilling made headlines when he went after the Twitter trolls who posted offensive comments about his daughter. Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, president of Clal and co-founder and executive editor of, agrees that Schilling did the right thing, but cautions that we should "name and shame appropriately but then not make one bacd act the sum total of a person's life."

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The Wisdom Daily: Nuts to All That? Digesting the New Allergy Research March 5, 2015

"... Is it possible the peanut allergy phenomenon might have more to do with parents, and the parenting advice they're following, than the babies themselves?

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