I am an orthodox rabbi who doesn’t perform gay marriages, but I celebrate today’s Supreme Court decision June 26, 2015

"...I celebrate today because in fact, the opposite of all of those was accomplished today. My “side” did not lose, because my side is never defined by any one position on a matter of ritual or liturgy, no matter how important that matter may be. My side, I hope, is God’s side, and the God in whom I believe is infinite — bigger and more complex than can be reduced to any single decision, or even any single tradition, for that matter…

Brad Hirschfield on The Daily Wrap June 24, 2015

Brad Hirschfield discusses the issues of the day. Hosted by Joe Concha along with panelists Rick Unger and Heather Hansen.
Is the confederate flag about to vanish from public forums? Is this the right debate at the wrong time? The President uses the Charleston shooting to push for stricter gun control measures. Is this the time to be playing politics? Jeb Bush goes on the offensive on education with Hillary Clinton and Bill De Blasio. And more issues of the day.

The Wisdom Daily: Missing the Trees for the Forest June 23, 2015

"...How often do we invoke "the big picture," or other grand principles, in ways which distract us from the beauty, power and potential of "the little picture," i.e, the details at hand? It's not that the big stuff is unimportant. But sometimes, if we allow ourselves to look more closely, and feel more deeply, we might discover that the "small stuff" can be just as big and quite fulfilling..."


Brad Hirschfield on The Daily Wrap June 19, 2015

Brad Hirschfield discusses the issues of the day. Hosted by Joe Concha along with panelists Rick Unger and Heather Hansen.
A horrific and deadly crime has been committed in a South Carolina church. Is it a hate crime or a terrorist attack? The Supreme Court upholds that Texas may refuse to issue confederate license plates. Is free speech being attacked? Are Conservative media tougher on Donald Trump than on Hillary Clinton? And more issues of the day.

Brad Hirschfield: In Charleston, Nine ‘Worlds’ Ended June 19, 2015

This past Wednesday, nine members of the Emanual African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC, were shot and killed in a hate crime. "What I want to do today is share their names and invite us all to sit with the one indisputable fact here” reflects Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, president of Clal and co-founder and executive editor of TheWisdomDaily.com, "each of these people was an entire world that has been extinguished and there really is nothing to say except to sit with the pain of the enormous loss.” For more, watch the Faith on the Record video below.

From Odyssey Networks’ FAITH ON THE RECORD

Rabbi Andrew Hahn, the Kirtan Rabbi, at Integral Yoga Institute In New York City June 19, 2015

Don't miss Rabbi Andrew Hahn, PhD — the Kirtan Rabbi's summer appearance at Integral Yoga Institute New York City. It promises to be both deep and fun, with chants off of the new album, Nondual, blasts from the past, and some new surprises. Featuring Shoshana Jedwab and the posse and welcoming Jordan Brooks on bass.

For tickets, click here.

From Clal

Clal Rabbis on Changing the Dynamic: Police Reform June 18, 2015

[Rabbi Irwin Kula stated] "The truth is that nobody in power wants to change the power dynamics. [But] all people with power have to be restrained sometimes. And that is in the best interests of the people exercising power because it restores trust and the transparency that is the basis of trust."

Why is Rachel Dolezal any different from Caitlyn Jenner? June 17, 2015

"Why is it that a person born with male anatomy can self-identify and live as a woman, but someone born into a Czech-German body can't self-identify as African-American? Is gender identity a construct, while racial identity is inextricably connected to one's biology?

Rabbi Irwin Kula, Featured Educator for the Jewish Leadership Corps in Arizona June 17, 2015

"....As the first graduates of JLC, we know that this is not the end of our journey; it has only just begun. We are now positioned to go out into the community and face the difficult issues before us....Over the course of eight months, we heard lectures from and workshopped with innovators of our time: leaders like...Rabbis Ari Hart, Irwin Kula and Noah Farkas, and, of course Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, the creator of and guiding force behind JLC."

The Widsom Daily: What’s In a (Father’s) Name? June 16, 2015

"...Perhaps the takeaway - the lesson I learn by reflecting on the meaning of Father's Day, even when my father has died - is that as fathers (and mothers), we should worry less about the family name and more about its values. And rather ironically, we may then be more likely to raise children who, because love and values trump name and "brand," end up worrying about the perpetuation of the family name!..."


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