Janet R. Kirchheimer's Poem, "The Photograph In My Hand," appears in Forgotten Women, A Tribute in Poetry February 23, 2017

The Photograph In My Hand

My mother, four years old, blond curls,
wearing a smocked dress, in a field of goldenrod,
her doll on her lap and her dog at her side.

Two years later, the girl in the photograph
would be backed up against a wall at school,
by kids in her class for refusing to say “Heil Hitler,”

and they would throw rocks, beat her up, call her Jude,
her dress would be torn, and her parents
would have to find a way to get her out of Germany....

The Wisdom Daily: Empty Condemnations Of Antisemitism May Do More Harm February 22, 2017

"If the President chooses to speak out on this issue, and it’s debatable, in my view, whether or not he should, he better have something substantive to say. So please, Mr. President, what have you got for us? If you want such attacks to stop, tell us what role you have, or even could have, in stopping them.

The Wisdom Daily: Planet Earth II Renews our View of Creation February 21, 2017

"... since the original series was so ground-breaking, do we need a sequel? My answer of 'yes' comes out of Jewish liturgy. In a prayer that’s said every morning, we give thanks to God who 'Daily, continually, renews the work of creation.' On one level, it's an almost nonsensical statement. When we go to sleep, we know that when we wake up, everything will still be there, and be more or less the same. The world is not made de novo every day.

The Wisdom Daily: Statistically, the Biggest Threats We Face and How to Beat the Odds February 20, 2017

"... In the last few months especially, we Americans are becoming more and more familiar with risk assessment. ...how should we use statistical analysis? What is a fact? What’s more dangerous–a well-armed population, or one that’s not armed at all? I can’t help but feel that perhaps we’re viewing statistics from the wrong angle. Why are we so afraid of terrorists, or kidnappings, or mass shootings? Are we statistically likely to be killed by a terrorist? Killed by anyone?

Death and Rebirth: Judaism Unbound with Rabbi Irwin Kula February 17, 2017

What does it look like when one version of Judaism dies and another is born? Irwin Kula, President of Clal - The National Center for Learning and Leadership, joins Dan and Lex for a conversation about that question and much more. This episode represents Part I of a two-part conversation with Kula.

The Wisdom Daily: Students Need More Hardship February 16, 2017

"...An educator recently said, “The essential trait of grit is no longer being taught as an equal value to intellect. Successful students in the current system are actually sometimes being set up for long-term failure. When that person suddenly has to face up to a difficult moment, they have not been taught the capacity to adapt and recreate. They don’t just need the metrics of algebra, but also that of perseverance, empathy and optimism.

Committee approves bill to give tax credits for private school tuition-refers to Rabbi Hirschfield's work February 14, 2017

"Rep. Ron Kresha, R-Little Falls, authored House File 386 to widen the options available to families, he told the members of the House's Education Finance Committee.Kresha's bill expands an education tax credit program to include private tuition....Kresha gave a passionate defense of his bill.

Rabbis Without Borders: A Celebration of New Friendships February 14, 2017

"Most of us live in a bubble – the bubble of our friends, our family, our workplace and our community. Last night, I had the opportunity to go outside of my bubble and break bread with a group of recent Syrian refugees. As a member of the New York board of Rabbis, I was invited to participate in a friendship dinner through UNICEF. I was part of a small group of Jewish and Christian clergy who were there to welcome these immigrants to our country.

The Wisdom Daily: How I Recovered from the Secret that Almost Killed Me February 14, 2017

"At 18 years old, I was prepared to make a lot of life changes. After all, I was about to venture into the world of independence. That April, I had received my college acceptance letters. But then, when an unforeseen blood clot caused my body to go into septic shock, my life really did change forever...."

The Wisdom Daily: Judy Garland - Destroyed by the Gift that Made Her February 14, 2017

"...She may have become Judy Garland, but deep down she was always Frances Gumm: an ordinary girl with an extraordinary gift. A gift that resonated deep within the human soul. A gift that enthralled audiences, made other people rich and ultimately destroyed her life. Hers was a gift that should have been treasured and treated with love and respect. Instead it was exploited, and used to satiate the greed of others. This is what we humans do when we envisage ways to make use of the gift of another.

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