A Powerful Leadership Network: An Examination Of Rabbis Without Borders November 16, 2016

"Leaders cannot lead alone. Without a community around them, they would have no one to lead, and no one to turn to for advice. The best leaders seek out places where they can be both challenged and nurtured in order to reach their highest potential. The Rabbis Without Borders Network is a case study that demonstrates how a rich, diverse, challenging, and safe place enables leaders to think, explore, and imagine together, and therefore become more confident, transformative, and relatable leaders...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Yes, Go Forth. But Don't Forget To Smash The Idols. November 16, 2016

"Last week's election prompted strong reaction and reflection from the Jewish community. With a majority of Jews supporting the Democratic candidate, and the troubling echos of anti-Semitism and xenophobia which permeated the campaign, the victory of Donald Trump has brought Jewish organizations to issue statements, hold gatherings and assess what the next four years will mean...."

The Wisdom Daily: Questioning Return November 16, 2016

"Author, journalist and social commentator, Beth Kissileff, has a new book out this week, Questioning Return: A Novel. Among the things I liked most about it was how easy she made it to read, while inviting us to think about some really deep issues regarding faith, identity, sexuality, and how we try to create the lives we most want to lead. Today we get to beyond the page and talk with the author about those very questions...."

The Wisdom Daily: In Difficult Times, Stay Close To The Bone November 15, 2016

"...Within minutes, I became a caregiver to a person with whom I share close quarters even though we have not been particularly close. At times, she and I have either been painfully estranged and not communicating for long periods or trapped in a cycle of mutual misunderstanding, disappointment and heartbreak, unable to find a peaceful detente let alone rapport for more than short periods.

The Wisdom Daily: Help! My Wife Fell, And She Can't Get Up! November 15, 2016

"No, that's not a joke – at least not entirely – but it is a funny way (remember those TV ads for that panic button service?) to blow off steam as I process a pretty scary thing that happened last week, and the beginning of my moving past trauma care, to trying to learn something from the event...."

The Wisdom Daily: The Opposite Of Love Is Not Hate November 14, 2016

"...I dare you, today. Live without the fear. Live without the pain. Let it go – the only person it's hurting is yourself. If you can't let it go, hang out with it, watch it, let it in and say, ‘Hello pain, nice to see you today. I love you too.’ And watch it dissipate as it sees it can't keep you down, as it sees that it won't get a fight out of you today, because you're going to soldier on anyway, no matter what...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Antisemitism And Our New Political Reality November 14, 2016

"When I studied for my PhD in Jewish studies, I often had occasion to engage with antisemitism as a historical subject and intellectual exercise. However, since the election of Donald Trump, antisemitism has become a contemporary concern with practical implications and a frequent topic of conversation...."

The Wisdom Daily: Here Is Your Life. What Will You Do With It? November 14, 2016

"...Yes: the great teachings of my tradition often offer me comfort – and there are sorrows those teachings cannot touch. It is childish to imagine that if only I could find the right teaching, the right text, I could erase grief — my own, or that of someone I love. Better to let the texts do as November describes: to let them open up for me the sacred text of my own life and wait for me to answer their question with my choices, with my living...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: We Are All Leaders November 12, 2016

"Leadership is on my mind this week. We elected a new president of the United States, a leader with a tremendous amount of power. At the same time, lots of other people seem to have been reminded that we too have some level of power and responsibility in making the world a better place, in being leaders...."

Post Election Wisdom from RWB: Love Thy Neighbor November 11, 2016

"...The depth of a person’s ethical foundation can be measured, not by the degree to which a person loves, but by the degree to which one extends the notion of neighbor. As we watched the states and counties fill in red and blue, red and blue, it was clear how human beings red or blue, live beside neighbors who share their values. In this America, we aren’t being invited to extend the notion of love thy neighbor very far.

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