Rabbis Without Borders: For Passover and the Exodus, Think Rivers, Not Seas April 5, 2017

"....The story of Passover is a fundamental narrative within Jewish tradition and theology. Found in the Torah in the Book of Exodus, the story begins with the enslavement of the Israelites by Pharaoh in Egypt and concludes with their liberation by God through Moses. The details—the Israelites crying out, the harsh decrees of Pharaoh, Moses’s call at the burning bush, and the series of demands for freedom by Moses each accompanied by a plague—round out this overarching story of deliverance and emancipation.

The Wisdom Daily: The Memoir That Reveals A Hidden Seder Message About Healers April 4, 2017

"With Passover approaching, I’ve been thinking about the 58 seders I’ve participated in during my lifetime. In my adult life, I’ve been part of two each year, which brought me to around 36. Then I added 22 more to represent the one per year I did with my parents and family friends. Why bother with this tally? I turned 40 at the end of the secular year and the round number inspired an accounting of sorts.

Pre-Passover Soul-Cleaning Kirtan: Turn the Celebration Inward with Andrew Hahn April 4, 2017

Bring your voices, open hearts, and liberation socks! Kirtan Rabbi returns to Integral Yoga right before the holiday of Passover. Take a break from external cleaning and find a moment to turn your practice inward.
The evening features Renee Finkelstein and Noah Baumwoll (vocals), Taylor Bergren-Chrisman (bass), Glenn Grossman (percussion) – and introducing our special new guest, Aaron Dugan, Matisyahu's guitar player.

Saturday, April 8 • 8:00–10:00 p.m.

Integral Yoga Institute of New York

Rabbis Without Borders: From a Passover of Alienation to a Passover of Empathy April 4, 2017

"...Passover is the centerpiece of the Jewish year and the focal point of the process of handing down the tradition to the next generation. And the focal point of Passover is the seder night with its Haggadah text. The Haggadah tells us – 'In every generation one must see himself as if he personally went out of Egypt.' We spend the whole night bringing alive the events of slavery and redemption. Towards what end? What is the take-away?

FOXNewsLive: How would SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch handle a religious liberty case? March 23, 2017

Lauren Green hosts Ellen Ratner, Fox News Bureau Chief and Contributor, and Rabbi Brad Hirschfield talk about the hot button issue for the Supreme Court: Religious Liberty. View the video...

Spirited Debate on FoxNews.com LIVE, 3/23/2017

The Wisdom Daily: Does The President Hate Jews? March 15, 2017

"My son couldn’t sleep last week. He tossed and turned in his bed while I rubbed his back and hummed softly. All afternoon he’d had that look in his eyes, the far away, restless look that usually means something is agitating his soul.

After a few moments, he pushed my hand off his back and sat up straight.

'Why does the president hate Jews?'”

Rabbis Without Borders: If ‘Trolling’ Is A Symptom, Have We All Become infected? March 15, 2017

"Last week, as I began my annual exploration of Jewish ethical wisdom on the use of speech, or lashon hara, I found myself confronted with a response from some high school aged students that I hadn’t expected. I asked if they knew what ‘trolling‘ was. One of them responded, ‘trolling is fun. Its fun to get a rise out of someone.’ Upon further probing, the response was qualified. ‘Only if its someone you know well; a friend that you are just teasing, and you know that you haven’t crossed a line.’ ‘How do you know?’ I asked.

The Wisdom Daily: The Circus Aerialist Who Doesn’t Take Risks March 14, 2017

"Each night, Tisha would climb 25 feet into the air, spinning and twirling over a captive audience of thousands, as the sequins in her dazzling array of costumes reflected the sparkle in her eyes.

'What were you thinking about as you flew through the air?' I asked her.

The Wisdom Daily: The 21st Century Resume: ‘Who I Am’ Trumps ‘What I Do’ March 14, 2017

"Over the past several months, I have been given a daily gift. It doesn’t have a monetary value, nor does it come in a big box, but rather it is one of those intangible gifts that just keeps on giving. Recently, I was invited to be part of a group of rabbis through CLAL who are seeking to blend the science of Positive Psychology through Human Flourishing with religion, specifically Judaism, for something now called the Flourishing Project.

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