Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Making Holidays Our Own November 13, 2015

"Thanksgiving is coming, and Hanukkah is just around the corner. The holidays always remind me of both the rapid pace of change in our own lives – and the historical changes in how we observe certain times of the year...."

By Rabbi Laura Baum, a Rabbis Without Borders Fellow, from the Rabbis Without Borders Blog on My Jewish Learning.com

Brad Hirschfield on Playing the Victim at Starbucks November 13, 2015

This week, the internet controversy about the Starbucks red cup. What's behind the large number of Americans who discuss, every year it seems, how much or how little celebration of this one holiday is seen publicly? "Is there even a 'war' on Christmas? If there is, what does it mean?" "

From Odyssey Networks’ FAITH ON THE RECORD

The Technology of Mitzvot: Is There an App for That? with Rabbi Irwin Kula at Manhattan JCC November 11, 2015

On Friday, Nov. 13th, from 7-9:00 pm at the Manhattan JCC, join Rabbi Irwin Kula. Using the lenses of Innovation Theory and Positive Psychology, Rabbi Irwin Kula will facilitate a conversation about how we can become more active in designing Jewish practices that are more accessible, usable, and actually good enough to help us flourish. For more and to attend...

From Clal

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Look at Me, Not at Your Device November 11, 2015

"These are not rude people. The people gathered around the table are my treasured colleagues. I hired most of them. I was and am drawn to their compassion, empathy, generosity, wisdom and love of people. They are teachers, counselors, experts, thinkers, pastors and caregivers. Yet, I sit at the table offended and become increasingly frustrated with them. I am unsettled. We sit at our weekly staff meeting and they will not get off of their devices. They and I, I will admit, are addicted...."

Brad Hirschfield On Newsmax's The Steve Malzberg Show November 11, 2015

Steve Malzberg speaks with Brad Hirschfield and Adam Thompson, Criminal Defense Attorney, about Marco Rubio’s response to Hilary Clinton’s resume, Ben Carson’s stance on the press, the University of Missouri-Columbia’s response to the poop swastika, and Yale’s Halloween costume controversy."

From Newsmax with Steve Malzberg

How Free Ice Water Can Save Your Synagogue November 10, 2015

"...what if synagogues flipped the equation? What if they viewed Judaism as a tool for human flourishing, as my teacher, Rabbi Irwin Kula, puts it? As a means, rather than an end to itself? What if synagogues mission shifted from getting people to be more Jewish to helping them personally thrive and build a better world, with Jewish life and community becoming the method we employed to fulfill that purpose?

The Wisdom Daily: Is Violence Ever Okay? November 10, 2015

"Generally speaking, I abhor violence. I'd like to think that if I was an adult back in 1967, I would have joined the Flower Power movement and stuck flowers in the rifles of national guardsmen at the National Mall as a protest of war. For as long as I can remember, I have trusted the wisdom which teaches that one should not meet violence with violence. We should ‘turn the other cheek’.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Fear Goes Both Ways November 9, 2015

"...we are blithely unaware of what we do to cause their fear. Now, I have a belly-full of complaints against the Palestinians. I know what they do to cause my fear. Their wanton violence angers me and saddens me. But the blame game will not get us anywhere. They have to clean up their own house. That is their business, and I cannot do it for them. What must concern us is cleaning up our house. That is our business, and it is in our power to take care of...."

Can Orthodox Jewish women be rabbis? November 9, 2015

"Jewish women in the US have been getting ordained as rabbis going back to the 1970s. But that's not the case for Orthodox Jewish women. Everyone knows that Orthodox women can’t be rabbis, or so the saying goes. But the cliché is becoming less true. More Orthodox women are undertaking the same kind of religious study and training for rabbinical ordination that was once reserved exclusively for men. And one Orthodox woman based in the US even calls herself a rabbi.

Rabbi Sid Schwarz on Yitzhak Rabin: Reflections on Loss, Despair and Hope November 9, 2015

"For people who care deeply about the State of Israel, the future of the Jewish people or about the prospects for peace in the world, the twentieth anniversary of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin provided much to think about.

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