Why These Jewish Scientists Will Be Marching On Saturday

April 20, 2017

"...‘It’s rarely a problem to get Jews excited about science; what’s harder is to get Jews excited about Judaism,’ said Rabbi Geoffrey Mitelman, founding director of Sinai and Synapses, which has scientists participating in marches nation-wide.

The New York-based organization has recently awarded grants to 11 synagogues of all denominations to examine the most pressing questions surrounding religion and science — from the Big Bang Theory to Free Will. The project, funded by the John Templeton Foundation is part of a broader effort to dismantle the walls between the two communities and was incubated at The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership (or CLAL).

‘Science, religion and politics are all spheres where we strive to get just a little bit better, even if imperfectly,’ Mitelman said. “Science tries to get us a little closer to a better explanation of our world, while religion get us to be a little kinder and more just and politics tries to get us a little closer to improve lives for its citizens. To have a thriving society, we need all three.’"

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By Bonnie Rubin from The Forward