The Wisdom Daily: Irish Folktales Show How Easily The Mundane And The Mystical Can Blur

February 28, 2017

"In the context of Irish literature, the reader may find herself caught in the funky twists and turns of its stories, mainly due to the fluidity of their nature. At the entrance of each tale, content clues and road maps are sold for twenty five cents each; but without our handy footnotes, it’s only too easy to get lost in the world of the fantastical. Between the hags that transform into gorgeous queens, and the thick, earthy bogs that preserve butter for centuries on end, this transient apparatus uses the mystical to both guide the reader, all the while throwing her around. So what’s the point? By analyzing these magical motifs, we may come to accept the uncertainty of the world around us, and just how mundane the mystical can truly be. Perhaps it is necessary to understand how crucial it is to be able to pick the two apart...."

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Emily Zimmer from