The Wisdom Daily: In A Lonely World, Virtual Gatherings Can Provide Comfort

February 27, 2017

"Old habits die hard. Especially at times of illness and death, naturally we incline to practices rooted deep in memory, how and when we were raised, sometimes grounded in ancient tradition that arose in cultures so different that our ancestors could hardly imagine how we’d live today. Most everyone reading this blog post grew up before blog posts (and before an Internet filled with them). Most everyone reading this blog post is part of humanity’s only cohort to experience both the pre-Internet and Internet ages in all their societal fullness....

Thankfully for all of us, the Internet of Compassion knows no limit of place and no limit of creativity. While the web can’t hug or cook a meal, faces and voices can join together online and make real connections of heart and soul. During our online shiva minyan, Jennifer cried and laughed, and so did friends and colleagues online with her. It was real, raw and wonderful...."

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David Markus from