The Wisdom Daily: It’s Time To End The Cycle of Political Dehumanization

February 27, 2017

"Caught in the spinning wheels of political change, I believe it is time for us all to take some inventory on our spiritual state. As a Catholic, I am often dismayed by some groups who exhibit an unchristian attitude towards others while simultaneously claiming to fight to preserve Christianity in a way that can be hateful and harmful to minority groups. This is particularly true in the case of Muslims, who are often broad-stroked as terrorist sympathizers and declaimed as Devil Worshipers without proper research being done on the complexity within Islamic history, culture, and spirituality.

I fear that some of us have allowed ourselves to build up walls of resentment and cultivate a deep distrust of things we do not understand, accompanied by an unwillingness to try and learn more about them with an open mind. This, interestingly enough, is also an element used in the propaganda campaign of Islamist terrorist organizations like ISIS, who must paint a black-and-white ideological war in their terms in hopes of deluding the masses into hating and killing one another for their own ends...."

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Avellina Balestri from