Judaism's Job: Judaism Unbound with Rabbi Irwin Kula - part II

February 27, 2017

Rabbi Kula lays out the framework coined by Clayton Christensen as "jobs to be done," and he applies that framework to contemporary Judaism. He also looks at the roles of individuals and communities, critiquing the pervasive idea of Judaism encapsulated by the phrase "the Jewish community." He explains why an emphasis on belonging makes it difficult for Judaism to better fulfill a variety of other important "jobs to be done."

Irwin Kula, President of Clal - The National Center for Learning and Leadership, joins Dan and Lex for a conversation about that question and much more. This episode represents Part II of a two-part conversation with Kula.

For more on "holy secularity," "radical pluralism," "spiritual entrepreneurship," and more as well as to listen to the podcast...

Lex Rofes and Daniel Libenson of Judaism Unbound