Released Into Jewish Time by Alana Joblin Ain

February 14, 2017

Commentary on Parshat Bo, Exodus 10:1-13:16

"There are aspects of the Passover story, of the Jews being spared and the separateness that they are marked with, as described in the Torah portion Bo, that rub up against some of my more modern and inclusive sensibilities. Having strong ties to academia and the arts, I’ll admit to being influenced by narratives that conflate separateness with narrowness and universalism with expansiveness.

Yet, in my most recent re-reading of Bo, that presumption has flipped. Even though the story — of the final three plagues (locust, darkness and death of the firstborn Egyptian child), the angel of death passing over the Jewish homes and the Exodus from Egypt — has remained the same...."

By Alana Joblin Ain, Because Jewish, fiscally sponsored by Clal.