The Wisdom Daily: Staying Spiritually Awake During Dark Times

February 1, 2017

"The world is turning faster and faster and faster, and so many of feel as if we’re about to fall off the carousel. We are shocked at the spin, and cannot find our footing. For, surely, this has never happened before. Surely, we are the first ones to stand at the edge, and look down and down and down, and not know which way to walk in the falling fog.

But as one versed in history, I find myself seeing a repeat of history. We are not the first ones to open our eyes in confusion after a long sleep and realize that a war has broken out and we are caught in the middle, walking between the exploding shells, in search of sanity. We are going to realize that neither side welcomes us wholly, for they are seeing with but one eye. We gouged out our second sight long ago...."

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Avellina Balestri from