The Spiritual Consequences of Alternative Facts

January 25, 2017

"Dear Kellyann, I am writing to you, not in the spirit of my initial emotional response to your having invoked ‘Alternative facts’ when explaining Press Secretary Spicer’s description of the inaugural crowds last Friday as being far larger than they actually were. I recognize that my original response when first asked to write about this topic, ‘You mean how do we understand her idiot-psycho non-sense as anything more than confirmation of people’s worst fears about President Trump and his administration?’ is neither the fairest nor the most productive response. To be clear, I don’t think that my initial response is wrong, but it is mean-spirited and unhelpful. Also, simply adding one more voice of outrage — especially one which just doubles down on peoples’ existing biases — harms us all.
So I want to go a bit deeper...."

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By Brad Hirschfield from