Contact CLAL: Faculty and Staff Directory

General Contact Information:
Telephone (212)779-3300
FAX (212)779-1009

Postal address:
Clal - The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership
440 Park Avenue South, 4th floor
New York, NY 10016-8012

Electronic mail:
General Information: info(at)clal(.)org
Marketing: marketing(at)clal(.)org
Webmaster: webmaster(at)clal(.)org

Faculty & Administrative Staff
Rabbi Dan Ain, Clal Associate, rabbidan(at)gmail(.)com, x116
Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard, Director of Organizational Development, tblanchard(at)clal(.)org, x118
Dale Brown, Executive Assistant, dbrown(at)clal(.)org, x104
Mark R. Cohen, Ph.D., Clal Associate
Rabbi Lavey Derby, Ph.D., Clal Associate
Rabbi Leonid Feldman, M.A., Clal Associate
Rabbi Owen Gottlieb, Ph.D. Candidate, Director ConverJent
Michael Gottsegen, Ph.D., Senior Clal Associate
Rabbi Irving Greenberg, Ph.D., President Emeritus
Rabbi Steve Greenberg, Director, Clal Diversity Project, sgreenberg(at)clal(.)org, x114
Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz, Clal Associate
Rabbi Andrew M. Hahn, Ph.D., Clal Resident, ahahn(at)clal(.)org, x134
Joshua Halberstam, Ph.D., Clal Associate
Rabbi Jill Hammer, Ph.D., Clal Associate
Rabbi Joshua J. Hammerman, Clal Associate
Rabbi Brad Hirschfield President, bhirschfield(at)clal(.)org, x112
Rabbi David Kalb, Clal Associate
Aliza J. Kaplan, Director of Operations & Administration, akaplan(at)clal(.)org, x105
Rabbi Reuven Kimleman, Ph.D., Senior Clal Associate
Janet R. Kirchheimer, Teaching Fellow, Assistant to the President, jkirchheimer(at)clal(.)org, x111
Michelle Klahr, Assistant to the President, mklahr(at)clal(.)org, x126
David Kraemer, Ph.D., Senior Clal Associate
Rabbi Irwin Kula, President, ikula(at)clal(.)org, x101
Rabbi Benay Lappe, Clal Associate
Rabbi David W. Nelson, Ph.D., Clal Associate
Theresa Perruzza, Director of Finance, tperruzza(at)clal(.)org, x133
Anna Rakhlin, Staff Accountant, arakhlin(at)clal(.)org, x130
Rabbi Rachel T. Sabath, Clal Associate
Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin, Clal Associate
Rabbi Sid Schwarz, Clal Senior Fellow, sschwarz(at)clal(.)org, 301-984-9220
Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu, Director of Rabbis Without Borders, rsirbu(at)clal(.)org, x122
Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Senior Clal Associate
Amy Warshaw, Development Manager, awarshaw(at)clal(.)org, x109