CLAL Faculty, Fellows and Associates

Rabbi Irwin Kula, President

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, President

Rabbi Irving Greenberg, President Emeritus

Rabbi Dan Ain, Clal Associate

Rabbi Elan Babchuck, Director of Innovation

Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard, Ph.D., Senior Clal Associate

Rabbi Mark R. Cohen, Ph.D., Clal Associate

Rabbi Lavey Derby, M. A., Ph.D., Clal Associate

Rabbi Leonid Feldman, M. A., Ph.D., Clal Associate

Rabbi Zach Fredman, Clal Resident

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb, Ph.D. Candidate, Clal Resident

Michael Gottsegen, Ph.D., Senior Clal Associate

Rabbi Steve Greenberg, Director, Clal Diversity Project

Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz, Ph.D., Clal Associate

Rabbi Andrew M. Hahn, Ph.D., Clal Resident

Joshua Halberstam, Ph.D., Clal Associate

Rabbi Jill Hammer, Ph.D., Clal Associate

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman, Ph.D., Clal Associate

Rabbi David Kalb, Clal Associate

Rabbi Reuven Kimelman, Ph.D., Senior Clal Associate

Janet R. Kirchheimer, Clal Teaching Fellow

David Kraemer, Ph.D., Senior Clal Associate

Josh Krug, MDiv, PhD Student, Clal Resident

Rabbi Benay Lappe, Clal Associate

Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman, Clal Resident

Elad Nehorai, Director of Digital Media

Rabbi David W. Nelson, Ph.D., Clal Associate

Rabbi Rachel T. Sabath, Clal Associate

Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin, Clal Associate

Rebecca W. Sirbu, Director of Rabbis Without Borders

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Senior Clal Associate

Tzemah Yoreh, Ph.D., Clal Resident

Other Entities: Rabbi Sid Schwarz, Director, CLI

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The following Clal Faculty members are available to comment and discuss issues in their respective areas of expertise with journalists from print, radio, television and film: Rabbi Irwin Kula, Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard, Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu and Rabbi Steve Greenberg. In addition, our faculty members frequently write op-eds, articles for magazines, and journals.
Contact Clal Director of Operations & Administration, Aliza J. Kaplan at (212)779-3300,x105, for more information.

Clal Faculty, Fellows and Associates are among the most popular and frequently requested teachers and lecturers in the North American Jewish world. With a faculty that is equally in command of Jewish sources and contemporary cultural trends and social science, Clal is invited to speak in dozens of communities each year.
Contact  Janet Kirchheimer at (212)779-3300,x111, for more information.

For administrative, business or financial issues, please contact Aliza J. Kaplan, Director of Operations & Administration, by phone at (212)779-3300, x105.