Tsvi Blanchard teaches at the United Nations

January 17, 2012
Feb 23 2012

Tsvi Blanchard teaches "Bible and Talmud: The Jewish Search for Wisdom" to diplomats at the United Nations. The session is part of a series, "Genesis and Beyond: Judaism, Jewish Civilization, and the Jews", taught by Clal faculty.

The Wisdom Daily: Every Story is Unique...and the Same December 23, 2015

"Go to any wedding, and in many ways, you will hear the same phrases: ‘They are so good together.’ ‘They're such a cute couple!’ Or at a funeral, you're likely to hear how much that person loved their family and was dedicated to their work. So is every funeral or every wedding nearly identical? Of course not. Each person has their own story, their own journey. But why is it that we tend to hear the same stories over and over in different contexts?..."

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