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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Should Jews Vote for Bernie? February 10, 2016

"...the fact that Sanders' Jewishness has not been a major factor in the campaign thus far is also telling. It says something about where we are as Jews in this cultural and historical moment in time: concerned with issues of Jewish continuity, mindful of the continued presence of anti-Semitism, and yet comfortable enough to have a Jewish candidate for President of the United States without it becoming a major issue...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Women Should Help Women February 9, 2016

"...Women should interrogate their own reactions to the candidates to see whether they are being influenced by the sexist bias in our national discourse. We should look deeper than the sound bites, the glee that ensues when it seems like women are turning on each other. Men should do this as well, not just women. It impacts us all, and it is easy to overlook....."

The Wisdom Daily: Can Smartphones Connect Us To The Divine? February 9, 2016

"...Was I, too, engaged in prayer, even if non-verbal, not directed at a particular deity and not part of a formal ritual? Was I in a non-denominational cathedral created from trees and logs and moss? Were my smartphone pictures visual expressions of gratitude for the world around me?..."

The Wisdom Daily: Why I Love My Open Mind February 8, 2016

"...think that's key. When you can conceive of changing your mind, you begin to open your imagination to all the vast mental spaces that aren't yours. You respect that the cognitive landscape you inhabit is expansive but limited. Another consciousness might have a line into different insights from yours...."

The Wisdom Daily: We Need To Start Aiming To Be Happy Instead Of Rich February 4, 2016

"...Being rich is the ability to embrace and be grateful for the abundance of things that make life incredible. This includes understanding our unique qualities, realizing our own potential, harnessing our distinct strengths, and giving and receiving our self to our family, friends and community.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Re-creating Ethics with My Daughter February 4, 2016

"My two-year-old is now in the stage where my wife and I are torn between encouraging our daughter's independence and our need to, say, get out the door in less than four hours. What's been fascinating to watch has been how her moral code is developing. If she's running away from us at bath time, for example, one of us will often go, ‘Where'd our good listener go? She was just here. She's missing!’ She'll then stop in her tracks, and run back to the bathtub and will beam when we say, ‘There she is!

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: More than Enough: So Hard to Say Thank You February 3, 2016

"...The truth is, for many of us, that it’s not always so easy to stop and give thanks. How often do we stop and really think about the deeper meaning of the abundance of blessing that may be in our lives? Thanking can be a difficult and complex process when we are not always aware of the things for which we should be thankful. To be able to have the consciousness to be able to thank, we have to be able to understand clearly what is actually happening around us.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Who are the Jewcurious? January 31, 2016

"Carolyn is Baptist. She always will be. And she comes to my synagogue regularly. By regularly, I mean she comes to everything. Friday night services, Saturday morning Torah study, holiday celebrations, Adult Ed. Everything. Although she brings her Bible and her faith in Jesus along with her to every synagogue function, she doesn’t come to evangelize. And she’s not interested in converting to Judaism. She’s just interested in what Judaism has to offer...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Catholics, Jews, Humanists and Muslims Meet: Confronting Interfaith Dialogue 50 Years Later January 29, 2016

"...In my own experience, I have had those moments both in the personal and familial and in engagements of interfaith dialogue and encounter. I have sat across from another human being who did not share my theology, my practices or my community and yet I was able to see his humanity and feel connected to him in a way that transcended the differences...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: At the Foot of the Mount January 28, 2016

"I wasn’t in the crowd at the Lincoln Memorial when Dr. Martin Luther King gave his great oration, and I am not old enough to have been at Woodstock, but I’ve been to rock concerts and to political actions where I have felt powerfully connected to all present, our gathering feeling like a profound expression of brother and sisterhood...In such moments of anticipation or hope, my heart has been open to tens or hundreds and, in a few instances, to thousands of others.

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