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The Wisdom Daily: Spiritual Hangover: Coming Down From The Mountain October 27, 2016

"Jewish mystics call it ratzo va-shov (Ezekiel 1:14) – literally ‘running and returning’ or, in modern vernacular, ‘to and fro’ or ‘ebb and flow.’ By its nature, spiritual life (really, all life) has peak experiences and then flatter terrain – times of exertion and times of relative ease, times we call holidays and times that seem more routine...."

The Wisdom Daily: Why Breast Cancer Awareness Is For Everyone October 26, 2016

"...As women, the best stance we can take to breast cancer is prevention, and the best stance anyone can take to any kind of physical illness is good self-care. It's an effort I try to make daily – I've been through enough already! So the least I can do is take an empowered approach to my health for the one body I have.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: When A Presidential Candidate Is Misinformed About Late Term Abortion October 26, 2016

"In recent weeks there has been a great deal said by presidential candidate, Donald Trump, that has caused deep upset and anger among women in particular. But last week, during the final presidential debate, he shared a perspective on late term abortion that, beyond being so utterly misinformed, created a dangerous misperception that must be corrected. It also lacked any iota of compassion for the incredibly painful and heart-wrending decisions that women have had to make in the latter stages of a pregnancy...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Feeding While Fasting – A New Beginning October 25, 2016

"...This year, our community embraced a new idea, something seemingly ironic, or perhaps the perfect activity for the perfect day. Makom NY is a brand new model of Jewish community, seeking new ways of ‘being Jewish’. On Yom Kippur afternoon, we had over 100 people attend our Yom Kippur Afternoon Mitzvah Project. Placed strategically between the children's service and the afternoon service, families and individuals of all ages and backgrounds came together to bag meals to feed over 10,00 individuals...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Looking For A Rabbi? Try RabbiCareers.com October 24, 2016

"RabbiCareers.com launched this month making it easier for a congregation, organization, or individual to find a rabbi for their needs. An easy to use job clearing house platform, RabbiCareers.com allows any community or individual to post a rabbinic position and reach a wide variety of rabbis...."

The Wisdom Daily: God Needs A Grade In My Class October 20, 2016

"Imagine my shock and my overwhelming sense of gratitude and honor when I discovered that you, dear God, had enrolled in my class. I know I've written and spoken to you before, but this situation requires some new and different communication. I strive towards fairness in all my dealings with students, so, God: you will receive a grade and intimate comments, just like your classmates...."

The Wisdom Daily: How We Could All Win Or Lose Last Night's Presidential Debate October 20, 2016

"When I wrote about the second Presidential debate, it was all about how the real winner was Karl Becker, the guy who asked the final question – the one inviting each candidate to name something they respect about their opponent. I am writing today about the 3rd and final Presidential debate, held last night. And once again the focus is less on the candidates and more on regular people like you and me...."

The Wisdom Daily: How A Car Accident Exposed My Spiritual Lassitude October 19, 2016

"...As a foodie who loves quality, variety, imaginative decor and competent and attentive service, and places a high value on excellence, I find many kosher eateries uninspired at best and infuriating at worst. The food might be certified by esteemed rabbis yet the experience overall is frequently far from divine, let alone a memory one wants to relish or savor.

The Wisdom Daily: Lessons Of Divorce In A Cup Of Wine October 19, 2016

"...That was the first part of my divorce ritual that became clear to me: we would pour wine from a single cup into two, symbolizing that our portions in life are now separate. We no longer drink from the same cup. We no longer share life's joys and sorrows. We do still share a child, and as co-parents to that child we will be connected for the rest of our lives, but each of us drinks now from a separate cup of grief or delight...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Wind And Rain, Resilience And Abundance October 19, 2016

"...The sukkah is a symbol of vulnerability: a shelter that ultimately does not offer complete protection. It is susceptible to the elements; the roof made of natural materials is meant to be slightly open in order for us to see sunlight during the day and the stars at night. (It was ironic to be thinking about how this week the elements themselves might interfere with the construction of the sukkah.) The sukkah is fragile, and when we sit in the sukkah we are, while covered, still exposed...."

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