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The Wisdom Daily: The Courage To Live, The Courage To Die July 9, 2014

"How do you live well? And when the times comes, how do you die well? There is no single or simple answer to either of those questions, but there is real wisdom that can help us all to answer those questions better. This story in the New York Times and its accompanying video describe, with exquisite poignancy, different patients' experiences in a long term care hospital i.e. a place where people may reside for years, but very few of whom will ever recover from the diseases which brought them there.

The Wisdom Daily: The American Dream: A Post Independence Day Reflection July 8, 2014

"What does America mean to you? What does America stand for? Over Independence Day, I read the Declaration of Independence as a sacred practice. If there is one phrase in the Declaration of Independence that defines the American way it is that we are "endowed by (our) creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". What a remarkable intuition about what America is.

The Wisdom Daily: Athletic Stars In Their 50's, 60's and Beyond: Inspiring or Intimidating? July 8, 2014

"This collection of 15 competitors in the Senior Olympics are older, but hardly elderly. Their stories are amazing, but are they more inspiring or intimidating? I mean how can any of us do that stuff?..."

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The Wisdom Daily: Happy Birthday Forrest Gump July 8, 2014

"Twenty years ago this week, Forrest Gump premiered in theaters across the country. Later that year it won the Oscar for Best Picture, and apparently, has also been polarizing audiences ever since.
As this piece points out, Forrest Gump has been inspiring cheers and provoking jeers almost from the day it opened. What’s up with that?..."

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The Wisdom Daily: Redskins and Apaches Are Not the Same, Or How to Stop Undermining Ourselves July 1, 2014

"When I wrote last week about the dust up over the Washington Redskins' name, I really thought it was a "one and done" kind of deal. I wrote about why I hope the name is changed - it's at least potentially hurtful, and may be genuinely ugly. I also wrote about why legally compelling the team to do so, might be a sub-optimal solution because of free speech issues. I really thought that was it, at least until I read "The U.S. military's ongoing slur of Native Americans" in the Washington Post..."

The Wisdom Daily: Four Life Lessons from FIFA World Cup June 27, 2014

"Life lessons from the World Cup? Yup! Wisdom that will help you you live a better and happier life? You bet! Whether you are closely following the World Cup or not, you have probably seen the headlines proclaiming Team USA's loss to Germany, especially as it was a loss that got them into the next round of competion! How does that work?!..."

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The Wisdom Daily: Beyond Extremes: Why You Should Pay Attention to the Pew Political Survey Results June 25, 2014

"According to the report for the largest political survey in its history, the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press found that "Republicans and Democrats are more divided along ideological lines - and partisan antipathy is deeper and more extensive - than at any point in the last two decades... producing rising animosity bordering on a sense of alarm" toward the opposite party.

The Wisdom Daily: A Flash Mob of Love June 17, 2014

"When you think about a normal day in your life, from the moment you get up in the morning until you go to sleep, you experience far more expressions of kindness and love than meanness and hate. But as I wrote a few weeks ago, we are hardwired to be far more alert to negative, fear-inducing events that generate fight or flight responses than to positive events that generate security and empathy..."

Brad Hirschfield on The Roman Catholic Cardinal With A Jewish Mother June 12, 2014

This week The New York Times told a surprising story about the former Archbishop of New York, Cardinal John J. O'Connor – his mother was born Jewish. The story raises questions about religious identity, says Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, President of Clal and co-Founder and Executive Editor of TheWisdomDaily.com, and suggests a discussion of what "dual citizenship" in the realm of faith and spirituality might mean.

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb at 2014 GAMES LEARNING SOCIETY 10 PLAYFUL LEARNING SUMMIT May 30, 2014

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb will participate and teach at The Games+Learning+Society 10 Conference begins Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at the University of Madison-Wisconsin’s Memorial Union with the second annual GLS Playful Learning Summit (PLS). The GLS PL Summit promotes professional development opportunities to celebrate and deepen educators’ use of games in various educational settings, and fosters collaboration among teachers, designers, researchers and others throughout the elementary to higher education continuum.

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