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Rabbi Irwin Kula on Living at the End of Life April 24, 2013

How can we come together around a person facing the end of his life and help him to do so with an eye towards living rather than dying? Hear Rabbi Irwin Kula, Clal President, keynote an evening called "Let's Write the Last Chapter Together" where an open dialogue among patient, family, physician, social worker and spiritual adviser will take place. Thursday, May 9th, 7 pm, Park Avenue Synagogue in New York City.

Promise of a New Start::ACHREI MOT-KEDOSHIM April 20, 2013

"For millions of immigrants and would-be immigrants around the world, America has long been synonymous with words like Freedom, Opportunity and Liberty. One can only imagine the elation felt by numerous of soon-to-be new Americans, as they were greeted by welcoming eyes of the Statue of Liberty as they sailed into New York Harbor..."

Comfort in a Time of Need: AHAREI MOT-KEDOSHIM April 20, 2013

"How do we memorialize those who have died? How does a culture, a nation, a people create meaning out of loss and sanctification out of sacrifice? When are we served by silence, and when are we moved to speak?..."

By Rabbi Richard Hirsh from Sacred Stories: A Living Commentary on American Jewish History and the Hebrew Bible,

Who’s the Patient Here? TAZRIA–METZORA April 13, 2013

"Houses, just like people, fall ill according to the Book of Leviticus. This particular chapter includes a story of houses in which “plague breaks out” (Lev 14:43). What kind of strange phenomenon is this?..."

By Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard from Sacred Stories: A Living Commentary on American Jewish History and the Hebrew Bible,

Food Matters April 6, 2013

"“You are what you eat,” we often hear, but is that really true? Perhaps not entirely so, as demonstrated by the fact that most Americans are not walking burgers or slices of pizza. But there is, however, much wisdom to be found in appreciating the connection between what’s on our plates and what’s in our hearts...."

Fierce Grace: Local head of Rabbis Without Borders makes it onto 36 most inspirational list March 29, 2013

"...Rabbis are educated in the Torah, but it often takes another kind of learning to allow their own inner torah out. That kind of learning is what Rabbis Without Borders specializes in. Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu of Teaneck is the director of Rabbis Without Borders, a program run by Clal - The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership. Last week, the Forward named her as one of America’s 36 most inspirational rabbis..."

Let My People Go: PASSOVER March 25, 2013

"When Israel was in Egypt’s land: Let my people go… Tell old Pharaoh, Let my people go.” Many Americans know this song as an African American spiritual, sung by slaves. It is a play on the biblical verses in the Exodus story of the Israelites leaving Egypt. For many American Jews, the song is traditionally sung at the Passover Seder...."

Find Yourself in Every Generation March 25, 2013

"What does it mean to be free? There are as many good answers as there are people who choose to answer the question, and none is more important than yours. As you enter the National Museum of American Jewish History you have the opportunity to answer that question for yourself while being inspired by two of the greatest freedom stories ever told..."

America's Top 50 Rabbis for 2013 Includes Irwin Kula and Rabbi Joseph Telushkin March 22, 2013

Recognized for their accomplishments, Rabbi Irwin Kula was listed again this year in the Daily Beast/Newsweek as some of America’s "most influential rabbis." Appearing at no.

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb on Digitization of Sacred Jewish Ritual, Books and Education March 21, 2013

Clal Resident Rabbi Owen Gottlieb’s publication, "You Can't Wrap Herring in an iPad: Digitization of Sacred Jewish Books, the Stripping of Embodied Ritual, and Implications for Jewish Education" is now available on the Berman Jewish Policy Archive. We are thrilled that Rabbi Gottlieb is receiving recognition of his work on the cutting edge of technology, gaming and Jewish education.

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