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America's Top 50 Rabbis for 2013 Includes Irwin Kula and Rabbi Joseph Telushkin March 22, 2013

Recognized for their accomplishments, Rabbi Irwin Kula was listed again this year in the Daily Beast/Newsweek as some of America’s "most influential rabbis." Appearing at no.

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb on Digitization of Sacred Jewish Ritual, Books and Education March 21, 2013

Clal Resident Rabbi Owen Gottlieb’s publication, "You Can't Wrap Herring in an iPad: Digitization of Sacred Jewish Books, the Stripping of Embodied Ritual, and Implications for Jewish Education" is now available on the Berman Jewish Policy Archive. We are thrilled that Rabbi Gottlieb is receiving recognition of his work on the cutting edge of technology, gaming and Jewish education.

America's Most Inspiring Rabbis: Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu & 3 Rabbis Without Borders March 20, 2013

"Rabbi Sirbu directs the Rabbis Without Borders program, coordinates all of the conferences and facilitates all of the learning experiences and communication without which these RWB rabbis could not function. Because her job often requires her to function behind the scenes and to shine the spotlight on her colleagues, one might easily overlook or dismiss her own talents: She is a deeply spiritual, pastoral and incredibly organized person who inspires many in the course of her day-to-day work.

R' Irwin Kula on the Rabbi in the Public Square March 6, 2013

"Rabbi Irwin Kula offered a session called Rabbi in the Public Square. We'd been talking a lot about how we do our work within this visible networked world of social media, and what it's like to feel so visible (on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube), and he noted that "Religious people have long known that we're always seen.

Brad Hirschfield on the Resignation and Legacy of the Pope February 26, 2013

Sam Clovis speaks with Rabbi Hirschfield about the legacy of the Pope’s resignation. Hirschfield feels that the resignation is in service to the Church that Pope Benedict loves, and that it is an opportunity for the Church, to whom so many feel attached but may have trouble with institutional structures, to begin to create new connections.

Pope Benedict's Resignation and the Jewish Community February 26, 2013

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield talks with Sean Herriott about news of the Pope’s resignation. Pope Benedict will be remembered by the Jewish community well; he has been significantly responsible for advancing Jewish-Catholic relations.

From Morning Air on Relevant Radio, 2/26/13

Huff Post Live Discussion on: Who Gets to Pray at the Kotel and How? February 19, 2013

How can a group of women praying peacefully at a prayer wall be seen as dangerous and provocative? Rev Paul Raushenbush, Huff Post Senior Religious Editor, and Alicia Menendez host this discussion with Anat Cohen, Dr. Bonna Devora Haberman, Rabbi Susan Silverman, and Rabbi Jason Miller, a Clal Rabbis Without Borders Fellow.

Rabbis as Change Agents December 17, 2012

"‘The world is changing so fast I am not exactly sure how to be a rabbi any more. The old rules do not seem to apply.’ This is a refrain we hear in many of the applications to Clal’s Rabbis Without Borders Fellowship program. Each year we get more and more application for the fellowship from rabbis who have correctly ascertained that the world is shifting around them.

Rabbis Without Borders Selected for Slingshot November 15, 2012

Clal’s Rabbis Without Borders was selected to appear in this year’s Slingshot Guide: A Resource for Jewish Innovation. RWB was selected as one of the most inspiring and innovative programs in the North American Jewish community today!

Interfaith panel to discuss deep-rooted religious beliefs in Excelsior November 8, 2012

"...Hirschfield says his experiences have lead him to want to understand other’s beliefs. And it’s through opportunities such as this panel discussion that can help break down barriers. ‘For me what’s critical about panels like this is that it’s an opportunity to marry our deepest particular commitments to the larger human, national and communal projects we share beyond the boundaries of our respective faith,’..."

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