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The Wisdom Daily: Dear Donald Trump, I'll Be Your Rabbi February 22, 2016

"...it would be worthwhile for us to acknowledge, that when a candidate for president of the United States, criticizes the Pope in such a blatant public manner, we must recognize that the cultural value of our religious figures and their perspectives has sunk to an all-time-low...."

Brad Hirschfield on Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Her "Best Buddy" Antonin Scalia February 18, 2016

After the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Rabbi Brad Hirschfield reflects on the close friendship of Scalia and his fellow Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. They sat at different ends of the ideological spectrum, but their friendship shows how important it is to able to "see the rich potential in at least some things about which we may never agree, but can surely learn." View Rabbi Hirschfield's discussion below.

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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Seeing Bigger February 18, 2016

"...This uplifted perspective on our planet – whole, shimmering, borderless, peaceful, alive – launched not only the environmental movement but also a spiritual shift that continues to reverberate through society. Sometimes seeing is believing: seeing all humanity, all history and endeavor amidst diversity and conflict, fit onto a tiny blue speck against the infinitely vast darkness of space, cannot help but shift our sense of ourselves, each other, and the planet we inhabit...."

The Wisdom Daily: Trump Is The Republican Party's Yoda February 18, 2016

"When you think about it, or, to be more accurate, when I think about – but hopefully you will too after reading this – Donald Trump and Yoda are remarkably alike. Believe me; nobody is more surprised than I am to be making this claim, as I am not a particular fan of either character – not the little old green-grey guy, nor the taller, younger orange and white one – but whoever insists on liking or agreeing with their teachers, loses out on many opportunities to learn important lessons...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Curated Jewish Experiences Can Happen in Congregations Too February 17, 2016

"...What I'm struck by is that, in an era where carving out Jewish time in the midst of the hectic assimilated lives we live should not be assumed, we see so many of these experiences being created by and for millennials.

The Wisdom Daily: How I Learned What To Keep...And What To Let Go February 17, 2016

"...I realized I needed to spiritually curate the items of my past. I could keep a few pieces of each time period and then write myself and my children a thorough letter of what the keepsakes meant to me during each period of my life. This way, I could throw away the waste and sustain what made me, me. When I want to remember, I can read the letters which accompany each time period and box. And one day, my children can make sense of what was meaningful and why...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Persistence: Changing our World and Changing God February 16, 2016

"...Imagine yourself in the last stretch of a marathon. Your entire body is aching and crying out desperately for oxygen. Your legs become rubbery. The end is within sight, but your spirit is wavering. No, you can't do it, you will never make it – this negative voice gets louder and louder. You are on the verge of total collapse. At this crucial moment, what keeps you going? What sustains you when all the opposing forces seem overwhelming?..."

The Wisdom Daily: How I Quit Multitasking February 15, 2016

"...Multitasking drops the IQs of full-grown men to the range of 8-year-old kids. So should I be surprised that I forgot the salmon? I’m lucky I even made it out of there in one piece!..."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Should Jews Vote for Bernie? February 10, 2016

"...the fact that Sanders' Jewishness has not been a major factor in the campaign thus far is also telling. It says something about where we are as Jews in this cultural and historical moment in time: concerned with issues of Jewish continuity, mindful of the continued presence of anti-Semitism, and yet comfortable enough to have a Jewish candidate for President of the United States without it becoming a major issue...."

The Wisdom Daily: Can Smartphones Connect Us To The Divine? February 9, 2016

"...Was I, too, engaged in prayer, even if non-verbal, not directed at a particular deity and not part of a formal ritual? Was I in a non-denominational cathedral created from trees and logs and moss? Were my smartphone pictures visual expressions of gratitude for the world around me?..."

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