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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Not Your Grandfather's Manishewitz: My Mission to Bring Good Wine to Your Seder April 13, 2016

"...What I've come to learn, over and over again, is that Judaism is a process of engaging with the structures, rituals, and moments of Jewish practice, and people seek out meaning in many different ways. Providing opportunities for experiences, opening the door to tradition through gatherings that are social and not intimidating, people will connect to and engage in these opportunities and make them their own. Last week, the opportunity was drinking good kosher wine.

The Wisdom Daily: Are Faith-Based Movies Doomed? April 12, 2016

"It seems that there is something stirring in the movie-making business as of late. Namely, religious themes are reappearing on the radar in a more positive light to appease the niche counter-cultural audience that has proven it still carries some clout at the ticket booth. Even if it's just a matter of throwing them a bone for cash rewards, the effects are still perceivable in the long view from the bleachers...."

The Wisdom Daily: An Artistic Journey Through The Passover Seder April 12, 2016

"...The Seder is the special meal that takes place on the first night of Pesach (Passover), which is celebrated each year in commemoration of the Israelites' release from captivity in Egypt. The Hebrew word for Egypt is Mizraim – which means boundaries or narrow place. As such, it is said that following the steps of the Seder can enable us to transcend boundaries or restrictive modes of behavior – i.e. those things that enslave us or hold us back...."

The Jewish Week: The Crack In Our Matzah Really Matters: Brokenness, and Wholeness, on Pesach April 12, 2016

"How can a broken cracker transform not only your seder, but your life? And maybe even the race for the presidential nomination?

I know, it sounds like a totally over-the-top, and all-too-unlikely, promise by yet another in the endless line of people selling Jewish practice. Only in this case, it's not. This is a modest proposal regarding a very bold idea — one that really works...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Three Tips for Talking about Intermarriage and Israel April 11, 2016

"...The Rabbis Without Borders Network is a pluralistic group of rabbis. That means that we do not have to all believe in one way of doing things in order to be in communication and community with each other. We like to hear each other's divergent views, learn more about each other, and hopefully model for others how this can be done in a respectful way, without the vicious acrimony we are currently seeing in our larger society...."

The Wisdom Daily: How Long Will Children Resist Dealing With Bad Guys? April 11, 2016

"...so many people believe that when it comes to moral and ethical issues, appreciating the role of context dilutes the moral or ethical position, and/or that ‘truly’ moral/ethical behavior should be divorced from any notion of reward – motivated instead by some abstract notion of altruism...."

The Wisdom Daily: What Your Musical Preferences Say About Your Personality April 7, 2016

"...We are who we are, and that is going to be part of pretty much all that we do. At the same time, the list of what that includes is longer and richer than we often know. That sounds more like the God who tells Moses ‘I will be who I will be’, no?..."

The Wisdom Daily: If You Want To Know Who You Are, Ask Someone Else April 6, 2016

"...We often forget that the question of ‘who am I?’ is not a fixed one — it's a contextual one, dependent on what our role is with other people. And while we do need ‘firm identities’ in the limited roles we play, we also need to be fluid enough to shift from one role to the next. It's not our personality traits but what we bring to the world that defines ‘who we are....’"

The Wisdom Daily: How I Healed Myself Through Creativity...And You Can Too April 5, 2016

"...This was one of many lists I created every night in the hospital. I'd make myself think of something I was grateful for from A to Z, even when I hated my circumstances. By rummaging through my angry and frustrated thoughts, eventually, some positivity submerged. By the time I reached ‘Z,’ my life had not changed dramatically, but my thoughts had...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Let’s Talk About Sex! April 4, 2016

"...Talking about sex is a Jewish value, one that our tradition teaches us and Jewish culture through the generations upholds. Maybe today more than ever, or perhaps today just as ever, adults have a responsibility to the next generation to talk about sex and sexuality...."

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