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Web Chat with Irwin Kula: The Cathedral and the Bazaar Feb. 13th February 6, 2014

You are invited to join the DISRUPTING DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION THEORY Web Chat on Thursday, February 13th from 1:00-1:45 pm EST. The second in this exclusive series of conversations with Tribeca Film Festival founder Craig Hatkoff and Rabbi Irwin Kula, this will center on The Cathedral and the Bazaar: How Next-gen Disruptive Innovation will Encourage Cathedrals (incumbents) to Learn How to Dance with the Bazaars (two guys in a garage), and Invite More Disruptions of Consequence.

The Wisdom Daily: Beyond The Letter of the Law February 6, 2014

"If you want to know one of the many reasons why the fastest growing religious identification in America is "None" and why millions of Americans are suspicious of organized religion, look at the recent events surrounding Yeshiva University — a 116 year-old institution that is perhaps the pre-eminent institution of Modern Orthodox Judaism. In December 2012 accusations became public that Rabbis at Yeshiva University High School for Boys sexually abused students over a period of two decades and that the Yeshiva University administration knowingly tolerated the exploitation of teenage boys, neither threatening repercussion or informing the police...."

SNAP: A Bill's Passage Jeopardizes 70 Million Meals For The City's Hungry February 6, 2014

" Food is love, at least according to many observers of Jewish life. Whether or not food really is synonymous with love, having it or not having it is a very big deal in our tradition. And as the issue of hunger takes a place on our nation’s stage to the tune of billions of dollars, that is something to which we might all pay more than a bit of attention..."

Tzemah Yoreh: The Circle of Life February 3, 2014

In this book, Clal Resident Tzemah Yoreh, Ph.D. attempts to add some spice to Jewish life cycle events. It is intended for anyone who wishes that there were more prayers reflecting contemporary values, while at the same time remaining true to traditional cadences. This book is one in the most recent series of Modern Scripture publications.

RWB alumni retreat, first 24 hours, in gerunds February 3, 2014

"Seeing friends from my RWB cohort again.

Meeting people from the other rabbinic cohorts.

Putting faces with Twitter handles and email addresses.

At an icebreaker, "outing" myself as a reader of speculative fiction.

(Also as a congregational rabbi and a writer.)

Watching the Superbowl with a room full of rabbis.

Hooting and hollering at the football and the commercials alike.

Sipping whiskey with a friend from far away.

Davening shacharit (morning prayer) b'tzibbur (in community).

LIVE Web Series - Disrupting Change: Lessons from the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards January 30, 2014

What do Pope Francis, FedEx and the Fosbury Flop have in common? Innovation Excellence brings you an exclusive series of conversations with Tribeca Film Festival founder Craig Hatkoff and Rabbi Irwin Kula that begins to answer this question.

Brad Hirschfield on the State of the Union and the Spirit of Citizenship January 29, 2014

The most important message of the 2014 State of the Union Address by President Obama was his use of the phrase "spirit of citizenship", according to Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, President of CLAL and Co-Founder and Executive Editor of TheWisdomDaily.com. "It suggests that there is a 'we', that we share something, we are citizens of something larger than ourselves."

Tzemah Yoreh: The Kernel January 21, 2014

In the earliest version of the Five Books of Moses we discover that Abraham may actually have sacrificed Isaac, or that Jacob may have had only seven sons instead of twelve. Without these tools, there would be no way for us to know that the Israelites’ sojourn in Egypt lasted only a few generations, not 430 years, and that when they escaped from Egypt, they numbered just 3,000, not 3,000,000.

The Wisdom Daily: True Religion and Real Religion January 17, 2014

"Can "true religion" be a basis for hatred or division among people? Based on the historical record, it seems clear that the answer is, yes.

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb's Paper One of Top 21 BJPA in 2013 January 16, 2014

Clal Resident Rabbi Owen Gottlieb’s publication, "You Can't Wrap Herring in an iPad: Digitization of Sacred Jewish Books, the Stripping of Embodied Ritual, and Implications for Jewish Education" is one of the Berman Jewish Policy Archives 21 most often viewed articles in 2013. For more on the article...

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