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Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: The Soul of the Golem is Truth November 28, 2016

"...Is the ‘mainstream media’ a soul-less golem? In this story, the golem begins as raw material. Major media outlets certainly have the raw material: access to information and the means to share it. But, says the story, more is needed; truth brings the golem to life. The media, too, must be animated by truth. But even with truth, the golem runs amok. It lacks an inner life, so it cannot self-reflect, self-regulate, or exert moral control.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: I’m Fired Up And This Is Why November 25, 2016

"...We cannot be passive. As partners with God, we are empowered to create the more perfect world we all seek. We will not let hatred, bigotry, or the sin of indifference take hold in our community, our city, or our nation. We were 1,500 strong. We are more than 100,000 strong. Add your voice to ours and we will continue to grow in strength and power...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: (Thanks)giving — A Thanksgiving For The Rest Of The Year November 24, 2016

"Happy Thanksgiving! For many, Thanksgiving gathers us with family and friends, inviting us to reflect gratefully on our blessings. For others, Thanksgiving can be a day of quiet despair and even shame for those who don't feel grateful and festive...."

By Rabbi David Markus, a Rabbis Without Borders Fellow, from the Rabbis Without Borders Blog on My Jewish

The Wisdom Daily: What's Real In A "Post-Truth" World? November 23, 2016

"...As someone whose candidate did not win on Election Day, I am taking my time to understand why it is that ‘post-truth’ resonated more than ‘truth.’ Part of me wants to throw up my hands and scream, ‘Do we really live in this world?

The Wisdom Daily: Dealing with Uncertainty in the Trump Era November 22, 2016

"...Oddly, though it feels disconcerting now, uncertainty is really more the norm than the anomaly. All of the most consequential aspects of our lives are uncertain. We don’t know what could happen tomorrow, we don’t know when we’ll die, and when we’re honest, we don’t really know the meaning or purpose of our lives. And yet, we are terribly good at pretending to live in a reality in which everything is certain.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Turkey Day – Trouble Or Treat? November 22, 2016

"...This year, there is great question as to whether or not Turkey Day will bring the regular treats of joy, reconnecting, enjoying and being thankful for all that we have, or if it will simply be the catalyst for painful and divisive political and life conversations. Thanksgiving always falls a few weeks after Election Day, and yet, this year is clearly like no other...."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Do You Know A Creative, Talented Rabbi? November 21, 2016

"...If this sounds exciting to you, then pass this on to your rabbi or if you are a rabbi, please apply! The ideal candidate is a rabbi who believes that the teachings of Judaism can help navigate every aspect of modern American life. This rabbi seeks to have an impact both within and beyond their individual congregation, organization, or community. Creativity and an ability to think outside the box are valued qualities...."

The Wisdom Daily: The Rhythm Of Intention (A Requiem For A Friend) November 21, 2016

"...Ida, a single mother, an internationally renowned violinist, a brilliant and strong-willed woman, had been treated for leukemia, put (miraculously, given the severity of her illness) into remission, and then only a month ago struck with a powerful and ultimately fatal recurrence. Her ten-year-old son, a precocious and singularly intelligent boy, is now officially an orphan.

The Wisdom Daily: Why You Share Fake News November 21, 2016

"...Do we really want Facebook and Google to determine what is and isn't a hoax, then edit and shape what we see, based on their determination? What criteria would be used to make such a determination? Would it require limiting or outing The Onion or The Daily Show from our newsfeeds? What about religion news based on the premise that Jesus actually rose from the grave 2,000 years ago, or that God descended upon Mount Sinai 1,200 years before that in order to give the Israelites 10 Commandments?

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Seeking Human Kindness November 18, 2016

"...I am going to talk about a very Jewish concept — and that is that the way we speak our thoughts, channel our energies, and respond in difficult situations are a direct reflection on our people — the Jewish people, and on our own personal ethics, as well as the way we choose to make God’s presence manifest on the earth — or not.

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