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Clal builds bridges across communities to encourage pluralism, diversity, and openness.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Judaism in a Cloud-Based Economy January 5, 2017

" is not going to stop people's need for community or meaning. What will change is how people find them and how we navigate the relationship between our essential humanity and our ever-changing technology....’"

The Wisdom Daily: In 2017, Let's Invest In Our Friendships January 4, 2017

"Many people I speak with these days are talking about feeling lonely. Some of these people live alone, others with partners, and others with families of one, two or even three generations. Yet, they talk about feeling lonely and isolated...."

The Wisdom Daily: Interview With A Mystic January 3, 2017

"If you've ever had a mystical experience and wanted to share it with others, perhaps you've run up against this common challenge: You know it was real – maybe it was the most real thing that's ever happened to you – but it's hard to communicate that sentiment without feeling a little nutty...."

The Wisdom Daily: Bibi's Right, Kerry's Right, And, Tragically, Neither One Knows It January 2, 2017

"Certs Breath Mints used to advertise under the motto: It's two, two, two mints in one. Well, this post is actually three, three, three posts in one. I have no other way to hold together the competing emotions and thoughts that taken me over in the last 10 days as the United States abstained when the UN Security Council voted on a resolution regarding the legality of Israeli settlements in any West Bank/Judea and Samaria territory, including Jerusalem...."

The Wisdom Daily: The Woman Who Killed To Save Jews From The Nazis January 2, 2017

"No largescale evil can be visited upon humanity, by humanity, without the complicity of bystanders. The Holocaust took place in broad daylight. Millions of people watched it unfold and told themselves they saw nothing as they turned away from its eye watering stench. It began with ideology and ended only when the Nazi war machine ground to a halt and Hitler's Third Reich was destroyed.

Designing for Impact: A User Centric Model for Hillel December 28, 2016

"This fall, nine Hillel outposts across North America started testing out whether Jewish organizations can become more relevant by developing a radically “user-centric” mindset and then building all of their other institutional priorities, structures and communication in support of that mindset.

These Hillels – from universities large and small, public and private, commuter and residential, and of varying size of staff and budget – are the first cohort of the Campus Leadership Impact (CLI) Platform, an intensive two-year training in the methodology and strategies of Design Thinking.

CLI is the first project launched by the Jewish Design Initiative (JDI), an independent umbrella organization founded by Rabbi Yonah Schiller aimed at developing Design Thinking platforms across the Jewish organizational landscape.

Schiller developed the CLI Platform in partnership with CLAL – The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership and a national foundation in response to persistent interest from other Hillels that saw Tulane Hillel increase its participation by 230 percent and more than triple its annual budget over the past seven years...."

Is Interfaith Marriage Good for the Jews? December 26, 2016

"Interfaith marriage is in the Jewish news again — just like it was in 500 BCE, as Jews returned from exile in Babylonia. During this time of cultural transition (c. 538-424 BCE), all Jewish leaders recognized the issue. Five biblical books record five different views...."

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb, Ph.D., RIT professor awarded NSF grant to benefit the next generation of games and learning scholars December 23, 2016

"As a doctoral candidate, Owen Gottlieb received advice from a consortium that eventually led him to a successful teaching and research career. Years later, Gottlieb, an expert in games and learning at Rochester Institute of Technology, is “paying it forward,” using a National Science Foundation grant that will enable the next generation of gaming scholars and researchers to make inroads in the field of game design and development.

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb, Ph.D.,RIT professor awarded NEH grant to enhance religious literacy through gaming December 23, 2016

"A team of interdisciplinary researchers, designers and developers led by Owen Gottlieb, an assistant professor of interactive games and media at Rochester Institute of Technology, has created a digital prototype for Lost & Found, a strategy game that aims to promote and enhance the public understanding of religion.

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