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Glenn Beck to Irwin Kula: We all just want to live a good life June 12, 2014

We are no different, we really are alike, are we not? We all just want to have and live a good life.

‘There’s a boogeyman named Glenn Beck’: Rabbi explains how he and Glenn overcame their differences and became friends May 30, 2014

Rabbi Irwin Kula sat down with Glenn Beck to discuss the evolution of their relationship and the lessons it has for change, dialogue and connecting with others on a larger scale.

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The Wisdom Daily: The Power of Do-Overs and Hitting Your Re-Set Button May 27, 2014

"How often have you wished for a "do-over"? You know what I mean. You make a decision or follow a path, and it doesn't play out as you hoped and planned. I know, in many ways that's the definition of life, and making the best of that reality is really important. Sometimes though, we don't want to make the best of what is, we want to roll back the tape of our lives and start again - we want a do over, and what's wrong with that? Actually nothing at all. In fact, we begin life with an innate sense that we are all entitled to at least the occasional do over..."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Does Interfaith Dialogue Work? May 26, 2014

"...Why am I so idealistic when others are so cynical? Why do I hold out high hopes when others lose faith in dialogue? Perhaps it’s partly my open-ended view of what counts as interfaith “dialogue.” Dialogue is conversation, communication, an exchange of speech. Speech comes in many forms, some nonverbal; communication can come simply through shared experience..."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Does Interfaith Dialogue Work? May 26, 2014

"Call me idealistic, but I think interfaith dialogue can save lives. My favorite example comes from the memoir of Zivia Lubetkin, the only woman on the command staff of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. In 1940, Lubetkin and fellow youth leaders took in the orphaned teens arriving in the Warsaw ghetto. In response to dehumanization of Jews, they organized underground schools for their teens. In response to scarcity, they organized work permits. When scarcity progressed to starvation, they put the teens to work in soup kitchens.

The Wisdom Daily: Is Having Kids Pick Their Career by 8th Grade a Good Idea? May 21, 2014

"How did you pick your current career, or could it better be said that your career picked you? When did you know what you "wanted to be when you grew up"? Think back to eighth grade... Imagine you then picking the career you have now. Sound crazy? Well, that is pretty much what the State of Texas is asking 400,000 graduating eighth graders to do just about now. What are they thinking?..."

The Wisdom Daily: Oops! The Portal of Discovery May 20, 2014

"What is your attitude toward mistakes? Well, this week researchers at IBM announced that they found two new kinds of industrial polymers that are strong, lightweight and crack-resistant and that could be utilized in several industries ranging from aerospace to microelectronics. The discovery could enable development of plastics that are easily recyclable (currently plastics are notoriously difficult to recycle), creating far less plastic waste. Scientists had long assumed that all major types of plastics had already been discovered..."

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Can We Talk About Israel? May 14, 2014

"I plead for Jewish community to be a place where we can lovingly and respectfully engage with the fullness of Israel. Like my country of origin—the UK—or my country of residence—the USA—there are things that make me feel extraordinarily proud, and there are things that sometimes happen that cause me to feel embarrassment or disappointment. Israel has to be experienced—it is an amazing place. The people are as diverse in background and opinion as any other place. There is so much to learn there.

The Wisdom Daily: Doing Well by Doing Good? May 13, 2014

"From ancient promises in the Bible to contemporary prognostications about success in business, the claim is often made that we will do well by doing good. But is it true? Does doing what we think of as the right or good thing really create material success, and should that even matter? I am not so sure that it's true, and yeah, I think it matters..."

TEDxFultonStreet Announces Date, Speakers for Inaugural Event May 5, 2014

TEDxFultonStreet will host its inaugural event, titled "Chrysalis: A Transformation," at Pace University's Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts. Rabbi Brad Hirschfield was named one of the speakers. Chrysalis will bring together a mix of entrepreneurs, technologists, artists, architects, thinkers, dreamers, scientists, and doers: creative individuals that seek inspiration from an immersive and cross-disciplinary experience.

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