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Rabbis Without Borders: For Passover and the Exodus, Think Rivers, Not Seas April 5, 2017

"....The story of Passover is a fundamental narrative within Jewish tradition and theology. Found in the Torah in the Book of Exodus, the story begins with the enslavement of the Israelites by Pharaoh in Egypt and concludes with their liberation by God through Moses. The details—the Israelites crying out, the harsh decrees of Pharaoh, Moses’s call at the burning bush, and the series of demands for freedom by Moses each accompanied by a plague—round out this overarching story of deliverance and emancipation.

The Wisdom Daily: The Woman Who Connects Seder Food To Jewish History April 5, 2017

"For food historian and cookbook author, Joan Nathan, recipes need to be about more than just pretty food. What interests her, particularly at seder time, is how a recipe creates a connection to the past.

The Wisdom Daily: The Woman Who Invented Yoga...In Fourteenth Century England April 5, 2017

"The fourteenth century ends darkly. Bubonic plague strikes like the Apocalypse, while the Hundred Years War grinds on. The peasants revolt in a bid to wrest power from the nobility, while the church schisms as two pontificates vie for supremacy in a world gone mad. The storms of history rage, but deep in the storm’s eye, one woman stands tall. Despite all odds, she has found connection to a loving God through a series of yoga-like poses she calls body prayer..."

The Wisdom Daily: The Memoir That Reveals A Hidden Seder Message About Healers April 4, 2017

"With Passover approaching, I’ve been thinking about the 58 seders I’ve participated in during my lifetime. In my adult life, I’ve been part of two each year, which brought me to around 36. Then I added 22 more to represent the one per year I did with my parents and family friends. Why bother with this tally? I turned 40 at the end of the secular year and the round number inspired an accounting of sorts.

Pre-Passover Soul-Cleaning Kirtan: Turn the Celebration Inward with Andrew Hahn April 4, 2017

Bring your voices, open hearts, and liberation socks! Kirtan Rabbi returns to Integral Yoga right before the holiday of Passover. Take a break from external cleaning and find a moment to turn your practice inward.
The evening features Renee Finkelstein and Noah Baumwoll (vocals), Taylor Bergren-Chrisman (bass), Glenn Grossman (percussion) – and introducing our special new guest, Aaron Dugan, Matisyahu's guitar player.

Saturday, April 8 • 8:00–10:00 p.m.

Integral Yoga Institute of New York

Rabbis Without Borders: From a Passover of Alienation to a Passover of Empathy April 4, 2017

"...Passover is the centerpiece of the Jewish year and the focal point of the process of handing down the tradition to the next generation. And the focal point of Passover is the seder night with its Haggadah text. The Haggadah tells us – 'In every generation one must see himself as if he personally went out of Egypt.' We spend the whole night bringing alive the events of slavery and redemption. Towards what end? What is the take-away?

The Wisdom Daily: How To Develop A Spiritual Connection To Water April 3, 2017

"As a Colorado River guide in my twenties and thirties, I felt the power of water first hand by rowing heavy boats in big whitewater. It could buck people from their seats–strong men and women, who’d been holding on tight one moment were tossed into the river the next. A deep, hidden river current could grab the oars from my grip as if I had no more strength than an infant. At other times the flow in the river took me just where I wanted to go, as if I were water’s biggest ally.

Rabbis Without Borders: This Passover, Slavery Hasn’t Ended April 3, 2017

"Passover is coming up. Some people prepare by shopping for matzah, ordering brisket and baking macaroons. I’m not hosting the seder in my home this year, so instead I’ve been focused more on the themes of the holiday – and less on food. Though, I’m sure next week when the holiday arrives, I’ll be pretty focused on the food as well.

The Wisdom Daily: What I Learned From Receiving 100 Rejections April 3, 2017

"Back in 2015 I wrote a book proposal for my memoir and set out to find a literary agent. Diving into the process head first, I scoured the Internet for advice. Some of it was helpful and some downright depressing, but, one piece of advice stuck with me: Don’t give up until you receive 100 rejections. I could only imagine how my battered ego would feel at the end of that rejection fest, but I took the advice to heart and settled in for the long haul.

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